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A show filled with old and new music, usually of a psychedelic nature. Genres include (but not limited to): garage, folk & folk rock, power pop, prog rock, and also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, punk and glam rock, space jazz, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and "outsider" albums.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

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Playlist (Artist -Title –Album- Year of song)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level – 1996

John Prine - That's How Every Empire Falls -Fair & Square EP - 2008
Green Pajamas - Kill The Power -2017
The Fugs - Turn On/Tune In/Drop Out- Tenderness Junction- 1967
Blackburn & Snow - Stranger In A Strange Land- Various: Love Is The Song We Sing (San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970) ‎- 1967

Bohemian Vendetta - I Wanna Touch Your Heart -Enough-1968
Bobb Trimble - Premonitions -The Fantasy-Harvest of Dreams-1982

The Gentle Cycle - New Day -The Gentle Cycle-2017
The Rain Parade - Blue -Explosions In The Glass Palace - 1984

Brother JT - Lazy -Come On Down-1997
Eilrahc Elddewt (Charlie Tweedle) - Untitled #1 -Fantastic Greatest Hits-1974
All That The Name Implies - Black Tuesday -All That The Name Implies - 1968
Jefferson Airplane - Two Heads -After Bathing At Baxter's-1967
Son De La Frontera - Bulería Del Corazón -Son De La Frontera-2004

Howie Gelb - Mad Man At Large -Future Standards-2016
Gene Clark - One In A Hundred -White Light-1971
The Feelies - When To Go -In Between-2017
Neil Young - Ambulance Blues -On The Beach-1974
Big Star - Kangaroo -3rd - 1978

Kaleidoscope - Dear Nellie Goodrich -Tangerine Dream-1967
Robyn Hitchcock - She Was Sinister But She Was Happy- Various: Succour: The Terrascope Benefit Album - 1996
These Trails - Rusty's House & Lost In Space -These Trails-1973

Mandrake Memorial - Tadpole -Puzzle -1970
Fifty Foot Hose - Red Sign Post -Various: Love Is The Song We Sing (San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970) ‎-1968 
Creation Of Sunlight - Seven Times Infinity -Creation Of Sunlight-1968
The Piggleswick Folk - Teddy Bears Picnic-Various: Fuzzy-Felt Folk-1975

Golden Dawn - Evolution-Power Plant-1967

Closing Theme

Silly Pillows – Groovy Tune  –New Affections  – 1997

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