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SKYWAVE 1/13 wed. @ 5pm: WHAT A DOLL?! Print E-mail


Ready for more live radio play? We begin with an episode from the popular crime series Gangbusters. Originally aired 1939, The Eddie Doll case concerns the search for the mastermind of the biggest bank robbery in U.S. history. Can they find 'im? We continue with more drama from the ever popular western series Gunsmoke. First broadcast 1955, "Reward For Matt" has marshal Dillon looking over his shoulder after a $1,000 reward is advertised for his removal. Who'll land the big money pot..or will anyone? And here to keep you strapped in under the hail of bullets are reg voice actors Marth and Jake Michael, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

FEWSH [Jan. 10, 2021] Print E-mail

(Photo by Christina Orthwein)

The overripe years of Fewsh are here.

The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm): Piano In the Foreground Print E-mail
Listen Up! Wednesday 01/06: The Revolution Will Be Reissued (2020 Edition) Print E-mail
Wrapping up the look back at 2020 music wise on the next Listen Up!“ The Revolution Will Be Reissued – Fave reissues of 2020”. Hear selections from reissues, compilations, live albums, lost recordings, expanded releases and more. Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

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SKYWAVE 1/6 wed. @ 5pm: The VACCINATION?! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for live radio play time! We begin with an episode from the Phil Harris Alice Faye show. Originally aired 1950, "The Vaccinations" takes a contemporary look at the implementation of pre-travel innoculations, but with Phil being as resistant as a defiant child when it comes to having his arm poked by  a needle, what will Alice do? After you've been exposed to the particulars of of this prickly plot, be prepared for another punch in the arm from the equally comedically contagious series My Favorite Husband. 1st broadcast 1950, Dinner F0r 12" presents Liz with a dozen problems. Husband George tells her to prepare a big meal for a bunch of guests, yet her cooking experience is a akin to to the larder that['s never been filled. So what's a hostess with the leastest in culinary acumen to do? Correct callers receive a winner winner chicken dinner served by our team of voice actors Carol Moog, Teri Maxwell, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. Bon Apettit.   

FEWSH [Jan. 3, 2021] Print E-mail

(Image by Reade McCardell)

You are a wooden hammer padded with dense wool felt and you simply must strike.

(Image by Reade McCardell)

The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm): Musings 2021 Print E-mail


The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm): Musings 2021

Hosted by David Brown

WGGT-LP Philadelphia


This week, Saturday January 2nd we ponder 2021. Centennial celebrations.  Top standards hatched in 1921. Lennie Tristano learns to play piano. Sun Ra gives Donald Trump directions. A trip to the record store and favorite 2019 releases. It’s all along the Jazz Continuum. Featured artists include Astor Piazzolla, Erroll Garner, Duke Ellington, Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids, Webber-Morris Big Band, Snake Oil and more. Make a resolution to tune in.
New Planet Philadlephia 4-5:00 today, start 2021 with a bit of hope for our future Print E-mail

   Wishing you a 
New Year full of hope!
Planet Philadelphia
​4-5:00 PM today

Listen to our wide ranging conversation with Dr. Nicola Ferralis about some promising trends, breakthroughs and developments in future technology which could help with climate change, including something his own lab at MIT is working on: a system for electricity-free cooling material inspired by camel fur of all things. 


New for 2021: Listen Planet Philadelphia podcasts
on these additional platforms:



www.planetphiladelphia.com | facebook |  @planetphila


SKYWAVE 10/28 @5pm : doZen IV Print E-mail
Can Caitlin Cieri write and produce 1 brand new audio drama every month for a year? She can with the help of Germantown Radio, a bevy of savvy actors, and a whole bunch of public domain sound effects. Whether it's historical or hysterical, tragedy or travesty, doZen delivers.

For the first 24 days of December, Caitlin has completed an Audio Drama Advent Calendar where she must include one random sound effect each day in her script. And now, you get to hear a live reading of her Audio Advent Calender Play...about an American Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw that gets lost in England?

Starring Marisol Custodio, Edward Osredkar, Jennifer Shorstein, Emily Hill, Issa Kabeer, Moumita Ghosh, and more! Sound effects provided by the BBC and Freesound.org
Listen Up! Wednesday 12/30: 2020 Faves Print E-mail
Listen Up! is only going as far back as 2020 and playing some fave sounds from this past year (not a “best of” countdown…just a collection of fave "new" sounds from 2020). Two hours of fresh music (but with enough of the mold) from the past year.

Tune into Listen Up! on @gtownradio 92.9fm WGGT-LP this Wednesday from 2-4pm est.

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