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Everything sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons and anything a geek would love gets tossed around by the 5-headed hairy hoard of Black Tribbles. We reveal untold stories of geek history, showcase new and upcoming projects, engage in thought-provoking conversation and provide critical insight into a culture that is often devoid of a black influence; all with a humorous irreverent tone that delights as it educates.

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EVIL is afoot Thurs 10/16 on The Tribs Print E-mail
Monday, 13 October 2014

BRAD GUIGAR talks up his online comic strip sensation EVIL INC and his comic book podcast with his kids Thursday 10/16 9p LIVE on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME on G-Town Radio, The Sound From Germantown!



Thurs 10/9 @ 9 on The Tribs Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 October 2014
Through a veritable land mine of spaceships, ethnic name-calling, tech job shout-outs and red planet bones, all roads lead back to GAMING!
Check out BLACK TRIBBLES, Thursday October 9 @ 9 - Eastern, that is! - on www.gtownradio.com!
How does a paper beat a rock? Learn Thurs on The Tribs Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 September 2014
The Black Tribbles premiere their season long look at the games that Tribbles play in The Wide World of GeekSports as Andre Bennett introduces us to RPS City League and PROFESSIONAL ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Thursday 10/2 9pm LIVE on www.gtownradio.com
The Wild Wild West, on The Tribs Thurs 9p Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Evan Young and Lou Iovino sit down with the BLACK TRIBBLES Thursday Sept 25 to talk about their sensational historical thriller The Last West! 9pm LIVE on www.gtownradio.com!
TONIGHT on The TRIBBLES.... Print E-mail
Friday, 19 September 2014

Tonight on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME, we present the sights and sounds of J1 Studios ANIME CON plus if Green Arrow is 'Batman with a bow' then can he beat the Falcon? 9p EST on www.gtownradio.com

COMIC BOOK TALK, 9pm LIVE on The Tribs Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 September 2014
Comic book reviewer and blogger Robert T Patey III aka Optimus Douche of Ain't It Cool News regales the crew at ComicsandMore Plymouth Meeting every week with his piercing commentary on the world of the 4-color floppies and now he brings his show to the studios of BLACK TRIBBLES, Thursday Sept 11th 9pm LIVE on G-town Radio www.gtownradio.com - The Sound from Germantown
TEN MCs, PUT THEM IN A LINE - Thurs 9p on The Tribbles Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 August 2014
Randy Green aka R-Son the Voice of Reason aka SuperTribble pf BLACK TRIBBLES shuts down the Top Ten Summer of 2014 with a crew of Tribbles listing THE TOP TEN EMCEES EVER; followed by the summer finale of the GALLIFREAKNIK, Thursday Aug 28th, starting @ 9p EST LIVE on www.gtownradio.com
MEAN MEN on The Tribs, 8/21 @ 9pm LIVE Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 August 2014
Thursday Aug 21st 9pm LIVE on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME, the Spider-Tribble Jason Richardson delivers unto the authorities THE TOP TEN MEANEST MALE VILLAINS EVER; plus N Steven Harris' chats up the Watson & Holmes Kickstarter; only on G-town Radio - The Sound from Germantown; immediately followed by the next chapter in the GALLIFREAKNIK
WEAPONS UP! Thurs 9pm LIVE on The Tribs Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 August 2014
The MASTER TRIBBLE and his SCOWLIN' COMMANDOS load up on 100% bad-@$$ as they unveil THE TOP TEN WEAPONS OF THE ARMORY OF GEEKERY Thursday Aug 14 9pm EST on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME on G-town Radio - The Sound from Germantown; followed by the Doctor Who radio festival GALLIFREAKNIK: Jubilee
FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO ROCK, Thurs 9p @ The Tribs Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 August 2014
Kennedy aka Storm Tribble leads a special panel in a full metal listing of
followed by the Doctor Who Radio Festival GALLIFREAKNIK
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