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April 19 @ 6pm: CRANK CALLS and a PESKY PACHYDERM Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, the weekly show that serves up live radio play entertainment. Tonite we have 2 more exciting scripts. We'll start with an episode from the Mysterious Traveler series. Originally aired 1946, "No One On The Line" considers how a husband responds to phone calls that have no caller. He's sure they're intended for his wife. Is he right? Or does his lust for power and control cloud the true picture; that he is a helpless characater in another pathetic melodrama?! Our second selection is from the reverse direction to titillate your tootsies- Popeye. First broadcast in the '30's, "Visiting The Zoo" brings crusty Popeye, sensual Olive, and gourmand Wimpy to just the palce to encounter a situation whereby our hulky hero can flex his pugilistic prowess at the expense of his innocent, defenseless victim? How will Popeye spar with an elephant that turns into a bucking bronco? And will spinach come to his aid as fortifying fuel? No! No?! stay tuned to find out the original sponsor! And here full of beans are first time guest Boston beaneater and comical colleague Chace Nolen, and regular ol' farts Martha Michael, Bill Simpson along with the King of farcical flatulence Jim Harris of Ave G and me, your host, Andy Pettit.    

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