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Listen Up! Wednesday 12/25: OMGWTFXMAS Print E-mail
This Wednesday is Christmas Day and Listen Up! will air an all new offbeat program filled with non traditional "holiday" sounds suitable for cheer and assorted ho ho ho.

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (12/22) 5-6pm, w/G-town Radio's new Program Director & Host, Joanna! Print E-mail


TODAY at 5pm on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda," meet G-town Radio's new Program Manager and host of "The Sunday Dinner Mixtape," Joanna Hagen-Wikander!  She's going to tell us about herself, her radio show, and her new position as G-town Radio's Program Director.  Don't miss it!

FEWSH [Dec. 22, 2019] Print E-mail

(Art by Paul Gauguin / Prepared by Reade)

Come callus with Fewsh.

(Art by Paul Gauguin / Prepared by Reade)

New Leadership Announcement Print E-mail

In August, 2006 I launched G-town Radio. For the next 13 years it received more time and attention than just about anything else in my life. I am beyond grateful to all the people who have seen value in this project and volunteered their time, talents and resources to keep it running. The thoughtfulness and dedication of our many programmers regularly inspires and humbles me. At its best community radio makes us stronger, more connected and better informed. This is why I love G-town Radio.

At the end of December I will be stepping away from all my roles at the station. The transition has been in the works for a year. Despite knowing this for so long I’m still shocked at how little time is left. There are many tasks I am glad to relinquish but I know I will miss the work terribly at times. My spirit is buoyed by the wonderful people that will lead the station into 2020 and beyond.

New Leadership

ImageIn January, our current program director, Tom Casetta, will become station manager. Tom’s been active in community media far longer than I (since the mid-80's) and there isn’t a better person to fill the role. During his time as program director he has shepherded many new shows to air and been invaluable helping everyone transition to life on the FM dial. As my family grew and my free time shrank Tom has always been there to make us go. I’m thrilled he is taking on this new role.

ImageOn February 20, 2018 I received an email that started like this,
     “I was driving down Germantown Avenue on Friday and found the G-Town Radio broadcast signal 92.9.  I listened all weekend! Wow!  It is everything I miss about community radio.  My name is Joanna Wikander and I would love the opportunity to host a music program on G-Town radio if you (have) any open slots.”

Joanna not only got her own show, The Sunday Dinner Mixtape, but she joined our board, tirelessly promoted the station at community events and is now our Program Director.

Originally from New Jersey, Joanna has lived in Mt. Airy for the past 10 years. Her love for community radio started in her adolescence as a volunteer at a Free-Format community radio station, WFMU-FM. While at WFMU-FM she was the radio engineer for a weekly program - RadioActive Theater. She then got involved in Rowan University’s radio station WGLS-FM.  As a student she hosted multiple programs and eventually became Music Director.  As an alumni she continued her involvement with WGLS-FM for seven summers to host a weekly specialty music programs.

Having two champions of community radio leading G-town Radio makes my heart happy. Let’s all welcome and congratulate Tom and Joanna. If you would like to reach them directly send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

-Jim Bear
Founder and Station Manager

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Welcomes Byron Cage - Todays TopiC: PEOPLE DO WHAT YOU DO! Print E-mail

Heeeee's Baaaaack! ... The Prince Of Praise Byron Cage! with New MusiC! and a New Book! And He is talking with Brother D. N Sister A.! ***** Also Pastor Winola Childs and Pastor Jon-Charles Cordery Cordery Bi weekly correspondents Christopher Signil Oksana Tademy ....Sat 10am - 12 est. ... TO LISTEN live using several ways: 92.9FM - listen on computer or phone online at http://tun.in/seKn5 or http://Gtownradio.com/ Brother D. N Sister A. of the Praiselujah Radio-Show

 Sample Image

Tune in 4-5 today: birds, bees and other critters Print E-mail

Tune in to Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show 4-5:00 PM today to hear about what’s happening to birds and bees and other vital critters as the climate changes.


Sharp-shinned Hawk




www.planetphiladelphia.com |  @planetphila


Listen Up! Wednesday 12/18: Faster Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho Print E-mail

This Wednesday, your afternoon excuse for a holiday hoopla filled with weird and wonderful seasonal tunes is right here. While spirited and at times invigorating, these are not traditional holiday singalong. Grab the nog, sport the reindeer antlers, trim the tree and join the party.

Tune into Listen Up! on @gtownradio 92.9fm WGGT-LP this Wednesday from 2-4pm est.

Follow the Listen Up! Bloginstagram and/or “like” the show on Facebook . All serve as a means to interact with the program
SKYWAVE 12/18 @ 6pm: VIGILIA Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave, your show for live radio play entertainment. Tonight we have an original by playwright Caitlin Cieri. Stella’s lost the motivation to cook for Vigilia, the Feast of the Seven Fishes...until her daughter invited an entire family over for dinner. Now they’re whipping up a seven-course meal with such items as canned tuna, suspicious-smelling baccala, and live eels that—hopefully—won’t trigger their guests’ shellfish allergies. Can the Mancusos bring back the Vigilia spirit, or will their feast fall flat on its fins. And here to keep you entertained are voices Carol Moog, Luke Davis, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Caitlin Cieri, and your host, Andy Pettit. 

"SET IT OFF!!" w/ WGGT-LP 92.9 FM and GGOTH Mid-Week "GROWN FOLK" Party!! Wednesday Night @ 10 PM! Print E-mail


"A Little Bit of THIS,

A Little Bit of THAT

'Cause We Know

U Like It Like THAT!!!"



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The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (12/15) 5-6pm, w/Executive Coach/Mentor/Instructor, Dr Edward Mwelwa Print E-mail


TODAY at 5pm, tune in to meet host Stephanie Heck's next fantastic guest, Dr. Eddy Mwelwa!  Eddy will talk to us about his fascinating journey from working in a hospital in his native country of Zambia to becoming a worldwide expert in leadership development, workplace culture, and large system change.  He'll also share his deep wisdom about how to create (and become) great leaders. Don't miss it! 

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