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(WiFi) Earthlink to Offer VoIP Phones Print E-mail

(Information Week - March 20, 2007)
Earthlink is in the early phases of offering an internet enabled phone and service package.  A beta test is underway in Anaheim where Earthlink is building a municipal wireless network.  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way of making phone calls over the internet.  All calls cost as much as a local call no matter where in the world they are sent.  Earthlink is offering the phone along with two different calling plans, one for 500 minutes and another with unlimited minutes.  When used within a wireless network such as those in Anaheim and Philadelphia the phones should be able to work throughout the city.

The website VoIP News believes VoIP phones could be a killer application in these new municipal networks, filling in to save cellular minutes or replace home phones.  While current technologies are not yet capable of meeting widespread demand upcoming WiMax and 3G networking technologies would get over the hump.
(Information Week - Earthlink Link)
(VoIP News Killer App Link)

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