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The Sound From Germantown

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reckless curiosity july 23rd, 2017 (10pm-midnight) Print E-mail
Y La Bamba, Andy Shauf, and slow, thick, muggy sounds to match the weather. 
PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Best GospeL MusiC & Talk in PHILLY!!!!! Print E-mail

Brother D. N Sister A. Hosts PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Bringing you the very Best GospeL MusiC, Talk & Clean Fun PHILLY!!!!!

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TODAY! New Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show coming up and streaming on GTown Radio 4-5:0 Print E-mail

Senator Robert Casey, Jr. will give some insight into what’s happening with Climate Change and the political scene in DC and what we can do about it here at home in Philly.

Also, Michelle Kondo of the USFS  tells us about the new collaboration between the Schuylkill Center, CHOP, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the U.S. Forest Service which will connect primary care pediatric health and wellness with nature and time spent being active outdoors.
And More:
  • Todd Rogers of Energy Training Solutions, who is an environmental educator and energy auditor for buildings, presents a human-centered approach to lowering energy use. 
  • Christine Dolle, Field Organizer of Pennsylvania Momscleanairforce, on their fourth annual “play in” demonstration and lobbying day in DC with surprising new bi-partisan support.
  • Maya K. van Rossum, Delaware Riverkeeper, asserts that FERC allows far too many pipelines to go ahead without real regulatory oversight while superseding landowners’ property rights.

Planet Philadelphia show host, Kay Wood, and environmental news reporter, Linda Rosenwein, bring you this and more on the new Planet Philadelphia streaming on your favorite local radio station, GTown Radio, 4-5:00pm Friday, 7/21/17. (http://www.gtownradio.com) Tune in for some great informative radio listening.

For more environmental reporting please tune back in to  G-Town Radio (http://www.gtownradio.com) for the next Planet Philadelphia show: 4-5:00 pm Friday August 4, 2017. Lots of interesting new interviews, news and music.

To listen to Planet Philadelphia shows you might have missed, check out the podcast page on Planet Philadelphia website, http://planetphila.weebly.com/podcasts and/or on gtownradio.com a day or so after they’ve aired on G-Town Radio. Planet Philadelphia’s listener comment line is: (484) 278-1846. Record a comment or event announcement anytime to be broadcast on the next Planet Philadelphia radio show. 

www.planetphila.com | http://www.gtownradio.com | facebook  |  @planetphila | @gtownradio
Justice for David Jones! Stepping Into Tomorrow, 7/20/17, 8:00PM Print E-mail


On June 8th, 2017, David Jones was shot in the back and killed by a police officer in North Philadelphia's Hunting Park section. Video footage captures the scene and shows Jones running away, unarmed. Since then, the family has organized rallies, marches and worked to spread the word about the loss of their loved one and demanded justice. Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with supporters of the family, journalists on the case and concerned citizens regarding how to ultimately get #Justice4DJ

July 19 @ 6pm: MACHINE MELTDOWN! Print E-mail


Howdy. Welcome to Skywave, the only program in Philly that features live radio play entertainment every week. Tonite we have 2 more scintillating scripts. The 1st is from the sci fi series Quiet Please. Originally aired 1948, "The Pathetic Fallacy" refers to the humanizing term scientists use to attribute emotions to computers, which we all know no machine could ever possess. Could it? Of course not! But what if... Our second selection is a humorous tale from the series Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. 1st broadcast 1934, "If Women Take The Place of Men" considers just that. what might happen if traditional gender roles were reversed; a kind of Mr. mom situation 50 years early. And here to tell it how it was are 2 modern-minded thespians. Please welcome 1st time guest Jillian Bosmann, and old friend who was with us 3 summers ago during our 1st year- Vincent Ali along with golden moldy Jim Harris of ave G and me, your ageless host,  Dorian Grey!

FEWSH [July 17, 2017] Print E-mail

(Image by Myriam / Prepared by Reade)

Cusick and new things. Get it?

(Image by Myriam / Prepared by Reade)

Listen Up! Wednesday 07/17: Replay Print E-mail


Listen Up! is in replay mode this week, Enjoy a program originally aired in February of 2017.

AM Mold!

Wednesday (2-4pm EST) on Listen Up!:  70's AM Mold!  It will be dippily cheerful and potentially maudlin. Potential sounds include: rock, bubblegum and mellow pop, soul, post-psychedelic pop, country-rock and euro-pop, glam, folk-rock, funky disco and even some concise and catchy, hard rock. Nothing but songs from the 70's that were released on small records with big holes. Some hits and some not so hits...but they all were issued as singles.

Warning: Cringe-worthy potential is high.

More info on that program can be found here.
PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - welcomes the LORDS Soulful Singer... Ardrienne Archie!!!! Print E-mail

Saturday - July 15th... Adrianne Archie be on LIVE!!!! Talking about - The LORD, Life, Love and her New CD!!! Titled, "Let There Be Light"...Listen click here: http://gtownradio.com/ ***** To Purchase her new CD Click here:LetThereBeLight  

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The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (7/15) from 4-5pm, with fermentation enthusiast, Hallie Kushner Print E-mail


Tune in Saturday, July 15th from 4-5pm to meet Stephanie's next guest, Hallie Kushner!  Hallie is a self-described "fermentation enthusiast" who is going to introduce us to the fun of experimenting with fermentation, an age-old process of food preservation.  She will talk about how easy it is to ferment food, as well as the myriad of benefits associated with fermentation.  She'll also let us know how she got interested in the process, why she does it, why she loves it, and why you should try it, too!  Tune in at 4pm so you won't miss your chance to hear why you should "harness the power of bacteria!"

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here: The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-July 15, 2017-with Fermentation Enthusiast, Hallie Kushner

Hustler of Culture Convention: The Get Down Edition! LIVE on Stepping Into Tomorrow, 8PM, 7/13/17 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Ethepoetemcee, Founder and Creator of this coming weekend's Hustler of Culture Convention! A Salute to Hiphop Culture, the event will feature a networking costume party, art business workshops and an outdoor concert featuring Wise Intelligent from the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers! Spread the word and make sure to mark this event on your calendar!  

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