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The Sound From Germantown

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The Local Music Show October at 7PM - In Studio Performance With Sonni Shine Print E-mail
Tune in every 2nd and 4th Wednesday for The Local Music Show hosted by Ryan Shatt.  Hear the sounds of the Philadelphia music scene.
Sunday Vibe Today (10/21/18) Print E-mail


Left Field GROOVES. Straight from the heart of Germantown in the Maplewood Mall. Stick around and dig the vibes. 3-5 pm on 92.9 FM and gtownradio.com. Full playlist below.

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (10/21) 5-6pm with jazz musician, Lynn Riley Print E-mail


Today at 5pm on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda," meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, local jazz musician, composer, teacher, and "show stopper," Lynn Riley! Lynn will tell us about her life and work as a female jazz artist.  We'll hear about her music, what inspires her, and of course, the story behind her art.  And, she'll play some of her music for us LIVE.  Don't miss your chance to hear why Lynn Riley is called "the superwoman of the sax!"

FEWSH [Oct. 21, 2018] Print E-mail

(Photo by Anni Fehon)


(Photo by Anni Fehon)

4-5 pm Today on Planet Philadelphia: How we’ll face up to climate change + new legal maneuvers. Print E-mail


  • How will we Americans face up to climate change? The federal government is fighting the groundbreaking climate change lawsuit, Juliana v. the US, at every turn. Even so, October 29th is the trial start date. Attorney Phil Gregory J.D./MBA '80, as co-lead counsel on a federal lawsuit brought by a group of young people accusing the federal government of violating their constitutional rights .
  • If our Founding Fathers were alive today they could be charged with felonies according to PA Senate SB 652 and SB 754:  For a Country that was started with protest it seems many states are turning their backs on our history. Jenn Quinn, Legislative and Political Director of the Sierra Club Pennsylvania, and  Elizabeth Randol, ACLU Pennsylvania Legislative Director.
  • Christine Knapp, Director of Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability has some breaking green news. She gives the local perspectives on the UN’s recent report Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and what Philly is doing about it.

Listen 4-5 pm EST today to Planet Philadelphia



"Black Agenda Series!" LIVE on Stepping into Tomorrow! 8PM, 10/18/18 Print E-mail

Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant begins his Black Agenda Series! Often, the issues, concerns and needs of the Black community are marginalized and invisibilized, based on racial and class biases. This series will attempt to shed specific light on what many grassroots activists, educators and thinkers are processing through, which is a Black Agenda for the city. This comes timely, with Philly categorized as the poorest big city in the nation, a rise in gentrification sweeping across neighborhoods and some seeing grave stakes with the upcoming elections.

In tonight's edition, Gabriel will speak with educator and activist, Akil Parker and educator and activist with the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition (ATAC), Mwlimu Waset. Listen and call in at 215.609.4301!

Beats Per Minute welcomes guest Steve Giordano Today (10/18/17 4-6pm) Print E-mail

In the host's humble opinion, Steve Giordano's guitar and compositional style is a voice unlike any other. His uncompromising devotion to expression, staying in the moment, and thriving off of musical interaction makes his style of impressionistic jazz a gift to listeners. Discussing Steve's path towards finding that style is sure to be a treat as well. Tune in today from 4-6pm as Brendan chats with Steve about jazz, Stravinsky, early rock'n'roll, and musical conversation.


Listen Up! Wednesday 10/17: Yeah Print E-mail


This week on Listen Up!, it’s revved up rock n roll for anyone with a taste for the crazed. Twisted and trashy, fuzz filled angst garage and hook ridden power pop. It isn’t freeform rock radio, it’s FREAKFORM!!

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program

SKYWAVE 10/17 @ 6pm: NIGHT TIDE! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. we have 2 new plays. the 1st is from the Philip Marlowe mystery series. Originally aired 1949, "Nite Tide" dredges out all the bottom feeders that gather by the sea's edge in this double crossing caper. We follow with a thriller from the Royal Gelatin Hour series. First broadcast 1937, "The Game of Chess" finds a Russian governor confronted by an assassin with whom the governor is more familiar than the would-be murderer knows. And here, not as mere pawns, but king and queen of voice actors Sir Wm. Simpson, Dame Martha Michael joining your host official court jester Andrew Pettit.  

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda's 50th Show! Sun (10/14) 5-6pm, with Jen Jaynes of Beacon Theatre Print E-mail


TODAY at 5pm--catch The (Not So) Hidden Agenda's 50th show!!  Host Stephanie Heck will be interviewing local actor and managing director of Germantown's Beacon Theatre, Jen Jaynes!  Jen will tell us about herself, her life in theatre, and also about Beacon Theatre's upcoming "Votes for Women" theatre project, in which Jen plays Susan B. Anthony.  (Check out the project online at: www.beacontheatreproductions.org/play-readings). Don't miss it!

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