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The Sound From Germantown

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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

SKYWAVE January 2 @ 6pm: Happy New Laffs! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 January 2019


Good eve. Tonite we have 2 more dazzling doses of auditory theatre. We begin with a script from the sci fi series X Minus One. Originally aired 1957, "something For Nothing" takes us to the future where a man discovers a gadget guaranteed to grant his every wish. Be careful what you ... for.  And to close out our new year's show, we have a festive episode from the Bob Hope variety show complete with a diverse cast of enterrtainers all brought to you by the provider of permanently sparkly teeth and fresh breath- Pepsodent! And here, our sweet smelling crew, are Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Juan Harris, and your host, Andy Pettit.  

Tuesday, 18 December 2018


Good eve. We have 2 more wonderful live radio play dramatizations. The first is from the suspense series. Originally aired 1945, "The Furnished Floor" recounts the return of a widowed tenant to his former residence. He claims to have brought his new wife, but where is she? We follow with a seasonal laff from the always hilarious Bickersons. First broadcast 1946, "Xmas Eve" contains the usual shenanigans from this always fraught couple; even on xmas eve! And here to keep you merry for a moment is regular guest Shelli Pentimall-Booker and your ho ho host, Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE 12/12 @ 6pm: "Visit of St. Nick" Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Good eve. Tonite we have 2 x mas treats- 1952s "Irma Wants $ For Xmas" and 1939's "The Visit of St. Nick". And our elves here to deliver you an auditory treat are Ginny Kaufmann, Sherery Brown, Maury Harris, and your ho ho host Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE December 5 @ 6pm: The Jane Doe Caper Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 December 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. We begin with an episode form the Sam Spade detective series. 1st broadcast 1949, "The Jane Caper" considers the confusion of a young woman dressed like an heiress found dead like a back alley wild cat. Can Sam unravel the mystery? Stick around for laffs from the Vic and Sade series. Originally aired 1944, "Miss Keller's Wedding Ring" considers uncle Fletcher's magnanimous nature in claiming responsibility to undertake the details of a wedding planned for his landlady. Can he pull it off? Why is he doing this? Does anyone care? Well, the ones that do are here tonite; voice actors Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Jim Harris, and your  host, Andy Pettit. Let's listen...

SKYWAVE November 21 @ 6pm: GIVE ME LIFE! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Good eve. Skywave begins with an episode from the Quiet Please series. 1st broadcast 1947, "Bring Me To Life" has a script writer stuck in a funk until his typewriter starts clacking out a story. Who wouldn't want that kind of inspiration? We continue with a chuckler from the Ma Perkins series. Originally aired 1935, this one has Ma giving son Willy the 3rd degree about how he blew up her shack in the lumberyard. By the time Ma's thru, we'll see who gets burned the most. And joining us tonight are Max Pettit, Ellen Perry, and your host, A Pettit. Gobble gobble!

SKWAVE NOVEMBER 14 @ 6pm: What's In Your Cellar?! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play entertainment! We begin with an episode from the Quiet Please series. Originally aired 1948, "Beezer's Cellar" has 3 individuals with a bag of hot loot, but no place to stash it. After an encounter with an old man who mentions a haunted, but abandoned digs, the 3 make their way to this perfect hiding place..or is it too perfect? We continue with a brief tale from the series Short, Short Story. 1st broadcast 1940, "Success Story" considers the mind set of struggling actors and their eternal optimism in the face of daunting odds. Welcome regulars Nyi Lunsford, Gary Mitchell, and your host, Andy Pettit.

SKYWAVE November 7 @ 6pm: San FRAN AMULET Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 November 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your Gtown program for live radio play pleasure. Tonite we have 2 treats. We begin with a script from the Candy Matson detective series. Originally aired 1950, "The Egyptian Amulet" concerns the curious significance of an ancient Arabic amulet, a middle eastern real estate owner, an insane cult leader and a Scottish photographer about to become homeless in San Fran. How ill Candy fit all these pieces into a solvable puzzle. We continue with a piece of comedy from the Vic and Sade series. 1st broadcast in the '30s, "The Washing Machine is on the Blink" is mostly a gag fashioned from a science experiment; namely how to have fun shocking mom with an electric current under the plot guise of washing machine repair. Okay? Well, better be 'cause that's what we have for laffs this week. and here to keep you amused are voice actor regulars Carol Moog, Stephen Medvidick and your host, Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE 10/17 @ 6pm: NIGHT TIDE! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. we have 2 new plays. the 1st is from the Philip Marlowe mystery series. Originally aired 1949, "Nite Tide" dredges out all the bottom feeders that gather by the sea's edge in this double crossing caper. We follow with a thriller from the Royal Gelatin Hour series. First broadcast 1937, "The Game of Chess" finds a Russian governor confronted by an assassin with whom the governor is more familiar than the would-be murderer knows. And here, not as mere pawns, but king and queen of voice actors Sir Wm. Simpson, Dame Martha Michael joining your host official court jester Andrew Pettit.  

SKYWAVE 10/10 @ 6pm: BONE RATTLING! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 October 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your program for alive radio play entertainment. We have 2 fab scripts. The 1st is from the Front Page series. Originally aired 1933, "the Broken Coin" considers a life-changing decision a bold woman must face in her dangerous career. The outcome? Stay tuned! Our 2nd script honors October's favorite event with a tale from the comedy Our Miss Brooks. Titled "Halloween Party", this entry should be a seasonal treat. And to sweet coat the show, we have delectable guests Ginny Kaufmann, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Mike Raimondo, and your host Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE 10/3 @ 6pm: DING-A-LINGS Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 October 2018


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave here at Gtownradio for your live radio play listening pleasure. Tonite we have 2 more terrific tales. We'll begin with a script from the Suspense series. 1st broadcast 1961, "Bells" considers the prospects of  a couple who decide to move to the country on a wife's supernaturally-influenced whim guiding her to relocate. Will the cynical husband go along with the psychically ordained plan or send his wife to the snake pit? Don't hiss because humor follows with a visit to the battling Bickersons. Originally aired 1945, "The Honeymoon Is Over"  finds our ever-loving couple at the crossroads of tolerable desire. Is the romance still there? Stay tuned with regular guests Sherry Brown, Maury, and your host , Andy Pettit. 

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