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Reach programmers live in the studio with the AOL, Yahoo or MSN instant message screenname gtownradio or by phone at 215-609-4301.

Jazz Hands6-10am

Get out of bed mix featuring classic jazz, mellow pop and downtempo electronica. 
Black Agenda Report
10-11am News, commentary, and analysis from the black left.
Making Contact
11-11:30am Making Contact is an award-winning, 29-minute weekly magazine/documentary-style public affairs. Showcasing voices and perspectives rarely heard in mainstream media, Making Contact focuses on the human realities of politics and the connections between local and global events, emphasizing positive and creative ways to solve problems.
Between The Lines
11:30-12pm Between The Lines is a weekly syndicated half-hour news magazine featuring progressive perspectives on national and international political, economic and social issues.  This award-winning program provides a platform for individuals and organizations generally ignored or marginalized in corporate media.
Democracy Now!

A daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. Reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world’s most pressing issues.  On Democracy Now!, you’ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events.

Vanessa’s Money Hour
 1--2pmVanessa’s Money Hour aims to cover topics supporting financial security and wealth building. Host, Vanessa Lowe, has been teaching personal finance in northwest Philadelphia for more than 20 years. She’ll review her top tools for financial success and interview guest speakers on everything from bankruptcy to starting a foundation
The Rick Smith Show
 2--3pmThe Rick Smith Show is a progressive labor program from Central Pennsylvania. Each week Rick interviews state and local leaders as well as ordinary working people who discuss state and local politics and national issues from the perspective of working people. Each episode also includes important stories from labor history about struggles and hard-won victories.
Its Our Money With Ellen Brown
 3-4pmAuthor Ellen Brown reintroduced the idea of public banking motivated by the 2008 economic crisis and the Occupy Wall Street movement.  In this series, she interviews leading economists and discusses ideas currently being explored and implemented in over 20 states to provide local economic control.
 G-town Player4-7pmRandom (and not so random) selections from the massive G-town library. Listen and believe.
Q The Mic

 Q the Mic (where the Q is qUEER) ~LGBTQ+ & Allies
Stepping Into Tomorrow
Gabriel Bryant fuses thoughtful dialogue about the issues that face everyday urban communities including Philadelphia, while highlighting those individuals or entities that make solutions possible. This show also features a music component, showcasing artists both local and on a national level, whose work provides a voice for change and societal uplift.
Uptown Social Club9-11pmA fun filled focus on an aspect of Hip Hop.
 G-town Player11-12am Random (and not so random) selections from the massive G-town library. Listen and believe.
Music At Midnight
12-1am A program of pre-recorded music from music libraries that is no longer copyright protected and therefore not subject to music licensing fees, drawing on jazz, blues, folk, hillbilly, spoken word and immigrant traditions. On an ad-hoc basis we will feature original music from local musicians and poets in cooperation with recording studios and performance spaces within our listening area
G-town Late Night1-6am The dark, the heavy and the weird. Your late night soundtrack.