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The Sound From Germantown

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(Photo by Toni Frissell)

 You are more welcome than you could possibly know.

(Photo by Toni Frissell)

10 am

William S. Fischer - Capsule {from Circles}

A. B. Skhy - Music Box {from Clear Blue Sky}

Pat Dam Smyth - Doesn't Matter Now {from The Last King}

Tracy Chapman - Thinking of You {from Our Bright Future}

****FEWSH YARN: The Broadest****

Master Boot Record - Skynet {from Virus.DOS}

64Revolt - Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat {from What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse}

Minibosses - Mike Tyson's Punch Out {from Brass}

Digital Droo - Provoke Me, I'll Hit Ya (Boss Theme) {from Active Lancer (Original Soundtrack)}

Jessica Graae - Tomb In The Sea {from Sea Dream}

Jessica Graae - The Sailor And The Angel {from Blue Heart}

Suzanne Vega - Harbor Song {from Songs In Red And Gray}

Luka Bloom - Dreams In America {from Riverside}

11 am

****Dark Alley Knife Fight****

The Warning - Queen of The Murder Scene {from Queen of The Murder Scene}

Ernie & Neal - Turtle {from Rock & Roll Band}


Patty Waters - Wild Is The Wind {from College Tour}

Archie Shepp - Shazam {from The Magic of Ju-Ju}

The Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets {from Takin' It To The Streets}

Boz Scaggs - Jump Street {from Silk Degrees}

Mattis - Redemption {from Into The Night EP}

Broadcast - Our Darkest Sabbath {from Berberian Sound Studio (Original Soundtrack)}

Ride - Eternal Recurrence {from This Is Not A Safe Place}

Beach House - 10:37 {from Depression Cherry}

Ezel - Secreto (Featuring Carlos Mena) {from Secreto}

12 pm

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