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The Sound From Germantown

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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

July 1 @ 6pm: Guru On the Guitar- Joe Collins Print E-mail

Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit. Tonite we welcome the return of a truly soulful musician- guru of the guitar, Joe Collins. His interpretations are as unique as the prints on his fingers you hear strumming the strings that emanate sounds straight from his beating spirit. Starting at an early age nearly 60 years ago, Joe has traversed many styles and genres with a constantly changing carousel of collaborators. And he has many stories to tell about those experiences. Hopefully we'll get a chance to listen to him share some more anecdotes along with samples from his cds; but not without a few precious live executions accompanied by good friend and notable string slasher Jimmee Harris. So let's see what's up with Joe this time around his visit to Gtown! 


June 24 at 6pm: SULTRY SISTER ACTION! Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andrew Pettit. Tonite we continue our attempt to cool the air with some temperature- twisting radio plays. We'll begin with an episode from the chilling series The Whistler. First broadcast in 1946, "The Strange Sisters" considers the relationship between two innocent siblings and their ice-blooded, calculating older sister who wants something one of them has. What is it? Stay tuned and find out how jealousy can manifest a cruel, but entertaining tale. If you don't rush off to call your parents about your status in their will, then stick around( although you may have to unstick yourself from your seat if it got sweaty) and hear a breezy episode from the 1940s Easy Aces comedy series. One of our favorites, "Jane Writes A Letter" is packed with the usual dose of icy humor and will leave your mind in a zombied freeze trying to figure out Jane's logic. And returning here to frosten your spirits are Claire Meashey and Elizabeth Michaels, those dazzling dames of drama along with vet vixen-voiced Ellen Perry and me Andy Pettit. So...before you jump back into the pool with your refilled refreshment, be sure to maximize your gtownradio dial!


June 17 @ 6pm: Sexual Revolution Fireworks! Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. Tonite we deviate from the usual radio play reading format by presenting a selection from a straight play- Paul Simon's "Last of the Red Hot Lovers", which concerns a middle-aged nobody who wants to join the sexual revolution before it's too late. This evening we will perform Act 1 when Barney Cashman has his first encounter with adultery with Elaine Navazio, a hot pot simmering with cigarette smoke, whiskey vapors and the stench of other women's husbands. Here to animate Elaine is Skywave vet vixen Loretta Miller. Barney is played by host Andy Pettit and on sound board is Jim Harris of Ave G. So..if you don't want to be tempted by the message of this play (but you want to hear how it turns out), put your head in the ice chest and turn up the gtowntown volume full blast.  


June 10 at 6pm: "LOST AT SEA" Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit. We think we have just the antidote to condition the sweltering air for at least one hour by offering you an original radio play presentation titled "Lost At Sea". Our tale concerns an English captain and his first mate in charge of the only survivors (2 wealthy representatives of Great British nobility) of a sunken vessel leaving them to wade in the drink in a lifeboat waiting to be rescued. Who will come to their aid? Stay tuned. To animate this adventure are vet voice Susan Chase, first time guest but long time collaborator in ingenious impersonation Michael Jack McMJackal, NY thriving thespian Maximillian Pettit , sound engineer Jim "I'm Becoming a Cuban Citizen" Harris of Ave G, and your host Andy Pettit.   So.. go grab some dramamine, salt pellets, and sun tan oil. This could a zone o rocky ride. 


June 3 @ 6pm: Open Hearted Narrow Streets Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andrew Pettit. This week we deviate from the usual radio play performance format to indulge ourselves in another genre of listening pleasure- live poetry hollering. This week's victim, er, guest is local bard Jane Cassady. Jane teaches arts and crafts poetry classes for grownups at her cupcakelike apartment in Mt. Airy. She is the author of the poetry collection For the Comfort of Automated Phrases, published by Sibling Rivalry Press in 2012. (http://siblingrivalrypress.com/for-the-comfort-of-automated-phrases/) She has run poetry series in Philadelphia and in Syracuse, NY. She is a certified elementary school teacher, but wishes there was a job where she could just write "A Plus" on every paper. She writes a blog about love, happiness, and pop culture at thttp://theserotoninfactory.blogspot.com/. Her next series of classes begins June 9.
Here's one review- "Utterly unpretentious, but always playful with expression, sentimental without being candy floss or bitter lemon, joyous but not naive, and often darn kooky and sly! So let's see or hear how Jane responds to those statements or not when we hear her stuff. Ready to listen? Have pen and paper handy. You may be inspired. 
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