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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

April 15 @ 6pm: Phyllis Wat- SEMAPHORESS Of SOUND Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave as we continue our celebration of poetry month. I'm your host Andy Pettit. After last week's sweaty bath of pure male versification, we are excited to dedicate these next 2 weeks exclusively to works written and presented by female writers. Tonight's guest is Phyllis Wat. She shuttles between Philadelphia and New York weekly, and likes trains. Two of her major influences as a poet are New York School poetics and a lifelong interest in China. In New York her morning starts at 6:30, when she practices tai chi chuan in the park with other crazy people from the neighborhood who like to get up early, tai chi chuan being one of the martial arts. She has written four books, of which "Wu  going there" is the most recent. It's got a shorter title than two of her other books, which are called "The Fish Soup Bowl Expedition" and "The Influence of Paintings Hung in Bedrooms." Phyllis loves to play with words and make them dance; especially with your mind as you read her work, paving the path for one direction only to shunt you onto another track that may turn a bend that discontinues sending you over a cliff while she waves smiling as you fall and just as the final words of the text appear she arrives to catch you..or not. Her hands may be out stretched, but you might fall thru her grasp anyway and be set adrift to sort out the journey yourself.  






4//11 @ 8pm: Skywave Drifts To Read & Eat Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit excited to broadcast our first show   live here at the Read & Eat Cafe in the screening room. Howard Hughes should be arriving any moment. Doesn't it feel that cozy? If you find a bundle hidden under one of the chairs, report to me after the show. Tonight we have 2 classic radio plays for you. The first is a dramatization from that master of suspense Dashiell Hammett. First broadcast in 1945 after the movie, "The Maltese Falcon" considers how humans becomes vultures in pursuit of a flightless, jewel- encrusted bird. When the flying feathers settle after the story's stunning conclusion, the Marx Brothers will snatch you away with their own comedic talons in an episode from their short lived radio play series- "Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel."  Originally aired in 1932, the creatively titled Episode 4 transports you to the surreal world of Groucho and Chico as they play detectives for surprisingly unsuspecting society matron. And here to animate this adventure are voices artists the lovely Loretta Lucy Miler, gtown Fewsh programmer Reade McCardell, sfx engineer and gtown's Ave. G creator JimBobble Harris, special guest as backup engineer here to broadcast the show gtown's Liosten Up programmer Tom Casetta, and me your host Andy Pettit.  So...close your eyes, open your ears, cover your throat, and listen!  




April 8th @ 6pm: VOICES of VERSE Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit as we continue to settle into our new wednesday night slot. In honor of one of the most florid forms of written expression, we join the crowd to dedicate the entire month of April by celebrating those voices who's pens have made poetry an eternal art. In order to establish a foundation that represents modern contributions, we respectfully begin by saluting those masters who set the tone for 20th century verse. Tonight you will hear selections which include bgs of the following bards animating their own work- Yvor Winters, Merrill Moore, Oscar Williams, John Holmes, Langston Hughes, Richard Eberhart, Theo Spencer, Robert Warren, Ogden Nash, Stanley Kunitz, Countee Cullen, and Kenneth Rexroth. I apologize for this all male format. i hope to more than compensate for our awful omission by invitation of 2 female poets reciting their original stuff over the succeeding 2 programs and concluding with a balance of male and female readers for our final week acknowledging this spiritually significant sensation of spoken sounds. 


April No Fool's @ 6pm/ WHO ROARS LOUDER: LION or MOTHER-IN-LAW?! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave and our inaugural wednesday show. After a year of tuesdays, we thought why not switch up and keep people guessing. So, let's ramp up the confusion, shall we, since it is April Foolhardy's Day and come back another time. If you're still reading, we have 2 great radio play classics. First up, from the electrifying suspense series X Minus One, we have a script (from the sci fi king Ray Bradbury) titled "The Veldt". First aired in 1955, this tale roars April into your ears..followed by one of our favorite comedy series, The Easy Aces. Originally broadcast in the late '50s and titled "Jane's Mother Comes To Visit", expect the usual alternate take on the mother-in-law issue. And here to cut the ribbon for our opening wed. evening show is Skywave veteran Elizabeth Michaels, and making her debut for this special show is fellow voice actress Claire Meashey along with Jim Ave G "I Coulda Made A Million as a Chadds Ford Painter" Harris with your host Andy Pettit. So..strap on your pith helmet as we get ready to ride into the grasslands of your mind!


3/24 @ 6pm, Final Tuesday Show: The Original 25th CENTURY SPACE ODDITY! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit tuning in with this special broadcast, which marks our final tuesday show before we move next week to air on wednesdays; still at 6pm. The first radio play you'll hear is from "Assignment: The Face". First aired in 1944, this wrenching drama is a serious look at WW II victims of facial mutilation sustained in combat. But please don't turn away. There are many moments of sincere bravery of spirit and comic relief made convincing by our veteran actors. To salute next week's launch from tuesdays to wednesday nite broadcasts, We blast off into the 25th century with the opening episode of Buck Rogers from 1939. Your ears will pop as you hear the explosive story and deafening sound effects that animate the original space oddity. And here to navigate your ride through the battlefields and the stratosphere of your mind are two top lieutenants of vocal versatility. Welcome back Sherry Brown, Ryan Merriam, and sfx Engineer Jim "where have all the Vulcans gone?" Ave. G Harris and your host Andy Pettit. So...fasten your utility belt and listen... 


3/17 @ 6p: Skywave Mystery Replay! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 March 2015

hey guys,

Please listen to a replay as the Skywave team takes this week to search for new material. I have taken this opportunity finally to insert an image of an actual skywave(there are many) with a handy explanation included. Sort of related to the concept of short wave, this term applies to Gtown's wave reach and is the source of inspiration for our show's title.( Although I should probably have Joe from Science 2.0 come on to explain the concept in depth.) If hankering for thoughtful weekly discussions on all thing science, check out Joe's show every saturday at 3. Finally, this is the anniversary of the first radio play show Skywave performed! See you next week with 2 two radio play presentations.Enjoy...


3/10 @ 6pm: BUBBLE BATH BALL! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit. Let's begin tonight's radio play show with an animation of Arch Oboler's series. First aired in 1939, "The Bathysphere" considers what a fearless leader would say when faced with death at the bottom an ocean in a steel ball. following that lead balloon of excitement will be a dramatization from the Marx Bros.' Flywheel" series, which consisted of 26 episodes and lasted just 6 months. Broadcast in 1933, our tale tells the exploits of attorney Waldorf Flywheel (as played by Groucho) and his assistant Ravelli(as played by Chico) as they are presented with an opportunity based on a possible inheritance. And here to raise your hair and tickle your sides are the a tones of Ed Feldman from Gtown's daily reality  dramedy "Morning Feed", the vivaciously vibed Ellen Perry, and Jim "Don't Replay February" Harris from Ave G. So, now go grab a mug o' sumpin' warm cause these voices are heatin' up for you to listen...  


3/3 @ 6 sharp:The Season That Keeps On Giving! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 March 2015

Good evening. Welcome to frosty Skywave. When does it end? In anticipation of the approaching mix of frozen particles which seem to be hovering in a permanent holding pattern waiting to emit bundles of ice needles at 70 mph eternally into our numb beyond blue veins, we have a rambunctious recording of a live performance of a radio play that addresses the above subject- winter blues. The plot: A crank yold hermit is alone in his shack during an approaching blizzard in the back woods of Tennessee. There's no one around for miles until stranded snooty New England motorists arrive, his pesky neighbor, and bandits on the run from local goofball police followed by a special detective from Memphis.  Aside from the live sound effects, you'll hear the voices of Allyson Frick, Paul Gordon, Jim Harris, Leon Joshlin, Don Kaywash, Loretta Lucy Miller, Randy Shupp, and your host Andy Pettit.  This March 2013 broadcast of "The Storm" is dedicated to Don Kaywash. We know he's listening. 


February 24 @6pm: "LAISSEZ LE BON TEMPS ROULER!" Print E-mail
Monday, 23 February 2015
February 17 @ 6pm: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 February 2015
Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. Are those snowflakes gathered at the edge of your numb
mind and crowding your blue toes whispering "Go south. Sunny Florida."Well, stop listening to
those petrified party-killing particles because we have something here up north to keep you warmer than any skin-burning beach. Tonight there are 3, not 2, radio plays that will make you thrall to the winter embrace of Gtown's wide open arms of entertainment. First you'll hear another Adventure of Sam Spade. Aired in 1947, "The Dead duck Caper is a classic mystery having you quack for our second story, "The Comeback", a 1928 interpretation of Samson and Delilah that will recall the John Travolta line from the modern film "Saturday Night Fever"- "Yo, don't touch the hair!", which is the least of concerns for our final story from 1929 "Close Up", about a director faced with a casting nightmare when 2 prima donna extras let fly their hissy fits. And here to keep you in your seats throughout the hour are 2 extra special guests from the Black Tribbles- Len and Kennedy, who will keep your head in a constant whirl guessing who's saying what..along with Jim "I'm just here for the free peanuts" Harris and your host Andy Pettit. So..now...let's listen.
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