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The Sound From Germantown

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My Socks Are Wet (by Luke J. Howard)

Lovely products of musical toil by the following artists/bands were heard tonight: Lou Barlow, Dan Friel, Joni Mitchell, Benji Hughes, Lambchop, Paul Brown (musician, producer, NPR broadcaster who put together an excellent album of Benton Flippen music that was showcased this evening as well), and Lee Hazlewood to name a handful.

6 pm

Dan Friel - Desert Song {from Ghost Town}

Benji Hughes - Where Do Old Lovers Go? {from A Love Extreme}

Gary Numan - Remind Me To Smile {from Telekon}

Folk Implosion - Mechanical Man {from One Part Lullaby}

Lou Barlow - Faith Defies The Night {from Mirror The Eye EP}

Ah Bus - Fisherman's Friend {from Abridged Perversion Compilation}

Lambchop - Sweet Marie {from Your Control EP}

Prince - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker {from Sign 'O' The Times}

Joni Mitchell - Otis and Marlena {from Don Juan's Reckless Daughter}

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Jade {from Up From Below}

Eat Your Birthday Cake - The Sound {from I Know You Can EP}

Jenny Lewis - Jack Killed Mom {from Acid Tongue}

7 pm

Cat Power - Dark End of The Street {from Dark End of The Street EP}

Lee Hazlewood - It's Nothing To Me {from Cake Or Death}

Paul Brown - John Henry {from Red Clay Country}

Benton Flippen - Carroll County Blues {from Old Time, New Times}

Benton Flippen - Leather Britches {from Old Time, New Times}

The Green Valley Boys - I Don't Love Nobody {from Old Time, New Times}

Benton Flippen - Sally In The Turnip Patch {from Old Time, New Times}

The Smokey Valley Boys - Pretty Little Girl {from Old Time, New Times}

Mark Orton - I Bring Music? {from Sweet Land Soundtrack}

The Magnetic Fields - Long Vermont Roads {from The Charm of The Highway Strip}

Paul McCartney - Check My Machine {from McCartney II (re-release)}

Dan Friel - Ghost Town (Pt. 2) {from Ghost Town}

8 pm

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