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Morning Feed is your daily feed of news, commentary, and everything else Ed Feldman can think of. Ed Feldman-TV's Furniture Guy, The Man in the Toolbelt expands his universe and yours by revealing the Matrix. Tune in for a different look at Politics, Entertainment, Art, Design and even some How-To. Join Ed as he ridicules the powerful and reveals his Innermost Secrets.

Guests, Call-ins, Questions, and Villagers with Torches are expected.

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Tuesday, 01 July 2014

Tuesday Morning Feed!
Movie Tone News Tuesday!
News From Movie guy Adam Lippe!
He's Got One. A Movie. And News About It.
That Explains It, Right?
M-Feed Is About Pictures Today, Not Words!
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Friday Morning Feed!
Rainy Manifold Friday!
John O'Connell Is Our Guest!
His Interests are Manifold.
One Of Them Is Cars.
And There Is The Linkage.
M-Feed Stays Dry, Recondite!
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014
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Thursday Morning Feed!
Everyone Seems To Be Running For (or from) Something!
Why Should Politicians Have All The Fun?
Ingrid Shepard And Joe Waldo, From THE ONE LESS FOUNDATION, Are Holding RUN GERMANTOWN, A 5 K Benefit Run!
Let's All Run For This!
Fresh Air, Exercise, And No Indictments!
M-Feed Is Huffin' an' Puffin', 9-10:30 AM Eastern mon-Fri
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Wednesday Morning Feed!
Renaissance Woman Karen Smith Is Here!
Writin,' Drummin', and Talkin!
It's Rainin', So Be Listen'n!
M-Feed Drops Its "G"s So You Won't Have To!
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.Gtownradio.com 
We HAVE To Put That "G" In!
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Monday Morning Feed!
Successful Coaching Monday!
Chip Can't But Gary Hines Can!
Guess Who Is Our Guest!
M-Feed Is Easy To Figure Out.
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www'gtownradio.com
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Thursday, 23 January 2014
Tuesday Morning Feed!
I Want To Thank The Academy Tuesday!
With Oscar Winner And "Furniture Guys" Alum Tammy Tiehel Stedman!
She's Got A New Film, "Slow Learners"
And We Have A Lot Of Memories!
We Have To Discuss Them Before Feldman Forgets Everything That's Ever Happened To Him!
M-Feed Is Past, Present, And...um...Future, Yeah Future, that's it!
9-10:30 AM Eastern mon-fri www.gtownradio.com