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The Sound From Germantown

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Reckless Curiosity is reaching into the archives tonight for this gently used but still durable and stylish mix. Playlist below.

The Horrors- Still Life (Conan Mockasin Remix)

The Skatalites- Don D Lion

Helene Smith- Willing and Able

Abner Jay- Too Poor to Live, Too Poor to Die

Fiver- Lonesome in this Grave

Aguaturbia- Ah Ah Ah Ay

Noun- Loveblood

Essential Logic- Wake Up

The Microphones- Feedback (life, love, loop)

Gale- Garnett- We'll Sing in the Sunshine

Patsy Cline- She's Got You

Arc Divers- Never Enough

Terry Reid- Seed of Memory

Bird and Catfish- airplanes are something...

Black Moth Super Rainbow- The Healing Power of Nothing

Can- Mighty Girl (Peel Session)

Davey ad the Chains- Your Light (feat. J-Bindi)

Navigator- Wonder About

Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven- Good Night, America

dead- Baby on the Bus

Sic- Voltage Control

Eno and Snatch- R.A.F.

Pixels- La Vie Moderne

Janis Joplin- Maybe

Cat Power- No Sense

Lightning Strike Lightning- Shining Path

Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band- Neveen

Nandam Prasad- Shajana de Mira Bai

The Caretaker- Mental Caverns Without Sunshine

De La Soul- Dinninit

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