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4-5:00 PM Today New Planet Philadelphia! Progress towards Sustainability Print E-mail


Today we talk about Philadelphia’s progress towards sustainability. How’s our city doing in transitioning towards sustainability? Also today, what's up with the PES refinery. Will it still be one of the biggest sources of pollution in the city or will we all breathe cleaner air? What are the job prospects going forward?


Christine Knapp and Adam Agalloco, of the city government’s Office of Sustainability.


Peter Winslow, has talked to us regularly for the last several months about Philadelphia Energy Solutions, (PES) which is the largest refinery on the east coast. 


SKYWAVE Febraury 19 @ 6pm: THE BIG NO TOOTH! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play activity! We begin with an episode from that iconic crime drama series Dragnet. Originally aired 1955, "The Big No Tooth" is a physical marker for for an armed robber who's been holding up small hotels for petty cash but big stakes for a desperate criminal susceptible to a happy trigger finger. Can officers Friday and Smith unveil the elusive gunman themselves or will they require the usual cooperation of shifty snitches? We continue with what has to be some of the most humorous writing I've ever heard from the comedy series Vic And Sade. 1st broadcast 193ought, "Melvin Has Landed A Job" concerns the hoopla raised in the community when one of its citizens lands a job; the commotion being so great that the ensuing cheering section the crowd becomes alerts the foreman to ward off the welcome wagon. But will the bully boss prevail? You'll have to listen to find out from this reg. raucous crew of voices- Sherry Brown, Maury Harris, Luke David and your host, Andy Pettit.  

FEWSH [Feb. 16, 2020] Fewsh Parts ~ Part 2 Print E-mail

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

Though not directed by Ken Finkleman and most certainly not full of "scatological cross-references", this is certainly a second part. A second part of parts. See here for further context.

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

Harriett's Bookshop! Black Lives Matter Week At Schools! 8PM, 2/13/20 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Jeannine Cook, Owner of Philly's newest Black-owned bookstore, Harriett's Bookshop! She will talk about what in-store events she is developing, being a Black woman business owner and the important resurgence of independent bookstores! Gabriel will also speak with educator Dana Carter, who will be discussing next week's Black Lives Matter Week At Schools lineup of activities. These events are designed for both teachers and community members alike, so be sure to listen in and spread the word with your networks!

GGOTH: Classic FUNK, Hip-Hop and R&B!!! Our 12th Anniversary!!! WoW!!! Print E-mail


The Mid-Week "GROWN FOLK" Party!!!

        w/ K. Gerard Bates, The Mysterious Traveller aka <That Gosh DarnCool K-JAM!!>

Ernest (Eeazzy E) Evans II, Resident Producer Emeritus  


92.9 FM WGGT-LP Philadelphia 

215-609-4301 (Request, Dedications, Shout-Outs!)

https://www.facebook.com/"Gotta' Get Over the Hump!!!" on GTownRadio.com 



Twitter: @KGerardBates


(Put The Kiddies To Bed)

Listen Up! Wednesday 02/12: Please Leave Us Here Print E-mail
Listen Up! weaves a pleasing journey through the backroads of your mind with, yes, the odd wrong turn.

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST 

Follow the Listen Up! Blogand/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program
SKYWAVE Febraury 12 @ 6pm: HEART-LESS?! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play lovelies. We begin with an episode from the detective series Richard Diamond- Private Detective. Originally aired 1951, it seems Det. Dick has got himself into a "Lonely Hearts" scheme. With his intent to help a poor sap get his $ back from the scam Metro Romance Bureau, how can he help not getting involved with one of the dames on the payroll? Confused? Love sets everything straight with its crooked arrow of desire, especially when it comes to our next feature from Cecil and Sally. Broadcast 1930?, "Cecil agrees to dress up as a girl" has Cecil hemming when Sally asks him to take her to party and if you think he's hee hawin' just for bein' asked, wait and hear how his heels go buckaroo when he finds out what he has to wear. Here to keep your tickler ticklin' are reg voices Bill Simpson, Martha Michael, Jam Harris and your host, Andy Pettit.

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (2/9) 5-6pm with Dissent and Co. partner, Jethro Heiko Print E-mail


TODAY at 5pm--meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, "action-enabler" Jethro Heiko.  Jethro is going to tell us about himself, his end-of-life planning game "Hello," and his Ruth-Bader-Ginsburg-inspired pin company, Dissent Pins.  Tune in to hear this awesome story about the power of communication and protest--don't miss it!

FEWSH [Feb. 9, 2020] Fewsh Parts ~ Part 1 Print E-mail

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

Herewith, the first installment of a two-part [of course] FEWSH special comprised of songs cleaved into parts by their crafters. A reunion of various tune parts!

(Painting by Édouard Manet)

PraisEluJaH Radio-SHOW Welcomes Jekalyn Carr also Table Talk with Brother D. N Sister A. Print E-mail

Jekalyn Carr LIVE! on the Praiselujah Radio-Show with Brother D. N Sister A. SATURDAY 10AM EST - Talking New MusiC, Grammy Nominations, New Makeup Line, and about her upcoming Business Ventures!... Brothers F Keith Mcleod and Issac will be Bringing the topic Saturday subject to The DNA Table Talk Session:::
Schools suspending and denying graduation to students (of color) unless they cut their hair: TABLE TALK *****Darrell Mc and Adrienne McPherson ....Sat 10am - 12 est. ... TO LISTEN live using several ways: 92.9FM - listen on computer or phone online at http://tun.in/seKn5 or http://Gtownradio.com/
 — with Darrell McAdrienne McPhersonOksana TademyApostle Veryl Howard and Darrell Mc

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