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Skywave rides the wind of your imagination; creating clouds of sound from the air that surrounds your mind. Throughout the journey to discover where the magic of sound exists in space, we'll explore how music and radio plays carve indelible pictures in our heads.   Learn more about the host here.

SKYWAVE 9/23 @ 5pm: CARROT PRIDE?! Print E-mail
Monday, 21 September 2020


 Good evening. Welcome to skywave for more live radio play action. We begin with a sci fi episode from Columbia Workshop. 1st broadcast 1956, "A Pride of Carrots" imagines how life on Venus would be with talking veggies on a planet that is divided in 2 political parties? We continue with the space opera Flash Gordon. Now that our hero is reunited with his sweetie Dale, can they escape the foul claws of evil emperor Ming? Well here to provide you some escape from it all for the next hour are reg voices Nyi Lunsford, Leah Holleran, Gary Mitchell, Aaron Roberge, Tom C. and your host, Andy P. 

SKYWAVE 9/16 @ 5pm: OCCUPIED PARIS Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave here at Gtownradio. We begin with a war thriller from the series Big Town. Originally aired 1942, "Occupied Paris" has our hero managing editor of the Illustrated Press Steve Wilson along with reporter Laurelie Kilborne enroute from Lisbon to Vichy, where they intend to rendezvous with correspondent Art Mason. But how do they end up in Pairs? For some sci fi relief, we turn to Flash Gordon. 1st broadcast 1935, Episode 2 finds Flash in an interstellar pickle. Doe she settle down and accept a life of regal luxury by marrying princess Aura or continue to embrace the fatal temptations of a risk junkie in pursuit of his true love Dale?  Well, here to take you across the Atlantic and into outer space are reg voice actors Elizabeth Caruso, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. Let's fly!

SKYWAVE 9/9 @ 5pm: 9 Battling Beauts! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 September 2020


For Skywave tonite, we begin with a tale from the detective series Murder Clinic. Originally aired 1942, "The Scrap of Lace" concerns a high society murder of as young woman in love. Who would commit such a sordid act in such a sophisticated, civil setting. We continue with some comic relief from the series Front Page Drama. 1st broadcast 1933, "9 Striking Beauties" is a novel amusement that has an all women's baseball team playing a local all men's team. Who will win? Is the contest fixed by gambling venturers or is on the level? Stick around for this grand slam of a story as presented by what looks like an all women line-up: Shelli Pentimall-Booker pitching, Carol Moog catching and Susan Triggiani batting along with Tom Casetta as our esteemed announcer, actor of a 1,000 parts and sound engineer along with your host, Andy Pettit.  

SKYWAVE 8/26 @ 5pm: DRACULA! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 August 2020


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for live radio play action. Our feature tonite is from a Toronto station : Stage 29. 1st broadcast 1949, "Dracula" is the classic blood thirsty thriller starring one of horror's creepiest, goriest of undead monsters. What havoc does he wreak that sends an emissary from London is it known to the envoy what the fanged blood sucker is capable of? Well here to inhabit  a cast of 1000s are Leah Holleran, Anna Kirk, Aaron Roberge, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE 8/19@ 5pm: CANDY HEART-LESS?! Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 August 2020


Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play pleasure! We begin with an original from playwright John McDonnell. Written 2020, "Candy Heart" finds Billy Wilson,  motivational speaker and self-help books author, back in his hometown for a book signing where he visits candy store owner Mrs. Benson  to show her how different he is from the chubby kid  who he used to buy candy from her everyday. But has he changed? "Candy Heart" is  a tart play with a sweet ending. We continue with an episode from the melodrama series "Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. 1st broadcast 1933, "Fro Services Rendered" considers the plight of the innocent, but spirited Eva, who is desperate to be rescued from the stifling confines of her home by marrying a war hero. But what prevents the decorated officer from allowing Eva to become another of his ornaments? And we conclude with some comic relief from the Bickersons. Originally aired 1949, "Blanche Bets A Horse" has Blanche and John engaged in 1 of their usual  2am discussions covering topics like mutual love, admiration and an investment in a horse. Who wins the race? Stay tuned along with our usual entertaining voices Gary Mitchell, Nyi Lunsford, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

SKYWAVE 8/12 @ 5pm: NIGHTFALL-OUT?! Print E-mail
Sunday, 09 August 2020


Welcome to Skywave for remote live radio play fun! We begin with a tale from the sci fi series X Minus One. Originally aired 1955, "Nightfall" considers how the Book of Revelations would materialize according to  not just the interpretation of the believes, but also with support from scientists. Is it the end of all being....of all light...total darkness eternally? Stay tuned. We continue with an entry from the detective series Bold Venture. 1st broadcast 1950's, "Slate Shannon Accused of Murder" concerns a not-so-funny comedian Mr. Dickson, who gets upset when he doesn't have his way especially with the likes of meddling private eye Shannon as his main heckler. So who's gonna go on in eternity sooner- the jester v or the joke tester? Well, here to  ace the vocal exams are  actors Martha Michael, Jake Michael, Elizabeth Caruso, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

SKYWAVE August 5 @ 5pm: DEATH/BABY?! Print E-mail
Monday, 03 August 2020


Welcome to Skywave for remote live radio play entertainment. We begin with a story from the mystery series "The Sealed Book". Originally aired 1945, "Escape By Death" has 2 elderly sisters stuck in a country house totally distanced from their usually social crowd. Determined that their niece and nephew have imprisoned them in order to poison them without anyone suspecting and thereby inheriting their wealth, they hatch a plot to remove their greedy relatives. Will the old ladies return to their place of high society or...Stay tuned as we continue with a melodrama from the Fleischmann Yeast Hour series. 1st broadcast 1935, "The Baby Carriage" has Mrs. Lezinsky in a pickle when her husband turns down her request to pay $5 for a treasured baby carriage because they have bills to pay up to the you-know-whatsis, not to mention what it'll cost to cure Mr. L's increasing blindness. Oi vey! What is a mother of 3 (with child yet) supposed to do? Well, the following regular voices know what they're going to do- entertain you! They are Susan Triggiani, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.

SKYWAVE july 29 @ 5pm: GONG THE ANTS?! Print E-mail
Monday, 27 July 2020


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more remote live radio play action. We begin with 2 selections for playwright Caitlin Cieri. Let's begin with "Struck Like Gongs". Back in 1930, Noel Coward penned a famous line "certain women should be struck regularly" his play "Private Lives". But what if he wrote about a relationship in which striking women was the point. After negotiating, setting the scene and implementing safe words, you have "Struck Like Gongs". We continue with "The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The Queen", which is a political thriller to rival Game of Thrones. On Nov. 4 2020, the ant princesses Alate and Ergatogyne discover the monsters who plagued their home have all vanished. Is this s new beginning for their colony or the end of the world? Stay tuned as we conclude with a script from the sci fi series X Minus One. 1st broadcast 1955, "1st Contact" considers an encounter between an Earth spaceship and an alien one. when the 2 make initial contact, can they maintain a cordial association or must conflict ensue...resulting in...? Guest actors are Jennifer Shorstein, AJ and regulars are Carol Moog, Caitlin Cieri, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

SKYWAVE @ 5pm: ADAM, EVE and the VIPER?! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 July 2020


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for live radio play theatre social distancing style. We begin with an episode from the mystery comedy series "the Tin Man". 1st broadcast 1944, "the Case of the All-American Menace" concerns the suspicious death of a guy nobody likes. Was someone framed...or just outlines? Stay tuned because we follow with a short comedy from The Chase and Sanborn Hour. Originally aired 1937, Adam and Eve" is a contemporary feminist take on the account of original sin. So is Eve responsible for bringing on the evil or is it that a woman goes where no man would dare explore? Well, here to answer ALL questions are voice regs Leah Holleran, Aaron Roberge, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.

SKYWAVE 7/15 @ 5pm: "JUST SAY YES"! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 July 2020


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more radio play action live here at gtown via Zoom! We begin with comical piece from playwright John McDonnell. Written 2020, "Just Say Yes" is about Harold and Louise going out to dinner to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. They invite son Tommy and his girlfriend Sarah. It's going to be  a perfect nite because Harold thinks Tommy is finally going to pop the question to Sarah. Unfortunately, Louise doesn't agree with Harold's choice of anniversary gift. She has a very different idea of what she wants. Will Harold cause a scene in front of Tommy and Sarah? the perfect nite starts to unravel in this comic short, but Harold finds the best way to resolve the problem.  How? Stay tunes as we continued with an episode from the Fleischmann Yeast Hour series. 1st broadcast 1935, "the 3rd Angle" considers the relationship between wife Anne and husband Jerry( a portrait painter) and one of his many female sitters, Clara. There are 3 angles to this odd shape. Who will make it even? Well, no one from this powerhouse pentagon of a line up, which stars Nyi Lunsford, Anna Kirk, Gary Mitchell, John McDonnell, Tom Casetta and your, host, Andy Pettit. 

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