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Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us

Join the sibling team of Heather and Joe as they present the world of science to you in a brand new way. Science is no longer just for the stiff and boring. Through currents events, interviews, and “skits and bits," merged with the hottest hip-hop and R&B, the brother and sister team will bring you S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) like you have never heard. So come listen in on the fun, and you might just learn something too. Learn more about the hosts here.


Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us - The Moon Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 February 2015


Today at 3pm ET, we will be discussing the Moon. It's origin, what are it affects on the Earth, what is in store for it in the future. 

Plus a new song by Dr. Dre's son, current events and a six minute science lesson about that damn dress.


Saturdays 3pm - 4pm 

Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us - Quantum Weirdness Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 February 2015


Cynthia Sue Larson, author of "Quantum Jumps" returns to talk about Quantum Weirdness.

What is Quantum Weirdness? Tune in to find out. Also music and current events!

Saturday 3pm - 4pm


Science 2.0: Science for the rest of Us - Mutations Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 February 2015


Today at 3pm ET on Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us - Mutations. Are the X-Men really possible? Will there eventually be a race of Homo Superiors? What is a mutation? Are there humans now with mutant powers? I will be discussing this with Ariell Johnson, Founder & President of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse.

Saturdays 3pm to 4pm


Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us - SHPE and Sports Medicine Print E-mail
Friday, 06 February 2015


On the next Show we will have the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and  Sports Medicine Doctor, Dr. Robert Weil.

Plus all the Hip-Hop you need!

Saturdays 3pm - 4pm