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Listen Up! is moving to Wednesdays beginning April 1st. No Kidding!

Since it is April Fools Day, we will embrace the truly odd and celebrate the outsider with song poems, jazz band arrangements of prog and space rock tunes, cartoon bands, various exotic sounds, incredibly strange music, and other cool, weird and often unusual audio selections.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

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Playlist (Artist -Title)
Opening Theme
Man or Astroman? – Maximum Radiation Level
West Virginia University Marching Band – Karn Evil 9
Langley Schools Music Project – Venus and Mars -Rock Show
The Bran Flakes – Dear Mom and Dad
Jay Mesco – The Generation Gap
Lowney’s Chocolate – The By Cracky Beat
Barry Tiffin – Candy Bars For Elvis
Elvis Presley – Yoga Is As Yoga Does
Wilton Place Street Band – Disco Lucy
Gil Evans Orchestra – Voodoo Chile
James Last – Silver Machine, Children Of The Revolution, School’s Out
Village Sound – Hey Jack (Don’t Hijack My Phone)
Master Gunnery Sergeant Bill Dower – Aerobics: Physical Readiness Training – I Ran (So Far Away)
T. Valentine – Shake Your Funky A-S-S
Josie and The Pussycats – I Wanna Make You Happy
The Banana Splits – Doin’ The Banana Split
Oscar The Grouch – I Love Trash
Gene Marshall – Scat Car Scat
Brian Ingland – The World of Gorillas and Monkeys
Rodd Keith – Our Senators
Max & Ada Rogoff – Travelling Thru New Jersey
Doc Severinson – In The Court of The Crimson King
Don Ellis – Roundabout
Philippe Giordiani; Bruno Tocanne; Remi Gaudillat – interstellar Overdrive
The Space Lady – Ballroom Blitz
Leon Womack – Far Left
Merv Shiner – Protest
Gilbert Shelton Ensemble – If I Was A Hell’s Angel
Freak Brothers – Set Your Chickens Free
Leonard Nimoy – Consilium

Closing Theme
Silly Pillows - Groovy Tune

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