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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave; here at WGGT 92.9 Gtownradio intended to serve your radio play entertainment needs. Tonite we have 2 more terrific tales. The first is from the always taut Suspense series. Originally aired 1948, "Summer Night" concerns the strange circumstances of a young woman Anna victimized by a treacherous love triangle.Amidst the terror of a serial murderer known as the Lipstick Killer, Anna pleads with friend Helen(the woman responsible for Anna's broken engagement) to stay with her, Helen acquiesces only to somehow join the ranks of luckless lipstick ladies marked in orange. But why orange? Find out the exciting twist to this fantastic plot! We continue with an episode from the Chase and Sanborn hour. 1st broadcast 1939, the rom com "The Man Who Thought Of Everything" examines how a perfectionist would pull off a fool-proof elopement including the exit strategy, getaway means, final escape plans AND which includes alternative precautions should one of the affianced lovers become afflicted with cold feet. But here with hot and heavy throats are voice masters Susan Lonker, Sharon Sigal, along with your host, Andy.    

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