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Get updates on programming, events, station news and anything else you need to know about Germantown Community Radio. Any questions? Contact us at info@gtownradio.com.

Community Focus: Karen Singer Tileworks Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Karen Singer Tileworks in Germantown is celebrating 25 years in business. Karen and her team of craftspeople specialize in creating installations for non-profits that recognize donors and in turn help those institutions raise more money. They also create smaller decorative tiles that can be used in the home. In the past they have collaborated with Germantown based groups such as Germantown United CDC, the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and Germantown Friends School on customized tiles. To commemorate 25 years in the business Karen Singer Tileworks is hosting an open studio reception this Friday (11/25) from 4-8 pm. Tour the studio, meet Karen's team and get 25% off gallery items. G-town Radio will be providing the music for the event so come on by on Black Friday.

Learn more at their website or on Facebook. See the Black Friday invite here. Click through to see more Karen Singer creations.

Wherefore Art Thou LPFM? Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 November 2016

As many of you know G-town Radio was fortunate to be granted a permit from the FCC to become a Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station. The first step in the process is when the FCC awards what is called a construction permit. This means we can go forward with the actual construction of the radio station. This is the phase we are currently in. To date we have held a successful crowd sourcing campaign to raise money to pay for construction. We have also found a new location to put our antenna that is vastly superior to our original location. 

Our current work is focused on paperwork, planning and navigating city bureaucracy. When it comes to putting a radio station on the air there are many things needed to do beyond just flipping the switch. Some of these things we were aware of, somethings we were not aware of and other things have proven much harder to do than we anticipated. As frustrating as this has been at times we remain focused on the final goal. Nothing has proven insurmountable and we are confident we will get there.

Due to several variables beyond our immediate control we can't give a specific date to begin broadcasting. As we move forward we will do a better job updating everyone on our progress. At this specific point in time our engineer is ready to draft detailed plans of the transmitter/antenna site. These plans are needed to apply for the necessary permits with the city. We also are very close to finalizing the lease agreement with the building that will host the antenna. Once the lease is signed and the permits are in hand we should be able to give a specific date to launch our radio station. 

Stay tuned for more details. We will create a specific space on our website to find all updates. If you wish to be on our mailing list or have questions feel free to contact station manager Jim Bear ( This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ).

Monday, 25 April 2016
It has been a very long time coming but we are almost ready to bring G-town Radio to the FM dial as WGGT-LP, 92.9 FM. We still have more paperwork and organizing to do but we are on pace to debut in the second half of this summer. We apologize for the radio silence on this issue and promise to never do it when on the actual radio. Three years of work has been invested at this point and no one is more excited to begin broadcasting than us. 

Our most recent work centers on our antenna location. The Interfaith House building at 18 W. Chelten Ave is head and shoulders taller than anything else in Germantown and our studio sits right behind it. We have an agreement with the management company, Presby's Inspired Life, to put our antenna on their roof. I've been to the top and the sight lines in every direction are amazing. This will ensure our low power station reaches the maximum amount of people in NW Philadelphia.

Thanks for reading this quick message. Expect more updates as the time draws closer. We'll give progress reports as well as more details on what Low Power FM is and what you'll hear on 92.9 FM. If you would like to learn more or volunteer with us in any way please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Donate to Our LPFM Campaign Today Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 August 2015


G-town Radio has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help put us on the FM dial at 92.9 FM as WGGT-LP. With your support we'll be able to purchase the equipment that sends G-town Radio over the airwaves throughout NW Philadelphia. If you want community radio coming to you please click through and support our Drive for the Sky today.

National Poetry Month on G-town Radio Print E-mail
Monday, 31 March 2014
April is National Poetry Month and G-town Radio wants to celebrate the many poets of NW Philadelphia all month long. Starting in April G-town Radio will air poets reading their original poems.

We are actively looking for participants who live in NW Philadelphia. We are scheduling blocks of time to record poets in our studio for future broadcast.  Poems should be less than one minute in length and FCC friendly. You can record as many as three poems.

To sign up or get more information you can contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . If you can't attend either session don't worry. We will schedule a few more over the next two weeks. We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.
Fund Drive Update #5: Act Now! Print E-mail
Friday, 27 December 2013
Hello Friends & Supporters,

G-town Radio has ambitious plans for 2014.

Our number one goal is to broadcast on FM as a Low Power station. The FCC application is in and we are in good shape so far. Our internal staff is the strongest it has ever been and our programming offerings continue to grow. To support these plans we set an ambitious fund drive goal of $7500. We are exactly half way there with four days left in 2013.

G-town Radio started on a single computer under my desk at home in the mid-2000's. It's growth is due directly to the people of Germantown, Philadelphia and all over the world embracing and supporting it. Bigger goals means we need more support. If you've never donated please make your first donation now. If you've supported us in the past please consider another donation.

To make a secure donation, please click here or visit www.gtownradio.com/donate. Any amount you can spare helps us out immensely.

Thank you for supporting G-town Radio, myself and all our volunteers. Tune in today and hear great community based radio you won't find anywhere else.

Happy New Year and Thank You,
Jim Bear

Founder and Station Manager
G-town Radio: The Sound from Germantown
Fund Drive Update #4: Have Ya Heard? Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We have two weeks left in our fund drive and WE NEED YOU. We've steadily increased our totals the past few weeks but we are still at 40% of our fund drive goal of $7500. For those waiting to be our hero your time is now. Anything you can do will help. You can become a subscription donor for as little as $5 a month. Visit the Donate page of our website (http://gtownradio.com/donate) for all the details.

This week's installment of Have Ya Heard is a special double dip where we feature Yard2Yard (rewind) and Stepping Into Tomorrow.


Show: Yard2Yard (rewind)
When: Tues 4-6
Host: Supa Tang

What You'll Hear?
I love to tell people Yard2Yard is a reggae show that plays hip hop. 90% of the music played are submissions from the artists themselves. My playlists are chock full of new music from the islands, across the Atlantic, and right here in Philly. I have featured guests to promote their music, business, or ideas. Plus listeners can hear about all the wonderful events our city has to offer.

What is your favorite thing about your show?
I love when people email me and tell me they have been listening to the show and would like their music to be played. It's that one on one contact with the artists that I like and I formatted my show to accommodate that.


Show: Stepping Into Tomorrow
When: Thursdays at 8PM
Host: Gabriel Bryant

What You'll Hear?
We spotlight a range of activists, artists and community members working to improve their community specifically and society in general.

What is your favorite thing about your show?
My favorite thing is meeting people who are developing phenomenal projects. I also enjoy giving people in my network of change agents the chance to get some shine and promote their passion filled work.

We have many wonderful shows but we need your help to continue and grow. Please support G-town Radio today.

Fund Drive Update #2: Have Ya Heard? Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 December 2013

With exactly four weeks to go we're creeping closer to our goal for the 2013 Fund Drive (20% of our goal of $7500). Supporting us right now only takes a few minutes when you visit the Donate page of our website (http://gtownradio.com/donate). Last Friday we were a host site for the National Day of Listening where we captured some great memories and photos (more on this in a future update). This is exactly the kind of activity G-town Radio will continue to offer with your support.

We have a lot of great shows on G-town Radio that produce content you won't find elsewhere. We want to introduce you to some of them in our series Have Ya Heard?. Today is For The People: Law in Plain Language.


Show: For The People: Law in Plain Language
When: Tuesdays 8-9:30 PM
Host: Debra D. Rainey, Esq., “The Compassionate Lawyer”
Co-hosts: Blaq aka “The Broke Poet”, Chamara aka ‘Lady go hard’ Cotton

What You’ll Hear:
A fun, funky, fresh legal talk show like you’ve never heard before. Debra Rainey is a non-traditional attorney with tendencies to rant while answering listeners’ legal questions. The entire For the People (FTP) Family joins in the discussion too.  Listeners are drawn in by the freewheeling personalities and animated discussions that makes each FTP one hell of a show! 
Their Favorite Part of Hosting This Show:
The FTP Family likes hosting this show because it is the anti-legal talk show; the only of its kind. The entire FTP Fam plays a role in producing every episode. We enjoy hearing from our audience and touching folks’ lives and spirits with this authentic, raw and enlightening show! Our crew is representative of “We the people!” You can follow For The People on Facebook and Twitter.

For The People is just one of many unique shows on G-town Radio. Your support keeps them on the air and allows us to keep expanding our programming. Thank you for your support.

Fund Drive Update #1: Have Ya Heard? Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 November 2013

We got off to a decent enough start for our 2013 Fund Drive (13% of our goal of $7500) but we still have a lot of ground to cover. Supporting us right now will only take a few minutes when you visit the Donate page of our website (http://gtownradio.com/donate). We have big ambitions for G-town Radio and all of NW Philadelphia but we can't do it without you.

We have a lot of great shows on G-town Radio that produce content you won't find elsewhere. Over the next few weeks we are going to introduce you to some of them in a series we are calling Have Ya Heard?. First up is Places&Spaces.


Show: Places&Spaces (taken from a Donald Byrd album of the same name)
When: Sundays 6-8 PM
Hosts: DJ Aura & Ciarra

What You'll Hear:
When people tune in to Places&Spaces they'll hear awesome music from the worlds of soul, hip-hop, r&b, and broken-beat. We also talk about community issues as well as national & international issues. You'll get caught up on the latest occurrences in celebrity news. But most importantly the commentary you'll hear will be from a black feminist community-centered perspective.

Their Favorite Part of Hosting This Show:
Places&Spaces is the audio version of a magazine we would LOVE to read. It effortlessly blends music, art, & politics. Places&Spaces is a haven for the nerdy-artsy type; it gives them the fuel they need to get through the week. Please LIKE Places&Spaces on FACEBOOK!!!!

Aura is just one of many passionate volunteers at G-town Radio. Your support keeps them on the air and allows us to keep expanding our programming. For that we are thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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