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If our frequency had a Facebook profile its relationship status would be 'It's complicated'.

LPFM licenses in crowded media markets (like Philadelphia) are limited and desired. This meant many parties applied for every open frequency on the dial. In the FCC scoring system ties are common and the end result is a frequency can be shared by multiple stations. That is what happened with 92.9 FM. G-town Radio is one of four different stations that will share the frequency. Three are based in Germantown and one in South Philadelphia. The Germantown based stations are G-town Radio, Germantown United CDC (GUCDC) and Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC). South Philadelphia Community Radio is based in, you guessed it, South Philly. Each group is its own entity with their own set of call letters.

The three Germantown based groups will share the G-town Radio studio and broadcast location. They will share time from noon each Wednesday to midnight on Sunday. South Philly will then broadcast the next 2.5 days (midnight Sunday to noon Wednesday). Because of the distance between the two transmitters you most likely won't hear the S. Philly broadcast in Germantown and vice versa. While no one will argue this is an ideal situation it is what we have and all parties are determined to make it work.

G-town Radio will continue to stream on the internet 24 hours a day in addition to the FM broadcast. We will simulcast all FM programming and run original programming during non-FM hours.

Learn more on the LPFM homepage.

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