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The Sound From Germantown

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Good eve. Welcome to skywave here at Gtownradio for more live radio play theatre. We begin with a script from the Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Originally aired 1946, "The Dead Laugh" has a desperate judge in a sweet spot. He's cleared all the hurdles so he can marry the love of his dreams. With the slight inconvenience of having to commit a double murder. Wow! Talk about fatal attraction. And was it worth it? Stay tunes. We follow with some down home country comedy from the Lum and Abner series. 1st broadcast 1943, "Mary and the Kettle"  considers a lopsided legal interpretation of how an ordinary item that was possibly pilfered by juvie Mary. Bu as her uncles take on the grave mantle of judge and jury, we find a fair sentence for the would-be innocent , until she reveals an awful truth. Confused. Well here to clear or confuse are guest regs Stephen Medvidick and Carol Moog along with your host Andy Pettit.

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