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The Local Music Show - Wednesday At 7PM Print E-mail


Wed night, March 24 from 7-9 PM. Two hours of local Philly tunes. I'll be featuring new releases from The Stammer and Dark Web.

SKYWAVE 3/24 @ 5pm: TV POISON?! Print E-mail


Welcome to skywave for more live radio play entertainment. We begin with an episode from the detective series Boston Blackie. 1st broadcast 1945, "The TV Poisoning' has a corpse found after drinking the wrong water? Thirsty anyone? For our second selection, we turn to the Inner Sanctum mysteries. Originally aired 1945, "The Undead" has Mary anemic and pale of color. Is it because her husband is a vampire or is he trying to drain her for something else? Bloody Mary? Well, here to fill you with festive fright are our team of vigorous voices- Aaron Roberge, Leah Holleran, Stephen Medvidick, Tom Casetta and your rosy host, Andy Pettit. 

Listen Up! Wednesday 03/24: What The... Print E-mail
It's a world filled with cool and strange and often offbeat music that probably will defy genre and leave you confused . Raiding the audio pantry and keeping it weird this Wednesday on Listen Up!

Music scoured from thrift stores, run down record shops, yard sale trash bins, discarded boxes on the side of the road, and even the internet.

Hear this "radio casserole" March 24th from 2-4pm 
The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm):Jazz with Strings. Print E-mail
This week on The Jazz Continuum, Jazz with Strings. Not orchestra’s playing jazz, not easy listening muzak. But, some of our great jazz soloists tapping into their romantic sides by employing lush string sections. Charlie Parker hit it big with string sessions, many followed: Cannonball Adderley, Erroll Garner, Clifford Brown, Coleman Hawkins…with strings. Plus sting genre variations from Nels Cline and John & Alice Coltrane. And let’s not forget the vocalists, Diana Washington, Billie Holiday and Etta James … with strings.  Tune in! Hosted by David Brown
FEWSH [March 21, 2021] Print E-mail

(Photo by Tanner Johnson)

You are welcome here.

(Photo by Tanner Johnson)

EVs & the grid & transition to clean energy, Planet Philadelphia 4:00 today! Print E-mail


Matteo Muratori, Ph.D.is Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation at the federal level and Senior Engineer and Team Leader at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  He will be discussing EV/grid integration and it’s relationship to the environment. 

Also on this show:


Liz Robinson: is Planet Philadelphia’s Energy Correspondent.  She reports on environmental energy news from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital. Ms. Robinson is a consultant to the PA Solar Energy Industries Association (PASEIA) and was the founding Executive Director of the Energy Coordinating Agency here in Philadelphia. In these roles and others, she is conversant with the progress in Harrisburg toward a cleaner more energy efficient future. Shewill tell us the latest energy news in Harrisburg, and what this could mean. Since Pennsylvania is the third largest fossil fuel energy producer in the country, these developments affect everyone.

​Planet Philadelphia is a radio show about our shared environment
Listen 4:00-5:00 PM EST the first and third Friday a month. Also aired on Villanova University’s radio station, WXVU, Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. at 89.1FM. ​

Podcasts are available shortly after live broadcast on 
planetphiladelphia.com show archives page for the full broadcast
or listen to individual interviews on 


GGOTH! Wednesday Nights @ 10 PM Print E-mail


The All New 92.9 FM WGGT-LP, Philadelphia
Community Radio for Greater Germantown & NW Philly Philly

"A Little Bit of THIS,

A Little Bit of THAT

'Cause We Know

U Like It Like THAT!!!"


w/ K. Gerard Bates & Eeazzy E, Producer

"Old School" requests, dedications, shoutouts & whatever else you Gotta say....
(Put The Kiddies To Bed!!!)
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Listen Up! Wednesday 03/17: More Frantic Platters Print E-mail
This Wednesday, Listen Up! is doing it again!

We got even more punk rock pebbles, new wave nuggets, power pop platters, snotty singles and frantic 45's from the late 70s through the early ’80s to free them from the dusty nostalgic binds of time.

Tune your radio dial to  gtownradio WGGT-LP 92.9 from 2-4pm on Wednesday (March 17).
SKYWAVE March 17 @ 5pm: PRINCESS O! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for more live radio play fun. We begin with an episode from The Damion Runyon series. Originally aired 1949, "Princess O'Hara" has recently a orphaned school girl out on the streets driving a horse-drawn hansom cab. What's a cultivated girl to do? Call Broadway Joe, Harry the Horse and Last Card Louis, of course! We continue with some melodrama from the series Short short Story. 1st broadcast 1940, "Bernice Morgan" has starlet at an audition chatting about her rising success. But how brightly does her star really shine? Stay tuned with our gallery of gorgeous gabbsters- Martha Michael, Bill Simpson, Jake Michael, Carol Moog, Tom Casetta and your twinkling host, Andy Pettit.

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