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The Sound From Germantown

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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. We have 2 plays. the first is from the Suspense series. Originally aired 1949, "Ghost Hunt" has a hapless property owner stressing how he's going to unload his haunted house; so with the aid of a publicity stunt-minded agent, they employ a hep DJ and renowned psychic investigator to check out the authenticity of spooks by having a sleepover at the place. "Who you gonna call? ..Ghostbusters?" Don't crack up yet because we have a fantasy tale from the Columbia Workshop series. 1st broadcast 1941, "Odyssey of Runyon Jones" follows a little girl's journey to curgatory, where her naughty pooch is suspended   for fatally feral feats. Consider this canine account a cross between Kafka's The Trial and Carol's "Alice in Wonderland". Who let the dogs out? Well, in the Gtown menagerie this eve, we have 1st time guest Carol Moog, Sherry Brown, Paul Del Signore, and your host, Andy Pettit. Let's listen...

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