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The Sound From Germantown

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Listen to Planet Philadelphia 4-5 today: I Love Thy Hood, and more Print E-mail

Tune in to Planet Philadelphia  4-5:00 PM today (Friday 10/16/20) for our conversation with Matthew George, the creator of the project to clean up trash Germantown and spur more community engagement.



Matthew George. Photo credit: Linette Kielenski 

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Listen Up! Wednesday 10/14: Your Favorite Songs You Didn't Know Were Your Favorites Print E-mail
Give your eyes a break and tune into Listen Up! this Wednesday from 2-4p on G-town Radio/WGGT-LP 92.9.  Songs and sounds to fill your mid-week, mid-afternoon.

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SKYWAVE 10/14 @ 5pm: "Snooky Hallows Eve" Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for more sd live radio play performances! We begin with a mystery from The Strange Dr. Weird series. 1st broadcast 1945, "The Voice of Death" considers the plight of cousin Blanche, who's been left out of her rich uncle's will. What will she do to make herself the only living heir? There are an avalanche of possibilities. We continue with a festive treat from the Baby Snooks series. Originally aired 1946,  "Halloween Show" has Snooks having fun on her favorite holiday, but somehow at the unintended expense of Daddy..again? And here to keep you intendedly happy in sweet  auditory indulgence are actors Jake Michael, Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

The Local Music Show - Wednesday At 7PM Print E-mail
Tune in from 7-9 PM - A encore broadcast featuring an in studio performance from Joy Ike . The Local Music Show - featuring all Philly bands and artists.
LIVE!!! WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! @ 10 PM Party Over Where?!? Print E-mail



"A Little Bit of THIS,

A Little Bit of THAT

'Cause We Know

U Like It Like THAT!!!"


The Mid-Week "Grown Folk" Party!!!

(Put The Kiddies To BED!!!)  

K.Gerard Bates, The Mysterious Traveller (aka K-JAM)

w/ Ernie Evans (aka Eeazzy E), Producer

 This Week.....


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FEWSH [Oct. 11, 2020] Print E-mail

(Photo by Balthazar Korab)

Reminder: Fewsh was/is not the tenth studio album by Supertramp. Your confusion is noted and understood.

(Photo by Balthazar Korab)

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW with Brother D. N Sister A. Welcomes RCA Gospel Artist DOE!!!!! Print E-mail

 Sample Image

 THIS SATURDAY OCT 10TH - ON THE PraisEluJAH Radio-SHW - 92.9FM with Brother D. N Sister A. .... #SomebodyHadToSayIt *** TO LISTEN live using several ways: 92.9FM - listen on computer or phone online at http://tun.in/seKn5 or http://Gtownradio.com/




THIS SATURDAY OCT 3RD - ON THE PraisEluJAH Radio-SHW - 92.9FM with  Brother D. N Sister A. ....  #SomebodyHadToSayIt  *** TO LISTEN live using several ways: 92.9FM - listen on computer or phone online at http://tun.in/seKn5 or http://Gtownradio.com/

Listen Up! Wednesday 10/07: Where Bad Things Are Print E-mail

Tune in from 2-4pm Wednesday.

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program
SKYWAVE 10/7 @ 5pm: 3, Sisters, 3! Print E-mail


 Good evening. Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play thrills. We begin with an episode from the mystery series The Whistler. 1st broadcast 1946, "The Strange Sisters" considers the relationship between 3 siblings. One of 'ems got the family fortune, but can she keep it out of the clutches of her jealous older sister? We continue with some laffs from the comedy series Easy Aces. Originally aired 194?, "Betty's Marital Problem" has Jane in a pickle. After taking in her niece over a spat with her hubby, will Jane be the best marriage counselor? Well, here to keep your ears attuned till 6 are Teri Maxwell, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Carol Moog and Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.

=RadioClash*RadioCures=: Dylan Covers Print E-mail

It's a show of all Dylan covers on =RadioClash*RadioCures=.

7-9pm Wednesday October 7th

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