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Join the enigmatic, music savant Tom Casetta as he guides you through a labyrinth of music shining a beacon on the unsung, should-be-sung, and will-be-sung recordings that clutter the maze's dusty corridors that crisscross time and continents. Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or "like" the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program.

Hear archived shows here at mixcloud .

Learn more about the host here.

Listen Up! Wednesday 05/26:Turn It Up! Print E-mail
Monday, 24 May 2021
Garage rock, rock & roll, three-chord wonders, snarl, rockabilly, snotty punk,/post-punk, glam stompers, art-damaged weirdos, phasing and fuzz, sludge, trash ,paisley, black, velvet and leather, feedback, beads, and safety-pins, drippy mascara, psych rock…obscurities & rarities, past and present, and assorted high energy grease. 
Listen Up! Wednesday 05/19: I Get Weird Dreams Print E-mail
Monday, 17 May 2021
Enter a dreamlike word where known and unknown platters of sound are known to mesh into a decadent mind melting cocktail for your afternoon enjoyment.

It happens from 2-4pm every Wednesday.
Listen Up! Wednesday 05/11: Your Ear Hears It Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 May 2021
A show filled with old and new music presented within the “underground/freeform radio” style.  Genres can include (but not limited to): garage, folk & folk rock, power pop, prog rock, and also a wide selection of interesting and rare singer-songwriter, harmony pop, soft rock, lounge-rock, punk and glam rock, space jazz, avant-garde, vanity-pressings and “outsider” albums.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide!

Hear it 2-4pm every Wednesday afternoon.
Listen Up! Wednesday 05/05: Mexican Psych Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 May 2021
This Wednesday, Listen Up! will feature the mind-bending sounds of Mexican psychedelic music. Hear it May 5th from 2-4pm on G-town Radio/WGGT-LP 92.9
Listen Up! Wednesday 04/28: The Key To Science Is Progressive Rock Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Wednesday,  April 28, the Listen Up! program is dusting off recordings that fall into the category of Prog Rock. Lots of windswept guitar histrionics, gushing keyboards, lyrics full of mystical allusions and song and album titles bearing no relation to the music and almost as long as the music itself!

Hear it live from 2-4 on G-town Radio/WGGT-LP 92.9
Listen Up! Wednesday 04/21: Teetering Between Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Let your mind interact with the music and make something beautiful and maybe even a little strange. Tune in to Listen Up! Wednesday from 2-4pm 
Listen Up! Wednesday 04/13: When The Everywhere-Eye Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 April 2021


An irresponsibly mixed, mind melting freeform radio cocktail called Listen Up! happens again this Wednesday from 2-4pm

Listen Up! Wednesday 04/06: Soundtrack Without A Movie Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 April 2021
It's a soundtrack without a "movie" on the next Listen Up! this Wednesday (April 7th) from 2-4pm on G-town Radio/WGGT-LP 92.9.
Tune in to "see" the "film"
Listen Up! Wednesday 03/31: They Just Seem A Little Weird Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 March 2021


Hooky, hard-edged, guitar-driven rock and roll from the 70's gets served up this Wednesday (March 31st)

Listen Up! Wednesday 03/24: What The... Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 March 2021
It's a world filled with cool and strange and often offbeat music that probably will defy genre and leave you confused . Raiding the audio pantry and keeping it weird this Wednesday on Listen Up!

Music scoured from thrift stores, run down record shops, yard sale trash bins, discarded boxes on the side of the road, and even the internet.

Hear this "radio casserole" March 24th from 2-4pm 
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