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Get updates on programming, events, station news and anything else you need to know about Germantown Community Radio. Any questions? Contact us at info@gtownradio.com.

New Leadership Announcement Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 December 2019

In August, 2006 I launched G-town Radio. For the next 13 years it received more time and attention than just about anything else in my life. I am beyond grateful to all the people who have seen value in this project and volunteered their time, talents and resources to keep it running. The thoughtfulness and dedication of our many programmers regularly inspires and humbles me. At its best community radio makes us stronger, more connected and better informed. This is why I love G-town Radio.

At the end of December I will be stepping away from all my roles at the station. The transition has been in the works for a year. Despite knowing this for so long I’m still shocked at how little time is left. There are many tasks I am glad to relinquish but I know I will miss the work terribly at times. My spirit is buoyed by the wonderful people that will lead the station into 2020 and beyond.

New Leadership

ImageIn January, our current program director, Tom Casetta, will become station manager. Tom’s been active in community media far longer than I (since the mid-80's) and there isn’t a better person to fill the role. During his time as program director he has shepherded many new shows to air and been invaluable helping everyone transition to life on the FM dial. As my family grew and my free time shrank Tom has always been there to make us go. I’m thrilled he is taking on this new role.

ImageOn February 20, 2018 I received an email that started like this,
     “I was driving down Germantown Avenue on Friday and found the G-Town Radio broadcast signal 92.9.  I listened all weekend! Wow!  It is everything I miss about community radio.  My name is Joanna Wikander and I would love the opportunity to host a music program on G-Town radio if you (have) any open slots.”

Joanna not only got her own show, The Sunday Dinner Mixtape, but she joined our board, tirelessly promoted the station at community events and is now our Program Director.

Originally from New Jersey, Joanna has lived in Mt. Airy for the past 10 years. Her love for community radio started in her adolescence as a volunteer at a Free-Format community radio station, WFMU-FM. While at WFMU-FM she was the radio engineer for a weekly program - RadioActive Theater. She then got involved in Rowan University’s radio station WGLS-FM.  As a student she hosted multiple programs and eventually became Music Director.  As an alumni she continued her involvement with WGLS-FM for seven summers to host a weekly specialty music programs.

Having two champions of community radio leading G-town Radio makes my heart happy. Let’s all welcome and congratulate Tom and Joanna. If you would like to reach them directly send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

-Jim Bear
Founder and Station Manager

92.9 Day is this Sunday (9/29) Print E-mail
Friday, 27 September 2019


This Sunday, 9/29, Germantown Community Radio celebrates 92.9 Day with a listener record party from 3-7 pm. Bring a favorite song and play it on the air. Have a beer courtesy of Attic Brewing. Sit in one of our new studio chairs. Oh, we've got it going on. This event is free and family friendly so please stop by and join the fun.

Welcome to Germantown Community Radio Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 September 2019


92.9 FM is the home of Germantown Community Radio. All the content you hear on 92.9 FM and gtownradio.com is provided by three local organizations. G-town Radio (WGGT-LP) is the home base for all broadcasts. Our studio is located at 24 Maplewood Mall in the heart of Germantown. Germantown United CDC (WRGU-LP) is another radio partner that creates 10 hours of programming each week. Germantown Life Enrichment Center is the third partner that also contributes 10 hours of programming per week. Find a full programming schedule on our calendar page.

You can hear us on the FM dial every week from noon on Wednesday until midnight on Sunday. We stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our website, gtownradio.com. You can also hear us with the G-town Radio app on the Apple platform OR use TuneIn or SimpleRadio on the Android platform.

If you would like to get involved with Germantown Community Radio you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter (@gtownradio).

92.9 Day was a Gas, Gas, Gas! Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 October 2018


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first ever 92.9 Day on WGGT-LP. A calvalcade of listeners came in the studio bearing LP's, 45's, CDs and MP3s. They not only shared their music but great stories about why they brought it. Our first guest was high school student Zahkeem Lindsay-Moore who brought his own original hip-hop track. We also heard tracks from Cream, Bill Withers, Prince, Jefferson Starship, and ABBA! Local artists like Julian Hartwell, Philly Gumbo and even Cliff Nobles entered the mix. 

Great conversations and soft pretzels were plentiful. Having so many people visit the studio was a gas. We plan on making this an annual event so block out September 29, 2019 for the next 92.9 Day. See below for some more pictures from the day.




Listener Record Party on 9/29! Print E-mail
Friday, 21 September 2018


We are turning Saturday, September 29th (9/29) into 92.9 day. Join us at the G-town Radio studio for a listener record party. You bring the records, we put it on the air.  Sign up for the event here.

The event runs from 4-8 PM. Bring your record, CD or MP3 and we'll play it on 92.9 FM. Come down with the family, bring a friend, tell you grandparents. We'll have some special treats for everyone.




Tune into History at Noon Today (1/17/18) Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Greetings from Snowy Germantown!

If you are in NW Philadelphia today around noon tune your radio to 92.9 FM. You'll hear the very first sounds of community radio in Germantown as WGGT-LP goes on the air. We'll play music, talk, take phone calls and probably throw in few rookie mistakes. It's everything great about community radio. Join us starting at noon and be part of the community.

WGGT-LP is on the air all day today (Wednesday) and WRGU-LP and WRLG-LP join the party starting on Thursday. We're calling ourselves the Community Radio Partners of Germantown and we're all here to serve the people of NW Philadelphia. We'll share more information in the coming days but we wanted to alert you to this special moment today. Please join us!

WGGT-LP is the FM identity of G-town Radio. You'll hear the same content on both FM and the internet Wednesday through Sunday. Our FM goes dark from Monday to Wednesday at noon but you can still listen online at gtownradio.com.

G-town Radio Becomes WGGT-LP in 2018 (with your help) Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 January 2018
2018 is the year we become WGGT-LP and broadcast at 92.9 FM!

Here's the latest update:
We're close, very close and poised to finish in dramatic fashion. Some crucial equipment was harder to procure then we hoped but we have been working tirelessly to be ready in time. Our hard (written in stone) deadline is January 15. I am in daily contact with our engineer as we finalize plans, make contingency plans and even draft back-up contingency plans. All this is to say is that we will be broadcasting in time to meet our deadline. 

Our original plan was to flip the switch for real on January 6. We are now pushing that back one week to January 13. We'll share more information on that after the new year.

Donate Today
Get your first tax deduction of 2018 by donating today. Visit the Donate page of our website to make a one-time or continuing donation. We racked up some big bills for new equipment and every dollar helps. 

Thanks again for your support and believing in the power of community radio. Have a happy and healthy new year.
Meet a Legend of NPR (and Me) on 6/11 Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 June 2017


This Sunday, June 11, from 4-6 PM Weavers Way will host the event called The Foundations of Public Radio. Bill Siemering will be the featured presenter. For those who don't know Bill was the original producer of NPR's flagship news show, All Things Considered, as well as the author of NPR's mission statement and launched Fresh Air with Terry Gross while at WHYY. After that he went on to help launch community radio stations all over Africa.

But wait, there's more. Jim Bear, station manager of G-town Radio / WGGT-LP, will also present. He'll explain Low Power FM and the coming of community radio to NW Philadelphia. A Q&A will follow. The event is free but registration is needed. Click here to register.

Keep up to date on our LPFM progress on the LPFM homepage.

What You'll Hear on 92.9 FM Print E-mail
Friday, 02 June 2017


If our frequency had a Facebook profile its relationship status would be 'It's complicated'.

LPFM licenses in crowded media markets (like Philadelphia) are limited and desired. This meant many parties applied for every open frequency on the dial. In the FCC scoring system ties are common and the end result is a frequency can be shared by multiple stations. That is what happened with 92.9 FM. G-town Radio is one of four different stations that will share the frequency. Three are based in Germantown and one in South Philadelphia. The Germantown based stations are G-town Radio, Germantown United CDC (GUCDC) and Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC). South Philadelphia Community Radio is based in, you guessed it, South Philly. Each group is its own entity with their own set of call letters.

The three Germantown based groups will share the G-town Radio studio and broadcast location. They will share time from noon each Wednesday to midnight on Sunday. South Philly will then broadcast the next 2.5 days (midnight Sunday to noon Wednesday). Because of the distance between the two transmitters you most likely won't hear the S. Philly broadcast in Germantown and vice versa. While no one will argue this is an ideal situation it is what we have and all parties are determined to make it work.

G-town Radio will continue to stream on the internet 24 hours a day in addition to the FM broadcast. We will simulcast all FM programming and run original programming during non-FM hours.

Learn more on the LPFM homepage.

Where Will You Hear It? Print E-mail
Friday, 02 June 2017

G-town Radio will operate with the call letters WGGT-LP (the LP stands for low power). Our broadcast will be heard on 92.9 FM. Since NW Philadelphia sits on higher ground than the rest of the city we will only operate at about 40 watts BUT we have some great sight lines in all directions which means our signal should still have a decent reach. Although we won't know for sure until we flip the switch we should be heard over a 3-5 mile radius. This coverage map below (courtesy of Rec Networks) will give you an idea.


Learn more on the LPFM homepage.

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