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The Sound From Germantown

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FEWSH [April 15, 2018] Print E-mail

(Photo by Josh Sorenson)

Feel you beckoned?

(Photo by Josh Sorenson)

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - THE POWER OF THE SEED!!!!! #ItsSpringTimeBaby!!!!! Print E-mail

Saturday 10am-12n. Its on and Poppin with the Best Christian Morning Show... the Praiselujah Radio-Show with Brother D. N Sister A. will be Spinning the Best MusiC, touching the best topics and feeding your soul with the WORD OF GOD in every segment!!!! - tune in at 92.9m or http://www.gtownradio.com/ **** CONGRATULATIONS TO Jamie-Grace & Aaron Collins - they will be Married on April 14, 2018 ***** Morgan Harper Nichols Mona Harper Patrick Kekoa Nichols

  Sample Image

"One Heartbeat" Benefit Concert for Puerto Rico Relief and the MOVE 9! LIVE, 8PM, 4/12/18 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Mike Africa, with Conscious Minds Talent and the MOVE family, who will be discussing this Saturday's "One Heartbeat" benefit concert to bring support and resources to those still struggling in the wake of the hurricane in Puerto Rico last fall, and those MOVE members who have been incarcerated for 40 years now. Bringing phenomenal talent to the stage, activists and artists alike will be touching on these issues in a night full of information and entertainment. Performer and singer Taina Asili will also be joining the conversation, to discuss her art and why she continues to bring voice to messages of liberation through her music!

Listen Up! Wednesday 04/11: Working Title Print E-mail
A little trip-switch into another world.  Radio for people who listen to music, not just hear it.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program.

SKYWAVE April 11 @ 6pm: What Color Iz Your Lipstick?! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave; here at WGGT 92.9 Gtownradio intended to serve your radio play entertainment needs. Tonite we have 2 more terrific tales. The first is from the always taut Suspense series. Originally aired 1948, "Summer Night" concerns the strange circumstances of a young woman Anna victimized by a treacherous love triangle.Amidst the terror of a serial murderer known as the Lipstick Killer, Anna pleads with friend Helen(the woman responsible for Anna's broken engagement) to stay with her, Helen acquiesces only to somehow join the ranks of luckless lipstick ladies marked in orange. But why orange? Find out the exciting twist to this fantastic plot! We continue with an episode from the Chase and Sanborn hour. 1st broadcast 1939, the rom com "The Man Who Thought Of Everything" examines how a perfectionist would pull off a fool-proof elopement including the exit strategy, getaway means, final escape plans AND which includes alternative precautions should one of the affianced lovers become afflicted with cold feet. But here with hot and heavy throats are voice masters Susan Lonker, Sharon Sigal, along with your host, Andy.    

Sunday Vibe on WGGT-LP, 92.9 FM (4/8) Print E-mail


Sunny Sunday sounds for chilly Spring day. These songs are part of that. Full playlist below.

FEWSH [April 8, 2018] Print E-mail

(Image by unknown artist for Butterfield & Swire)

FEWSH welcomes you with extensive arms!

(Image by unknown artist for Butterfield & Swire)

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (4/8) 5-6pm, with "Portraits of Parkland" artist, Laura Silverman Print E-mail


Tune in Sunday at 5pm to "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda" to meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, Mt. Airy activist/artist, Laura Silverman!  Laura will talk to us about her meaningful and impactful new art project "Portraits of Parkland."  She will tell us about herself, her work as a communications strategist, activist, and artist, and how and why she started the portraits project. You can check out her work during the show on Billy Penn (http://bit.ly/BPennPoP)  and Philadelphia Magazine (http://bit.ly/2pt1qWF).  Don't miss it!  

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here: The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-April 8, 2018-with "Portraits of Parkland" artist, Laura Silverman 

4-5 pm today - Planet Philadelphia Print E-mail

Tune in from 4-5 pm today to hear Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show. Planet Philadelphia features guests with different approaches to environmental advocacy:  cognitive/concrete and action oriented versus unsuspecting, and making the invisible visceral.

PictureRussell Zerbo
Russell Zerbo, Advocate at the Clean Air Council - the work of the Council and the unexpected city-wide things individuals can do to increase breathable air.

PictureDiane Burko

Artist Diane Burko's artwork explores the intersection of art and science, focusing on monumental geological phenomena and issues of climate change.


  A podcast of the show will be posted a few days after the show broadcasts live. The next Planet Philadelphia will be Friday 4/20/18, 4-5 pm on G-Town Radio. For more information visit https://www.planetphiladelphia.com/


Philly's New School Board! LIVE on Stepping Into Tomorrow, 8PM, 4/5/18 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant discusses the selections for Philadelphia's new school board, with educators and community advocates, Akil Parker and Angela Crawford! Listen in as they discuss what parents and guardians should plan for in the upcoming school year and how communities can remain empowered in the framing of their children's education. Feel free to call in at 215.609.4301! 

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