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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

SKYWAVE 4/21 @ 5pm: SHADOW PEOPLE Print E-mail


Welcome to skywave for live radio play fun. We begin with an episode from the horror series Hall of Fantasy. Originally aired 1953, "The Shadow People" are haunting Elaine when it's dark. They took away her mother, then her father. Elaine will be safe if she can keep the lights on and stay awake..indefinitely? We continue with an episode from the comedy series Fibber McGee and Molly. 1st broadcast 1941, "Fibber Gets His Hand Caught In A Bottle" pretty much sizes up the predicament and hints of perpelxing adventures that once again befall befuddled Fibber. How did he get his hand stuck in a bottle, you ask? Why for a 35 cent cigar. What else? Is there some health lesson implied? Hm?! Well, who won't keep you are our team of talented regs Aaron Roberge, Stephen Medvidick, Leah Holleran, TC and your hearty host, Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE 4/14 @ 5pm: RADIO DEACTIVE! Print E-mail


For your  Skywave radio play hour, we begin with an episode form the sci fi series Dimension X. 1st broadcast 1951, "Dwellers In Silence" has a crew of astronauts returning to Earth 20 years after it has been incinerated by a radioactive blast. When they arrive, the astronauts are greeted by the only surviving human; an 80 year old and his family, who are over 50 years younger. But why so much younger? We continue with some melodrama from the Front Page Drama series. Originally aired 1933, "The Broken Coin" introduces 18 year old Marie to the enterneuse profession. Her instructor is the expert Suzette who knows all about seduction; but what of love? Can Suzette teach Marie to survive in ways not physical? Well, here to keep your heart beatingg for the next hour are voices Carol Moog, Martha Michael, TC, and your hardy host AP.

SKYWAVE 4/7 @ 5pm: Hi, Boy ?! Print E-mail


Welcome to skywave for more live radio play fun. we begin with a story form the Columbia workshop. 1st broadcast 1939, "Highboy" is the piece of furniture greedy sister Sue is sure will be hers after her aunt dies. Will she get it? Stay tuned. We follow that mystery with some romcom relief from the Bright Star series. Originally aired 1952, "Aunt Sophy" Plays Matchmaker" has aunt S convinced George and Susan are smitten. But what happens when Geo and Sue hatch a plot to convince Aunt S otherwise? Does cupid's arrow still have that sting? Well, here to win your hearts again are reg players Kathy Harmer, Teri Maxwell, Susan Trigianni, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your quiver-ing host, Andy Pettit.

SKYWAVE 10/28 @5pm : doZen VI Print E-mail
Can Caitlin Cieri write and produce 1 brand new audio drama every month for a year? She can with the help of Germantown Radio, a bevy of savvy actors, and a whole bunch of public domain sound effects. Whether it's historical or hysterical, tragedy or travesty, doZen delivers.

During a round of spring cleaning, Caitlin discovered a manuscript from her great-grandmother Isabel Griffith and adapted it into a psychological horror about the hold a cat has over a little old woman. Starring Carol Moog, Gary Mitchell, Sandie Rollins, Sue Phillips, Andrea Mazzuchi, Jerry Perna, and Giacoma Bonello, along with a bonus episode from one of doZen's earlier days.
SKYWAVE 3/24 @ 5pm: TV POISON?! Print E-mail


Welcome to skywave for more live radio play entertainment. We begin with an episode from the detective series Boston Blackie. 1st broadcast 1945, "The TV Poisoning' has a corpse found after drinking the wrong water? Thirsty anyone? For our second selection, we turn to the Inner Sanctum mysteries. Originally aired 1945, "The Undead" has Mary anemic and pale of color. Is it because her husband is a vampire or is he trying to drain her for something else? Bloody Mary? Well, here to fill you with festive fright are our team of vigorous voices- Aaron Roberge, Leah Holleran, Stephen Medvidick, Tom Casetta and your rosy host, Andy Pettit. 

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