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Fewsh is a music program. The only thing that distinguishes it from its nearly countless contemporaries is the simple fact that it is not one of its nearly countless contemporaries. This is not to say that Fewsh is unprecedented in any way, shape, or form. It is actually intended to point out quite the reverse! Fewsh is much like a single hotel room in a vast hotel. Though room C23 might be identical to every other room in a given hotel, it is individual by virtue of the fact that it is no other room than C23. However, it should be stated that Fewsh aims to provide a slightly different aesthetic approach, thereby justifying its existence.

What the above paragraph failed to communicate is that Fewsh's mission is to celebrate music in a very all-genres-welcome fashion. This is exemplified by the Dark Alley Knife Fight segment wherein two songs so dissimilar as to be considered aesthetic enemies are heard tandem. Tune in and hear it for yourself Mondays from 6 to 8 pm here on G-Town Radio. Fewsh; it's 81% music, 19% oh my gosh!

Reade McCardell is the host of Fewsh (or maybe Fewsh is the host of Reade McCardell, it's anyone's guess). He's a pale fellow with a sizable affection for music. He knows you like music too, and hopes you can find some satisfaction in the material he plays.

For further exploration and enjoyment check out
FEWSH (The Podcast) [also available on iTunes] and/or e-mail Reade at fewsh@gtownradio.com.

* Note: playlists missing from the chronology indicate reruns/cancellations

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