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Listen Up! Monday 02/09: Serving Up A Mess Of Fun Print E-mail


This Monday (February 9th), Listen Up! is serving up a mess of fun with assorted gusto filled delights of a rock and roll nature and beyond.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

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Places&Spaces Sun (2/8/15): Wrapping Up This Week's Highs & Lows @ 6pm Print E-mail


Wow...what a week...We have lots to talk about tonight on Places&Spaces. Aura is (for a lack of a better expression) still in her feelings about the Super Bowl. (Sidebar: We're determined to interview Marshawn Lynch.) The POTUS called out Christianity for its crimes against humanity. Steve Harvey said he doesn't care about slavery.  Iggy Azealia has been Grammy nominated for "Best Hip Hop Album". (J.Cole predicted that mess.) Yes children, the devil has been very busy. However, there's a model in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition who doesn't have a thigh gap. (I know, right.) We're also celebrating Dilla. And it's Black History Month. So yea we have lots to discuss.

Tune in TONIGHT on GtownRadio.com @ 6pm

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Bill Withers Isn't On Neu-Matic (2/8/15) Print E-mail


But lots of his music will be. In hour 2 of today's show we'll be playing some of the many covers of Bill Withers songs. You'll hear the expected and unexpected so stick around for a fun afternoon of music on Neu-Matic from 3-5 PM.

Avenue G 7:00pm (NEW TIME) Tonight (2/7/15) Print E-mail


A super snow storm is headed right for Avenue G and the citizens are going crazy!
Tune in for the fun at 7pm (NEW TIME)  tonight

reckless curiosity: sat, feb 7 (5-7pm) Print E-mail



Reckless Curiosity happens live from 5-7pm today. Join me for some hard bop, doo wop, country-funk, noise rock, and whatever else we pick up along the way.


**** WE'RE NOT OUT GOLFING, BUT WE'LL SEE YOU KATZ NEXT WEEK ***** Much Love Brother D. N Sister A.

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The 5/5 No Compromise! Plus New Album from Hezekiah! 8PM, 2/5/15 Print E-mail
Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM as hosts Gabriel Bryant and Abdus Sabur speak with author, teacher and hip-hop activist, Jeff Weaver, who will be discussing his new book, "5/5 No Compromise: The Inalienable Human Rights and Souls of Black Folk." They also will check in with hip-hop artist and producer, Hezekiah, who will discuss his brand new album (which comes with a jazz instrumental deluxe version!) out Tuesday, Feb. 10, "Dreams Don't Chase Themselves." Feel free to call in at 215.609.4301!
2/3 @ 6pm- L.A. to N.Y: A Coast to Coast Radio Play Rocket Ride Print E-mail

Welcome to Skywave. Having been victimized by another vile prophecy of promise to receive piles of pillowy blankets of ice pin purity, Skywave has arrived to deliver a guarantee of gargantuan entertainment in the form of 2 more radio play dramatizations. The first is an episode from the Philip Marlowe detective series. Titled "Red Wind" and originally aired in 1947, this tale is, sure, full of hot air, but also packed with gritty grime in the finger nails characters you love to hate, love to love, and hate to leave when the case is solved and suddenly you're strapped in and launched from L.A. for Arch Obler's "Rocket From Manhattan". First broadcast in 1945, you're in for a bumpy blast of meteoric mind mangling. So you may ask how do I dare challenge your shaky faith in this show's grandiose pronouncements of auditory expertise. Because there is no other program in Philly that performs radio plays weekly and therefore has no competing comparison? Maybe? No! It's because Gtown has a bottomless pit of voice talent screaming to be heard like the host of Fewsh, who has returned to revive his throaty tones for all its musky monkishness- Reade McCardell..and fresh from last week's impersonation as the Bronx bombshell, the always sultry and eternally salty Ellen Perry along with Jim "the weather rodent" Harris on sfx and voices and your host, Andy Pettit. So...let's listen.  


Good Samaritan, Are we our Brothas' Keepers? Print E-mail





This week on ...


For the People... law in plain language

with Debra D. Rainey, Esq.


Good Samaritans

Are we our Brothas' Keepers?


What are Good Samaritan Laws and why do we need them?


What legal responsibilities if any do folks have when they witness wrongdoing?


If a person fails to intervene or get involved, should they be punished?


How does a person know when they should intervene and what they should do?


Have you ever ignored a situation and later regretted not stepping in?




EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Listen. CALL. talk LIVE. DiScUsS




Host: Debra D. Rainey, The Compassionate Lawyer

Cohosts: Blaq aka the “Broke Poet” and Asia Proctor aka “P-roc”

Executive Producer/Production Consultant: Renee Norris-Jones aka 'Simply the Producer’

Associate Producer:  Robbin K. Stanton, aka “Aunt Robbin”

Musical Director/Board Genius: BreeAyre Anderson aka “Kewl Breeze”


This episode was produced by The Robbin K. Stanton


Airdate: February 3, 2015


Weekly Podcasts: FTPlawradio.com, iTunes & Podomatic


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It's All Soul: 2/2/15-Roberta Flack Print E-mail

Image Hey Folks,

We could tell you that tonight's episode will feature the music of Roberta Flack because of her legendary body of work that encompasses the whole spectrum of human emotion from love to regret to defiance to humor.  We could also make the argument that any program that focuses on the soul music of the seventies would be remiss if it didn't discuss a woman who ran with the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Eugene McDaniels.  And, certainly, her approach to religious music and her framing of the Black Church as a setting for exploration of African-American culture is worthy of vigorous critique.  But, honestly, Vince has just been waiting for a chance to play some music off of the Bustin' Loose soundtrack he finally found a copy of last summer...so, tonight, on a brand new episode of It's All Soul, Roberta Flack!  Hope you can join us!  Mondays, 8-10 pm on gtownradio.com

-Vincent & Daryl 

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