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The Sound From Germantown

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Wednesday Morning Feed!
There's Only Two Kinds Of Jokes Wednesday!
We Show Kathy Griffin Her Mistake.
And How She Should Have Done It.
And: The Cornell West Hogwarts Minstrel Show;
M-Feed Is YOUR Equal Opportunity Platform For Public and Private Outrage.
9-10:30 AM Eastern mon-fri www.gtownradio.com

Monday Morning Feed - November 25th

Duo de Jardin

Ed Ziegman and Clif Anderson - Morning Feed goes classy and classical with live Baroque music!


Tuesday Morning Feed - November 26th! Tom Cassetta and Tieshka Smith

G-Town Radio is teaming up with photographer Tieshka Smith for The National Day of Listening (and her fabulous Portraits of Germantown project). Find out how you can participate!

The National Day of Listening is a new national holiday started by StoryCorps in 2008. On the day after Thanksgiving, StoryCorps asks everyone to take a few minutes to record an interview with a loved one.  Celebrating the National Day of Listening provides a noncommercial alternative to “Black Friday” shopping sprees.


Wednesday Morning Feed - November 27th! Johnny's Dance Band ! Live in the Studio!

Thursday! Do you really need a Morning Feed? There's going to be TURKEY!!!! We have not idea WHAT Ed's gonna do!




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