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The Sound From Germantown

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Welcome to Skywave for more radio play action. We have three terrific tales for you. In reverse order, we end with a creepy episode from the sci fi series X Minus 1. 1st broadcast 1956, "Hostess" concerns an investigation by a doctor from another planet performing research. But when agent Drake learns that biologist wife is harboring the doctor who has an ulterior motive, how safe will earth be? On the lighter side, we have 2 pieces from guest playwright John McDonnell. We begin with "Just Fire Me". Cindy Kindle, a low level demon, has been called for a meeting with Ashton Pepper, sale manager in Hell. It seems Cindy has not been meeting her quota lately for condemned souls. She explains that she's burned out and needs a break. But are these breaks in hell? Will Cindy get her vacation? And we conclude with "Punishment Card". Mr. Williams, shopper at Tidy Stores, has earned punishment points because he has been shopping at a competing store. He is called to the managers's office to discuss the situation with Alf Sledgecock, the punishment manager, who strikes fear in his heart when he describes what the punishment will be. and here to reward you for listening are regular voices Nyi Lunsford, Gary Mitchell, John McDonnell and your host, Andy Petttit. 

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