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The Sound From Germantown

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Listen Up! Wednesday 11/13: The Difference Between Feet And Inches Is Not My Problem Print E-mail
A steamy stew of 70's mutant primal sludge, prog and space rock strangeness, plus other assorted recorded madness.

Tune into Listen Up! on @gtownradio 92.9fm WGGT-LP this Wednesday from 2-4pm est.

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SKYWAVE 11/13 @ 6pm: PRINCESS and the PEP TALK MAN Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio plays. We begin with a duo of shorts from the master of the ten minute tale- John McDonnell. First up, "Pep Talk Man" from 2017. It seems that Ralph can't get out of bed until Pep Talk Man arrives with super powers to cure Ralph. But is this a test beyond heroic capabilities? Our 2nd McDonnell entry is "Always Ask A Princess" from 2017, which is a kind of modern fractured fairy tale with a twisted moral. And we conclude with a chiller from the Quiet Please series. Originally aired 1948, "12 To 5" brings us to a radio station, where a mysterious DJ appears on DJ Connie's show and and predicts tragic events.  How  does this bode fro Connie? Well here to keep you guessing are playwright John McDonnell, Nyi Lunsford, Gary Mitchell, and your host, Andy Pettit.

The Local Music Show - Wednesday At 7PM Print E-mail
Tune in this Wed night,Nov. 13 from 7-9 PM - featuring an in studio performance from Joy Ike . The Local Music Show - featuring all Philly bands and artists.
FEWSH [Nov. 10, 2019] Print E-mail

(Photo by unknown)

Musical monoamine oxidase A.

 (Photo by unknown)

Turn Up to Bailout! Philly Schools! TONIGHT! 8PM, 11/7 Print E-mail

Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Philadelphia Community Bail Fund organizer, Bethany, to discuss this coming weekend's Turn Up to BailOut music showcase! This annual event features a variety of acts, including Bethlehem Roberson and Reef the Lost Cauze, with proceeds going to bailing out folks in time for the holidays!

He also will speak with Melanated Educators Collective activist and educator, Ismael Jiminez, who will discuss the recent work of the Caucus of Working Educators to present a new slate of leadership to the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers union!

GGOTH: Classic FUNK, Hip-Hop and R&B!!! Print E-mail


The Mid-Week "GROWN FOLK" Party!!!

        w/ K. Gerard Bates, The Mysterious Traveller aka <That Gosh DarnCool K-JAM!!>

Ernest (Eeazzy E) Evans II, Resident Producer Emeritus  


215-609-4301 (Request, Dedications, Shout-Outs!)

https://www.facebook.com/"Gotta' Get Over the Hump!!!" on GTownRadio.com 



Twitter: @KGerardBates


(Put The Kiddies To Bed)

SKYWAVE @ 6pm 11/6: DETECTIVE DISTRESS?! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for more radio play action. We begin with an episode from the detective series Let George Do It.  1st broadcast 1949, "Lady In Distress" considers the world of evening entertainment via the strong arm of racketeers who give wayward ladies an opportunity to trade on their physical charms, but who is this showgirl Chickie who seems a little too clueless. We continue with another detective story from the Dick Tracy series. Originally aired 1938, "Pat Hypnotized" brings us back to the underground world, but not the one that trades on the sweat of flesh, but the foul odor of forgery; another fine art. But does hypnosis figure into the plot? Well, here to keep you in suspense are voice actors Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Stephen Medvidick and Aaron Roberge along with your host Andy Pettit. 

Listen Up! Wednesday 11/06: Tune In And Name It Print E-mail

Garage rock, rock & roll, three-chord wonders, snarl, snotty punk,/post-punk, glam stompers, art-damaged weirdos, phasing and fuzz, sludge, trash ,paisley, black, velvet and leather, feedback, beads, and safety-pins, drippy mascara, psych rock…obscurities & rarities, past and present, and assorted goo goo muck.

Tune into Listen Up! on @gtownradio 92.9fm WGGT-LP this Wednesday from 2-4pm est.

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Cooperating on getting to a greener world Print E-mail

  Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show 4-5:00 PM today


Hear guests with real world experience discuss challenges and strategies on meeting their organization’s member's needs while also trying to be better stewards of the planet today:Ron Fisher, Energy Co-op Executive Director and  Jon Roesser, Weavers Way General Manager

F E W S H Replay {Sunday Nov. 3 ||| 10-Noon EST} Print E-mail
(Image care of NASA, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)
FEWSH does.
(Image care of NASA, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter)
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