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The Sound From Germantown

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Tonight from 10pm to midnight- travel with Reckless Curiosity through the timeless dimension of music. It will have you feeling like you drank some of that hippie tea. Playlist updated live. 

Dark- Darkside

The United States of America- Stranded in Time

High Pop- Hey Kid

Mika Miko- Turkey Sandwich

Bosco Delrey- Authority Song

Deltron 3030- Things You Can Do

The Seeds- 900 Million People Daily

Buffy Sainte-Marie- Helpless

Black Quantum Futurism- BQF Building SpacexTimes

SAP- Birds of America

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper- Bird Balloons

The Pleasure Seekers- What a Way to Die

The Staple Singers-This May Be the Last Time

The Spirit of the Beehive- Tusla, OK

Beth Israel- Statue In the Car

Los Tones-Cry

Gong- Chainstore Chant- Pretty Miss Titty

Sarah Jaffe- Leaving the Planet

Nolan Strong & the Diablos- If I Oh I

Moth Eggs- Did You Forget About Your Dying Man

Mahapurush Mishra- Slow Tin- Tal

Sun Airway- Put the Days Away

Pretty Things- I Had a Dream

Child- A Child Begins to Cry

RJD2- Find You Out

Elliott Smith- Happiness

The Guilloteens- I Don't Believe

The Jarmels- A Little Bit of Soap



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