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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

May 27 @ 6pm: BATTLE of the KOOKS Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andrew Pettit here with 2 new radio play performances. The first is episode 1 from the Marx Bros.' Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel series. Originally aired in 1933, "The Kidnapping" will leave you wondering why there aren't more lawyers the likes of Groucho arguing cases on prime time when instead people are stuck with re-runs of reality tv. Our second script is from The Abbott and Costello show. First broadcast in 1944, this spooker has guest Peter Lorre acting as the doctor Abbott chooses to cure Costello of whatever's ailing him and hopwefully we'll find out why a bug would choose Costello. Here to make sense of it all are two vet guests. Welcome Andrew Gilmore of Chesthair Hills, Fewsh host Reade McCardell of Beth's Hair, Ave. G host Jim "I'll never live in Northern Libs" Hairless of Mount Hairy and me Andy Pettit of shaveless Non-West Fallings. So wherever you are or hail from, please listen without wax.


May 20 @ 6pm: Shell-Shock Surrender! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. We hope to cool things down a bit with 2 new radio plays. First up is a tale from the Quiet Please spook series. Recorded in 1947, "A Ribbon of Green" considers what happens to a soldier's mind when in battle. If he could put himself in a different place, where would he go? If you aren't shell-shocked after that slide into bullet-bursting suspense, then hang on for an episode from the Ma Perkins series. First broadcast in 1945, this story has Ma in a pickle tryin' to sort out  a marriage about to fall off the cliff and drop onto the rocks; but hopefully she'll save the day with her sage experience with family counsellin'. And here to breathe hot air in your waiting eras are first time guest Richard Metz, vet regular sweet-talkin' El Perry, James "Why wasn't Brezhnev on the ballot tuesday?" Harris and me your host, Andy Pettit. So find a cold one with lots of ice 'cause you're in for an hour long melt down.


May 13 @ 6: San Francisco Is On The Line! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Good evening and welcome to Skywave! I'm your host Andy Pettit. Our first script is from The Candy Matson Private I series. Originally aired in 1949 when leading lady characters were as scarce as winos in a church service, "The Cable Car Case considers the ding dong don't doings in our favorite Pacific party town, San Fran. If you haven't been thrown by a curve in the road after that stomach turner, then fasten your ear drums for a tale titled "Switchboard Secrets"; a 1933 episode from The Front Page Drama series. If you want to hear an operator tell all the naughty news she's not supposed to, she can't wait to share her sizzling story. And here to animate the proceedings are first time gust Frank Burd, vet vixen El Perry along with Jim "leave me alone, I'm just the sound guy" Harris and me, Andy Pettit. 


5/6 @ 6pm: Waste Not Persephone's Gifts Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit. April may be over, but Persephone is here to stay; and even when she leaves she will return to fulfill her role to lead us into this one of the of the never ending cycle of changing seasons. And to commemorate this time of rebirth as evidenced by the blooms now in full blossom, I will read  T.S. Eliot's "Wasteland"- an eternal work that praises this period of exploding potential. And to help set the mood our this reading, Igor Stravinsky's seminal "Rite of Spring" will flourish in the background. so please prepare your ears for a synesthetic treatment of a poetic expression of spring.



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

GOOOOOD eve. Welcome to Skywave as we conclude our program of performances for this month's observance of poetry. Tonight we thought we'd go out with a feather-flying, fin-flapping, tail twister of a show by dedicating our versification too, can you guess, all beings not human(no, not zombies). After having focused so much in the past on subjects of serious reflection, why not entertain you with some lighter fare;and what better topic than our wild and domestic friends? We promise not to argue about where they shouldn't be kept or whether they should be consumed (that's for you to consider) because animals are such a fun source of auditory expression. You'll hear classic nursery rhymes told in new ways, the wit of Ogden Nash, zoological songs and much more!  And here to share their selections saluting creatures cuddly and cantankerous are veteran guests zzzzz-Zipora Schulz, eeeeee-Ellen Perry, Jim Hee Haw Harris and your host Andy Parrot Pettit. So.. let's listen. 


April 22 @ 6: Martha Michael- Poetic Protectress of the Planet Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave as we continue our celebration of poetry month. I'm your host Andy Pettit here to introduce our second blockbuster week featuring exclusively original female work live! Tonight's guest is Martha Michael. she has agreed to recite some of her verse despite the warning that she may be overwhelmed by lucrative offers from high stakes publishing houses. Folks, I cannot prevent the flood of phone calls should there be an immediate response to the creativity you are about to hear. Martha is not a card-carrying poet but enjoys and appreciates poetry even though she does not have a clear definition of what  a poem is. She is a full-time nurse who also plays the trumpet and has sometimes written lyrics for songs and sometimes written songs for lyrics. She has several times required therapy to stop recomposing her thoughts into the form of haiku. And joining us to provide an extar sensory layer  is sound designer Molly Mahoney. Also, in commemoration of earth day and the advent of the Phillies' return this spring, we will read a few suitable selections  So...let's listen.  



April 15 @ 6pm: Phyllis Wat- SEMAPHORESS Of SOUND Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave as we continue our celebration of poetry month. I'm your host Andy Pettit. After last week's sweaty bath of pure male versification, we are excited to dedicate these next 2 weeks exclusively to works written and presented by female writers. Tonight's guest is Phyllis Wat. She shuttles between Philadelphia and New York weekly, and likes trains. Two of her major influences as a poet are New York School poetics and a lifelong interest in China. In New York her morning starts at 6:30, when she practices tai chi chuan in the park with other crazy people from the neighborhood who like to get up early, tai chi chuan being one of the martial arts. She has written four books, of which "Wu  going there" is the most recent. It's got a shorter title than two of her other books, which are called "The Fish Soup Bowl Expedition" and "The Influence of Paintings Hung in Bedrooms." Phyllis loves to play with words and make them dance; especially with your mind as you read her work, paving the path for one direction only to shunt you onto another track that may turn a bend that discontinues sending you over a cliff while she waves smiling as you fall and just as the final words of the text appear she arrives to catch you..or not. Her hands may be out stretched, but you might fall thru her grasp anyway and be set adrift to sort out the journey yourself.  






4//11 @ 8pm: Skywave Drifts To Read & Eat Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit excited to broadcast our first show   live here at the Read & Eat Cafe in the screening room. Howard Hughes should be arriving any moment. Doesn't it feel that cozy? If you find a bundle hidden under one of the chairs, report to me after the show. Tonight we have 2 classic radio plays for you. The first is a dramatization from that master of suspense Dashiell Hammett. First broadcast in 1945 after the movie, "The Maltese Falcon" considers how humans becomes vultures in pursuit of a flightless, jewel- encrusted bird. When the flying feathers settle after the story's stunning conclusion, the Marx Brothers will snatch you away with their own comedic talons in an episode from their short lived radio play series- "Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel."  Originally aired in 1932, the creatively titled Episode 4 transports you to the surreal world of Groucho and Chico as they play detectives for surprisingly unsuspecting society matron. And here to animate this adventure are voices artists the lovely Loretta Lucy Miler, gtown Fewsh programmer Reade McCardell, sfx engineer and gtown's Ave. G creator JimBobble Harris, special guest as backup engineer here to broadcast the show gtown's Liosten Up programmer Tom Casetta, and me your host Andy Pettit.  So...close your eyes, open your ears, cover your throat, and listen!  




April 8th @ 6pm: VOICES of VERSE Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. I'm your host Andy Pettit as we continue to settle into our new wednesday night slot. In honor of one of the most florid forms of written expression, we join the crowd to dedicate the entire month of April by celebrating those voices who's pens have made poetry an eternal art. In order to establish a foundation that represents modern contributions, we respectfully begin by saluting those masters who set the tone for 20th century verse. Tonight you will hear selections which include bgs of the following bards animating their own work- Yvor Winters, Merrill Moore, Oscar Williams, John Holmes, Langston Hughes, Richard Eberhart, Theo Spencer, Robert Warren, Ogden Nash, Stanley Kunitz, Countee Cullen, and Kenneth Rexroth. I apologize for this all male format. i hope to more than compensate for our awful omission by invitation of 2 female poets reciting their original stuff over the succeeding 2 programs and concluding with a balance of male and female readers for our final week acknowledging this spiritually significant sensation of spoken sounds. 


April No Fool's @ 6pm/ WHO ROARS LOUDER: LION or MOTHER-IN-LAW?! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave and our inaugural wednesday show. After a year of tuesdays, we thought why not switch up and keep people guessing. So, let's ramp up the confusion, shall we, since it is April Foolhardy's Day and come back another time. If you're still reading, we have 2 great radio play classics. First up, from the electrifying suspense series X Minus One, we have a script (from the sci fi king Ray Bradbury) titled "The Veldt". First aired in 1955, this tale roars April into your ears..followed by one of our favorite comedy series, The Easy Aces. Originally broadcast in the late '50s and titled "Jane's Mother Comes To Visit", expect the usual alternate take on the mother-in-law issue. And here to cut the ribbon for our opening wed. evening show is Skywave veteran Elizabeth Michaels, and making her debut for this special show is fellow voice actress Claire Meashey along with Jim Ave G "I Coulda Made A Million as a Chadds Ford Painter" Harris with your host Andy Pettit. So..strap on your pith helmet as we get ready to ride into the grasslands of your mind!


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