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High Jazz. Print E-mail


Tonight on Soul Junction...some great new reissues of extremely rare records to bring your way, including Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticism and Janko Nilovic's Funky Tramway.  Plus, more from the Coolin' System, organ grooves from Leon Spencer and electric harpsichord from Masabumi Kickuchi!

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm.

Like a heatwave...burnin' in my heart.

July 20, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Here Comes The Sun"  Charles Wright  7 Inch  (Warner)

"You Are The Sunshine Of My Life"  Monty Alexander  Now Is The Time  (MPS/Pausa)

"Sunny"  Pat Martino  Live!  (Muse)

"Sunshine Star"  Open Sky Unit  Open Sky Unit  (Whatmusic)

"Sunshine Alley"  the Coolin' System  the Coolin' System  (G.E.D. Soul)

"Sun Country"  Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons  Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story  (Mowest/Light in the Attic)

"Everybody Loves The Sunshine"  RAMP  Come Into Knowledge  (ABC)

"Sunshine Man"  Harold Alexander  Sunshine Man  (Flying Dutchman)

"High Jazz"  Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticism  Brighter Days  (Outrageous/Cultures of Soul)

"Sitting Bull"  Janko Nilovic  Funky Tramway  (Vadim)

"Frustration"  The M.G.'s  The M.G.'s  (Stax)

"Clean Up Woman"  Betty Wright  7 Inch  (Alston)

"Message From The Meters"  Leon Spencer, Jr.  Sneak Preview!  (Prestige)

"Hey! Last Minute"  The Meters  Struttin'  (Josie)

"Apache"  The Jimi Entley Sound  7 Inch  (Espionage)

"If I Said The Sky Was Falling"  Masabumi Kikuchi  Matrix  (Catalyst)

"Hit or Miss"  Bo Diddley  Big Bad Bo  (Chess)



Soul Junction tonight.... Print E-mail


Back from vacation with fresh new records from the Pacific Northwest.  Let's revisit the new Mowest compilation on Light in the Attic, which is a perfect sound track for these summer days, and check out another great reissue from the fine folks at Kindred Spirits, this time featuring Hal Singer & Jef Gilson.   Got two brand new releases from Nashville's G.E.D. Soul label, including jazz-funk from The Coolin' System and spacey beats from Magic In Threes.  Plus, the usual funkiness will ensue with music from Yusef Lateef, Eddie Senay, and Wilbert Longmire.




Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm


Who's gonna take the weight?

July 13, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"I Let a Good Man Go"  Patrinell Staten  7 Inch  (Sepia)

"Scarborough Fair/Canticle"  Wilbert Longmire  Revolution  (World Pacific Jazz)

"Mustang"  Curtis Amy  Mustang  (Verve)

"Dig On It"  Jimmy McGriff  Soul Suga (Capitol)

"Wind Your Clock"  Naomi Shelton featuring Cliff Driver  7 Inch  (Desco/Daptone)

"Uncle Bessie"  Greg Foat Group  Dark Is The Sun  (Jazzman)

"By My Side"  Sonny Stitt featuring Eddie Russ  Tornado  (Jazz Masters)

"Musication"  Fitz Gore & The Talisman  Fitz Gore & The Talisman  (GorBra)

"Libertarian"  Hal Singer & Jef Gilson  Soul of Africa  (Chant du Monde/Kindred Spirits)

"Safari"  Eddie Senay  Step By Step  (Sussex)

"Nick's Theme"  Magic In Threes  Magic In Threes  (G.E.D. Soul)

"Who's Gonna Take The Weight"  The Coolin' System  The Coolin' System  (G.E.D. Soul)

"So Long Donkey"  The Sugarman 3  Soul Donkey  (Desco)

"Lonely For You Baby"  Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters  Burn!  (Legere)

"Real Woman"  The Burner Lee Austin  7 Inch  (People)

"Give Me Your Love"  The Sisters Love  Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story  (Mowest/Light in the Attic)

"Mushmouth"  Yusef Lateef  The Doctor Is In...And Out  (Atlantic)

"Dig Deep In Your Soul"  Bobby Boyd Congress  Bobby Boyd Congress  (Okapi/Vadim)

"Past Present & Future"  Demon Fuzz  Afreaka!  (Janus)

"Adam Nana"  K. Frimpong & Vis-a-Vis  K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas (Continental/Secret Stash)


Mowest, young man. Print E-mail


Tonight on Soul Junction...west coast soul from the Mowest label, a short lived subsidiary of the mighty Motown Records, from a recent compilation from Light in the Attic.  Plus, we'll feature the recent issue of Wax Poetics, including music from Ramsey Lewis, Roy C., Bobby Womack and some early Earth, Wind & Fire. 

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm.




Ladies & gentlemen...we have The Honeydrippers in the house tonight.

June 29, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love"  Odyssey  Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story  (Mowest/Light in the Attic)

"Way Back Home"  Jazz Crusaders  Old Socks New Shoes, New Socks Old Shoes  (Chisa)

"Love-Out"  The Freedom Sounds featuring Wayne Henderson  Soul Sound System  (Atlantic)

"Comin' Home Baby"  Vasa-Matti Loiri  4 + 20  (Porter)

"Gun"  Gil Scott-Heron  Reflections  (Arista)

"Bold & Black"  Ramsey Lewis Trio  Another Voyage  (Cadet)

"Forty Days"    Billy Brooks  Windows of the Mind  (Crossover)

"Soulsville"  Isaac Hayes  Shaft  (Enterprise)

"Sweetback's Theme"  Brer Soul & Earth, Wind & Fire  Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song  (Stax)

"Act Like A Shotgun"  G.C. Cameron   Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story  (Mowest/Light in the Attic)

"Blue's Blues"  Blue Mitchell  Blue's Blues  (Mainstream)

"Opus De Soul"  Steve Cropper, Albert King & Pops Staples  Jammed Together  (Stax)

"Funky To The Bone"  Freddi/Henchi & The Soul Setters  7 Inch  (Reprise)

"Past Time Paradise"  Martik  Persian Funk  (Secret Stash)

"Just A Little Communication"  Gabor Szabo & Bobby Womack  High Contrast  (Blue Thumb)

"Black Maybe"  Syreeta  Syreeta  (Mowest)

"Uncle Jemima"  Stone Alliance  Heads Up  (PM)

"Blue Pearl"  Semuta  Semuta  (Lee Lambert/Whatmusic)

"L.A. Sunshine"  War  Platinum Jazz  (Blue Note)

"Impeach The President"  The Honeydrippers  12 Inch  (Funky Delicacies)


Sun, Moon, and....THUNDERFIST. Print E-mail


Tonight on Soul Junction...let's dip back into the new releases from The Greg Foat Group and Eddie Robert & The Fire Eaters.  Plus, a short feature on Lamont Johnson, including music from his seldom heard soundtrack to Thunderfist.  Not to mention music from Henry Franklin, my man Volker Kriegel and Nathan Page!

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm

My pops used to say it reminded him of be-bop.

June 22, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Summer in the City"  Quincy Jones  7 Inch  (A&M)

"Dear Prudence"  Hysear Don Walker  The Complete Expressions Vol. 1  (Brunswick)

"Ascendant"  Elvin Jones  The Ultimate  (Blue Note)

"Bright is the Sun"  Greg Foat Group  Dark is the Sun  (Jazzman)

"Quasi-Boogaloo"  Roy Eldridge & Dizzy Gillespie  Jazz Maturity...Where It's Coming From  (Pablo)

"Mindwill"  Volker Kriegel & Spectrum  Mild Maniac  (MPS)

"Workout"  Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters  Burn!  (Legere)

"Cold Bear"  The Gaturs  7 Inch  (Atco)

"Whoop It On Up"  Nathen Page  Page 1  (Hugo's Music)

"Offspring/Teeth's Theme/Chow Chun's Theme"  Lamont Johnson Quintet  Score From Thunderfist  (Artisan Releasing)

"Signifyin' Gemini"  Lamont Johnson  Sun, Moon and Stars  (Mainstream)

"Cosmos Dwellers"  Henry Franklin  Tribal Dance  (Catalyst)

"Mystical Brotherhood"  Karl Hector & The Malcouns  Sahara Swing  (Now Again)

"El Gusto"  Karl Hector & The Malcouns  Tamanrasset EP  (Now Again)

"Drug Song"  Janko Nilovic  Soul Impressions  (Vadim)

"New Jerusalem"  Billy Butler  Via Galatica  (Kilmarnock)

"In the Bamboo Grove"  The Bamboos  Step It Up  (TruThoughts/Ubiquity)

"Chicago Calypso"  Ju-Par Universal Orchestra  Moods & Grooves  (Ju-Par)

"Runnin'"  The Pharcyde  7 Inch  (Delicious Vinyl)



Dark is the sun. Print E-mail


Wednesday night on Soul Junction...forward thinking funky jazz on the brand new release from the Greg Foat Group.  It's a winner!  Plus, new music from Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters, superfunky Sun Ra edits by Mike Huckaby and the latest from Karl Hector & The Malcouns.  And since I just picked up another Azymuth LP, we just may have to dip into the new album one last time...not to mention music from The Silhouettes, Julius Brockington and Earl Van Dyke.  Damn!

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm.

I don't know karate...but I know ka-razy.

June 15, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Your Name"  Bob & Gene  7 Inch  (Modo/Daptone)

"Dark is the Sun (part 1--main theme)  Greg Foat Group  Dark Is The Sun  (Jazzman)

"Fonky First"  The Silhouettes  Conversations  (Segue)

"New Orleans"  Nat Adderley  You, Baby  (A&M)

"Cold Water"  Julius Brockington  Sophisticated Funk  (Today)

"I Believe In Miracles"  Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters  Burn!  (Legere)

"Colorado Sun (Jesse's Backyard)"  The New Mastersounds  Masterology  (Sundazed)

"M'Hammath"  Karl Hector & The Malcouns  Tamanrasset EP  (NowAgain)

"Chokin'"  The Whitefield Brothers  10 Inch Super Single  (Soul Fire)

"The Stingray"  Earl Van Dyke  The Earl of Funk  (Soul)

"Ta Nessa Ainda Bicho?"  Azymuth  Aurora  (Far Out)

"Nada Sera Como Antes"  Azymuth  Telecommunication  (Milestone)

"Kabaluere"  Antonio Carlos & Jocafi  Mudei de Ideia  (RCA)

"Ponta de Lanca Africano"  Jorge Ben  Africa Brasil  (Phillips)

"Jacaranda"  Luis Bonfa  Jacaranda  (Ranwood)

"Got Myself a Good Man"  Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers  Jungle Fire!  (Fantasy/BGP)

"Jungle Juice"  Weldon Irvine  Spirit Man  (BMG)

"Cold Duck Time (parts 1 & 2)  Melvin Jackson  Funky Skull  (Limelight)

"Loose Booty"  Willie Henderson  7 Inch  (VampiSoul)

"Broasted or Fried"  Willie Bobo  7 Inch  (NowAgain)

"U.F.O. (Mike Huckaby reel-to-reel edit)"  Sun Ra  12 Inch  (Art Yard/Kindred Spirits)

"We Travel The Spaceways"  Sun Ra & His Arkestra  Lost Arkestra Vol. 1  (Art Yard/Kindred Spirits)


Soul Junction tonight.... Print E-mail


Tonight...let's get down with music from the Memphis scene with the new Booker T. Jones (with The Roots!), Steve Cropper solo, new schoolers The City Champs and, of course, classic Booker T. & The MG's.  Plus, Latin inspired madness from the new Azymuth, Jackson Conti, Djavan & Bronx River Parkway.  And we'll pay respects to the late Ray Bryant.

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm.

99 and a half just won't do.

June 8, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"All Your Goodies Are Gone"  Dennis Coffey featuring Mayer Hawthorne  Dennis Coffey  (Strut)

"I'll Be There"  Ray Bryant  In The Cut  (Cadet)

"Do It"  Jack Wilson  Easterly Winds  (Blue Note)

"Can't Get Enough"  Jimmy Smith  Paid In Full  (Mojo)

"Big Mac"  Buddy Rich  Roar of '74  (Groove Merchant)

"The Set-Up"  The City Champs  The Set-Up  (Electraphonic)

"Down In Memphis"  Booker T. Jones  The Road To Memphis  (Anti)

"99 1/2"  Steve Cropper  With a Little Help From My Friends  (Volt)

"Expressway To Your Heart"  Booker T. & The MG's  Doin' Our Thing  (Stax)

"You Don't Know Like I Know"  Sam & Dave  The Best of Sam & Dave (Atlantic)

"The Safecracker"  The City Champs  The Safecracker  (Electraphonic)

"Isso e Partido Alto"  Azymuth  Aurora  (Far Out)

"Seems Like This"  Azymuth  Linha Do Horizonte  (Som Livre/Far Out)

"Berimbau"  Jackson Conti  Sujinho  (Kindred Spirits)

"E Que Dues Ajude"  Djavan  A Voz-O Violao-A Musica De...  (Som Livre)

"Cala Boca, Menino"  Seu Jorge & Almaz  Seu Jorge & Almaz  (Cafune/Now Again)

"Street Dude"  Luis Gasca  Luis Gasca  (Blue Thumb)

"Me Toca"  Bronx River Parkway & Candela All Stars  San Sebastian 152  (Truth & Soul)

"Look Sharp"  Ocote Soul Sounds  7 inch  (Magic Propaganda)

"Soul Limbo"  Candido  Thousand Finger Man  (Solid State)


Pet-A-Palooza at Weavers Way Co-op in Mt. Airy, Saturday, June 4 Print E-mail


On Saturday, June 4, from noon to 4 p.m., Weavers Way Co-op in Mt. Airy will be going to the dogs, and to the cats and to all our other nonhuman friends, with Pet-A-Palooza, a celebration of all things pet. In addition to fun-filled activities like Stupid Pet Tricks and informative sessions on pet wellness and  nutrition, this event will also feature exhibitors including pet-sitters, doggy day care, veterinarians, groomers, animal rescue groups, trainers, and all manner of pet-loving peeps. The event will also highlight Weavers Way Co-op’s award-winning pet supply store and its extensive line of natural pet supplies, located at Greene St. and Carpenter Lane, across from Weavers Way’s Mt. Airy store.
Volunteers and other interested exhibitors are welcome. Those interested should contact Anne Workman, Outreach Coordinator, at 215-843-2350, ext. 118 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Learn more about Weaver's Way below.

Pieces of a Man. Print E-mail


Tonight we celebrate the life of singer, poet and activist Gil Scott-Heron, who passed away just days ago.  Plus, music from Archie Shepp, The Earth Disciples and Tyrone Washington.  And more from the new Dennis Coffey in preparation for his World Cafe Live appearance next week!

Soul Junction

Wednesdays, 8pm-10pm


I hope that when I have kids of my own they really don't get shook...
...when I tell them that there are things they've got to learn that can't be found in books.
                                                                          ---Gil Scott-Heron

June 1, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Pieces of a Man"  Gil Scott-Heron  Pieces of a Man  (Flying Dutchman)

"Magnolia Triangle"  Yusef Lateef  Live at Pep's  (Impulse)***

"Nola Reflex"  David Lee, Jr.  Evolution  (Supernal/Universal Sound)***

"Uh Huh"  The Jazz Crusaders  Uh Huh  (Pacific Jazz)

"Artificialness"  Bernard "Pretty" Purdie & The Playboys featuring Gil Scott-Heron  Stand By Me  (Mega)

"Life Cycle"  The Earth Disciples  Getaway Train  (Solid State)

"Spirits Free"  Lonnie Smith  Afrodesia  (Groove Merchant)

"He's Island Man"  Eddie Harris  E.H. in the U.K.  (Atlantic)

"Hello Sunday! Hello Road!"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  Bridges  (Arista)

"Blues For Brother George Jackson"  Archie Shepp  Attica Blues  (Impulse)

"This Prayer: For The Whole World"  Build An Ark  Love Part 1  (Kindred Spirits)

"My People...Hold On"  Eddie Kendricks  People...Hold On  (Tamla)

"First in Flight"  Blackalicious featuring Gil Scott-Heron  Blazing Arrow  (Quannum)

"Don't Knock My Love (part 2)"  Dennis Coffey  Dennis Coffey  (Strut)

"Heart of Gold"  Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band  7 inch  (Dunham)

"Hung Up On My Baby"  El Michels Affair  Walk On By  (Truth & Soul)

"The Bottle"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  Winter In America  (Strata East)

"Submission"  Tyrone Washington  Roots  (Perception)

"Possum Slim"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  It's Your World  (Arista)

"Shut 'Em Down"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  1980  (Arista)

"Sex Education: Ghetto Style"  Gil Scott-Heron  Free Will  (Flying Dutchman)

"Winter In America"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  Midnight Band: The First Minute of a New Day  (Arista)

"Peace Go With You, Brother"  Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson  Winter In America  (Strata East)

***for Magnolia Ever Lipstein




Soul Junction tonight....8pm-10pm. Print E-mail




We celebrate the 85th birthday of the great Miles Davis with some choice cuts.  Plus, music from David Durrah with Calvin Keys, Sadao Watanabe and more from the new Booker T. Jones & Azymuth Lps.



Cookin'. Workin'. Relaxin'. Steamin'.

May 25, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Crazy"  Booker T. Jones  The Road From Memphis  (Anti)

"Splash"  Miles Davis  Circle In The Round  (Columbia)

"Kijiji"  Sadao Watanabe  Sadao Watanabe  (CBS/Sony)

"Down In Black Bottom"  Cannonball Adderley Quintet  The Price You Got To Pay To Free  (Capitol)

"D Train"  Neal Creque  Contrast!  (Cobblestone)

"Aurora"  Azymuth  Aurora  (Far Out)

"500 Miles High"  Azymuth  Outubro  (Milestone)

"Back Seat Betty"  Miles Davis  We Want Miles  (CBS)

"Angelic Streams"  David Durrah featuring Calvin Keys  Angelic Streams  (QPSM)

"Bean Pie"  Sonny Phillips  Black Magic!  (Prestige)

"Don't Knock My Love"  Dennis Coffey featuring Fanny Franklin  Dennis Coffey  (Strut)

"Hard Groove"  Shamaizadeh  Persian Funk  (Secret Stash)

"Bootie Cooler"  Shuggie Otis  Here Comes Shuggie Otis  (Epic)

"Wili"  Miles Davis  Dark Magus  (Columbia)

"Just Test"  Byard Lancaster  Funny Funky Rib Crib  (Kindred Spirits)

"Judgement"  Andy Bey  Experience & Judgement  (Atlantic)

"Tweed Suit"  Natural Yogurt Band  Tuck In With...  (Now Again)

"In A Silent Way/Shhh/Peaceful/It's About That Time"  Miles Davis  Panthalassa (Columbia) ***Reconstruction & mix translation by Bill Laswell




New music abound! Print E-mail

Print E-mail



And we're back!  This week we debut brand new albums from Azymuth , Dennis Coffey, The Greg Foat Group, the legendary Booker T. (produced by ?uestlove!), The City Champs & Lucky Brown's Space Dream.  Plus, the new Persian Funk comp from the always solid Secret Stash records AND Charles Bradley covering Neil Young!  

Soul Junction

Wednesday, 8pm-10pm.

You don't miss your water...'til the well runs dry.




May 18, 2011


Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Light My Fire"  Astrud Gilberto  September 17, 1969  (Verve)

"Shady Blues"  Lee Mason & His Orchestra  7 inch  (Jazzman)

"Dark Is The Sun (harpsichord waltz)"  Greg Foat Group  Greg Foat Group 10" EP  (Jazzman)

"Josie Black"  Hampton Hawes  Universe  (Prestige)

"Space Traveler"  Dennis Coffey  Dennis Coffey  (Strut)

"Do Your Thing"  Dennis Coffey Trio  Hair & Thangs  (Venture)

"Everything Is Everything"    Booker T. Jones  Representing Memphis  (Anti)

"Enya"  Steve Grossman  Terra Firma  (PM)

"Cheshire Cat"  Ronnie Foster  Cheshire Cat  (Blue Note)

"Acapulco Gold"  Reality  Reality  (Kindred Spirits)

"Freedom Road"  The Pharoahs  Awakening  (Luv n' Haight)

"Soul Raga"  Mehrpouya   Persian Funk  (Secret Stash)

"Crazy Clock"  Azymuth  Aurora  (Far Out)

"Circo Marimbondo"  Azymuth  Aguia Nao Come Mosca  (Atlantic)

"Blow Up"  Joe Chambers  New World  (Finite)

"Solar Waves"  Joe McDuphrey Experience  Experience EP  (Stonesthrow)

"Space Dream"  Lucky Brown  Lucky Brown's Space Dream  (Tramp)

"Love, Love"  Julian Priester (Pepo Mtoto)  Love, Love  (ECM)

"Local Dream"  The City Champs  The Set-Up  (Electraphonic)

"Heart of Gold"  Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band  7 inch  (Dunham)






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