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Today! New Planet Philadelphia Friday June 2nd streams online! GTown Radio 4-5:00pm 6/2/17 Print E-mail

Hear from an award-winning sea level researcher on efforts to limit climate change and what current government funding cuts might mean for the future for such research.

  • Professor Benjamin Horton is currently at Rutgers University but is relocating to Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He will talk about doing research on rising sea levels in the wake of climate change. He has been trying to understand and integrate the external and internal mechanisms that have determined sea-level changes in the past, and which will shape such changes in the future. Dr. Horton has won a number of awards for his research. He has deep concerns about the affects of government research funding cuts on the US maintaining it’s current lead in climate research.
  • Todd Rogers, of Energy Training Solutions and who is an environmental educator and energy auditor for buildings, will discuss a human-centered approach using group motivational strategies to lower the use of energy.  This approach contrasts with approaches that give information only, deliver external rewards such as bonuses, or focus on lowering costs.  In mid-May, Todd was working in Philadelphia schools using this approach.
  • Also, individuals involved in the Power Local Green Jobs march including Bill McKibben, Eileen Flanagan, George Lakey, and people at the POWER Philadelphia organization who cosponsored the march and the campaign will be commenting on the recent march.

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