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F E W S H Replay {Sunday Aug. 12 ||| 10-Noon EST} Print E-mail

(Photo by P. B. Abery)

Triple sigh. Another replay. A new episode was prepared, friends. Vehicular difficulties did thwart.

(Photo by P. B. Abery)

New Show Debut 08/08- The Local Music Show Print E-mail
Tune in every 2nd and 4th Wednesday for The Local Music Show hosted by Ryan Shatt.  Hear the sounds of the Philadelphia music scene. 
SKYWAVE 8/8 @ 6pm: DOUBLE-TIMIN' DAME?! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your gtown show for live radio entertainment. Tonite we have 2 sizzling dramas. We'll start with a script form the Quiet Please suspense series. Originally aired 1947, "Inquest" reveals what happens when an inheritance is left to 2 siblings. Will they squabble in the usual Jerry Springer style of today or remain civil?  "Oh, brother" is right, sister! We follow with a hard-boiled detective drama from the rocky Fortune series. 1st broadcast 1954, "Too Many Husbands" puts a female lib take on marital arrangements. For the details, stay tuned. And joining us to sort out the theatrics are regular guests Susan Triggiani, Gary Mitchell and your host, Andy Pettit.

Listen Up! Wednesday 08/08: Hibernating In The Cosmic Ether Print E-mail

A little trip-switch into another world. Radio for people who listen to music, not just hear it.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program
Sunday Vibe Today (8/5/18) Print E-mail


The Sunday Vibe today is new & pre-recorded. Tasty tunes for a hot Sunday afternoon were the order of the day. Click through for the full playlist. The Sunday Vibe happens on Sundays from 3-5 PM.

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (8/5) 5-6pm, with Mike Durkin, Artistic Director of The Renegade Co. Print E-mail


TODAY at 5pm on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda," host Stephanie Heck will interview Mike Durkin, the artistic director of the Philadelphia-based theatre group, The Renegade Company! Mike will talk to us about the Renegade Company's mission to incorporate neighborhood stories and traditions into their original theatrical productions.  He will also introduce their next unique production (coming to the Philly Fringe in Sept!), "(Kensington) Streetplay." ...And, of course, he will tell us the story behind it all!  Don't miss it!  

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here:  The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-August 5, 2018-with Mike Durkin, Artistic Director of The Renegade Co. 

F E W S H Replay {Sunday Aug. 5 ||| 10-Noon EST} Print E-mail
(Image by unknown)
It's a pleasure moseying with you. Even when we're moseying down Memory Ave.
(Image by unknown)
Actions we can take to fight climate change now - Planet Philadelphia 4-5 pm today Print E-mail


Hi Everyone,

I did this editorial cartoon back in 2014 on congressional inaction on helping do something about climate change. Not sure anything has improved since then. However, on today’s Planet Philadelphia, we have a number of Temple students who have some pretty good ideas on what we can do right here in Philly to make things better. So tune in 4-5 pm today to Planet Philadelphia at 92.9 M WGGT-LP and gtownradio.com.

Have a great rest of your summer,

Kay Wood

Producer and Host of Planet Philadelphia




14th Annual Afrakan Independence Day! LIVE on Stepping Into Tomorrow! 8PM, 8/2/18 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Bro. Oba Olayinka, an activist and organizer for the 14th Annual Afrakan Independence Day celebration! Happening this Saturday, Aug. 4, Oba will discuss the event, including the speakers, entertainment and this year's theme of "Afraka Forever." Make sure you are in Malcolm X Park, 12-8PM Saturday! Feel free to call in during the show at 215.609.4301! 

SKYWAVE 8/1 @ 6pm: DOWN THE DRAIN! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave at 92.9 FM gtownradio for live radio play action. Tonite we have 2 more zingers. We begin with a sci fi script from The Dimension X series. Originally aired 1950, Ray Bradbury's "Zero Hour" takes place back in the future of 1985. It seems that a new children's game called Invasion is all the rage nationally. How will parents respond, and more, how has the message of mass media influence endured today? We follow with a tale of the same theme of child fantasy with an original piece. Titled "Toyboat", our story tells more about the persuasive power of youthful imagination. what happens when a boy loses a toy steering wheel for his boat down the drain? Can he get it back? Stay tuned to find out with regular guests Kathy Harmer, Maury Harris, and special urchins, -er, guests Eli and Sylvie Harris along with your host Andy Pettit.

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