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Sunday Vibe in the Blink of an Eye (12/9/18) Print E-mail


Did ya hear it? Between 3 and 5 PM the Sunday Vibe unfolds on Germantown Community Radio. Catch it (if you can).

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sunday (12/9) 5-6pm, with playground revitalizer, Dennis Barneby Print E-mail


TODAY at 5PM on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda," host Stephanie Heck interviews Dennis Barneby, president of the Kelly Green Project (on right in photo).  Dennis will tell us about the Kelly Green Project, and about his commitment to transforming the outdoor space at the John B. Kelly Elementary School from a rectangular concrete space to a playground and nature space.  We'll also hear why play is so important and how you can get involved.  Don't miss it!  

FEWSH PAELLA [Dec. 9, 2018] Print E-mail

(Photo by rabbit00 / Prepared by Reade)

A fine episode of Fewsh dedicated to a fine Valencian dish. A mouthwatering paella shall be built...musically.

(Photo by rabbit00 / Prepared by Reade)

Planet Philadelphia 4-5 pm today Print E-mail



What to do about the climate crisis
Stark warnings from the National Climate Assessment and several other recent reputable reports say we are already in a climate crisis with real harm happening to us today.  Our guests will talk about the crisis and what we can all do to help avert the worst.

  • Climate change expert, Richard Whiteford, will talk about what the National Climate Assessment means for us here in the Delaware Valley.
  • Local environmental activist, Meenah Raval, will discuss PGW’s, deal to move for a new LNG (liquefied natural gas) facility at its Passyunk plant, and why it is a bad idea. 


Listen to Planet Philadelphia 4-5 PM the first and third Friday of the month. Shows aired live will be available as podcasts shortly after they broadcast. ​ 

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A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That! "GOTTA GET OVER HUMP!!!" Print E-mail


Wednesday Night @ 10 PM

92.9 FM WGGT-LP Philadelphia


SKYWAVE December 5 @ 6pm: The Jane Doe Caper Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave. We begin with an episode form the Sam Spade detective series. 1st broadcast 1949, "The Jane Caper" considers the confusion of a young woman dressed like an heiress found dead like a back alley wild cat. Can Sam unravel the mystery? Stick around for laffs from the Vic and Sade series. Originally aired 1944, "Miss Keller's Wedding Ring" considers uncle Fletcher's magnanimous nature in claiming responsibility to undertake the details of a wedding planned for his landlady. Can he pull it off? Why is he doing this? Does anyone care? Well, the ones that do are here tonite; voice actors Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Jim Harris, and your  host, Andy Pettit. Let's listen...

Listen Up! Wednesday 12/05: Hold Back The Clock For Awhile Print E-mail
Meshing known and unknown platters of sound into a mind melting cocktail called Listen Up!

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program
The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sunday 12/2 from 5-6pm, with founder of G-town Radio, Jim Bear! Print E-mail
TODAY at 5pm on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda," meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, longtime Germantown resident and founder of G-town Radio, Jim Bear.  Jim will tell us about his relationship with radio, what led him to found G-town Radio, the benefits of community radio, and what listeners can do to help support the station.  He also has a topic on his mind that he'd like to discuss!  Tune in and meet the man who brought you G-town Radio! 
FEWSH [Dec. 2, 2018] Print E-mail

(Image by Tommy McRae)

More multiformity!

(Image by Tommy McRae)

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Guest Actor GIGi and Lieutenant Jonathan Josey II Print E-mail

LAW ENFORCEMENT Communicating with Black Men, within the Black Community! (What Say Ye Segment F Keith Mcleod Also... Steps in Becoming an Actor! with professional Actress GiGi! Minister Author Activist Prophet Christopher Signil with God oR PoliticS! -Saturday 10am est. on 92.9fm or GTOWNRADIO.COM

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