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(WiFi) Future of Internet Radio in Jeopardy Print E-mail

As many of you already know the fate of Internet Radio was dealt a serious blow on March 2.  A group called the Copyright Royalty Board announced a new royalty structure that would take the vast majority of webcasters off the air and force the largest stations to owe billions of dollars in fees. 

The rates, retro-active to 2006, add up to over 100% of many internet radio stations entire revenue.  The rates are supposed to go to the performers of the material and is handled by the group SoundExchange, a spinoff of the RIAA (the recording industry's lobbying group).  Both of these organizations have often worked against consumers and music lovers, not to mention the artists, to line their own pockets at the expense of future earnings.  This particular ruling weighs heavily in their favor.  At the very least they have substantial leveraging power in negotiating a 'better' rate with webcasters.  The involvement of lawmakers and the general public is crucial to letting the CRB and the RIAA know this proposed rate schedule is unacceptable and must be re-negotiated in good faith.

You can get involved by clicking on the link at the top of the home page, signing the petition and learning more about this story.  The site is  For thorough coverage of this story we encourage you to visit the Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) by Kurt Hanson.  This site has been a champion of Internet Radio from the beginning and an important gathering place for news on this revolutionary new media format.  If you have ever listened to Internet Radio and valued what you heard as something unique and important you owe it to yourself to lend your voice to this cause.

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