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PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW Welcomes Morgan Harper Nichols - The StoryTeller Print E-mail

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW welcomes Morgan Harper Nichols - The StoryTeller.  The awesome soulful anointed Vocalist Songwriter joins Brother D. N Sister A. in an Exclusive InterView about the song that's changing the world.  Please purchase her new single from amazon by clicking here: STORYTELLER

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Neu-Matic Guest DJ #2 (2/22/15) Print E-mail


Over the next few months Neu-Matic will be welcoming guest DJs into the studio to share whole realms of music you aren't hearing anywhere else. We'll even have some former G-town Radio programmers bring their shows back for one day.

Our second guest DJ is Susie Forrester, professional photographer, lover of music and DJ on East Stroudsburg University's radio station (WESS 90.3 FM). Her passion for music runs as deep as her love for photography and we'll get into one of her playlists this Sunday on Neu-Matic.The full playlist happens below. Click through to see the playlist and more of her awesome photos. You'll find lots more on her Facebook page and coming soon on her website.

Police Shooting of Frank McQueen! Plus "Malcolm X Lives" program! 2/19, 8PM Print E-mail
Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Delphine Matthew's, mother of Frank McQueen who was shot by officers in Chester, PA. She will discuss who Frank was and the answers she is not receiving from investigators. Also brother Mshindi from the UNIA, Division 178, checks in about the Malcolm X Lives event happening this Sat. Feb. 21, 4-7PM at the Church of the Advocate, 18/Diamond, featuring a keynote address from recently released political prisoner, Marshall "Eddie" Conway. Feel free to call in at 215.609.4301!
February 17 @ 6pm: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR! Print E-mail
Good evening. Welcome to Skywave. Are those snowflakes gathered at the edge of your numb
mind and crowding your blue toes whispering "Go south. Sunny Florida."Well, stop listening to
those petrified party-killing particles because we have something here up north to keep you warmer than any skin-burning beach. Tonight there are 3, not 2, radio plays that will make you thrall to the winter embrace of Gtown's wide open arms of entertainment. First you'll hear another Adventure of Sam Spade. Aired in 1947, "The Dead duck Caper is a classic mystery having you quack for our second story, "The Comeback", a 1928 interpretation of Samson and Delilah that will recall the John Travolta line from the modern film "Saturday Night Fever"- "Yo, don't touch the hair!", which is the least of concerns for our final story from 1929 "Close Up", about a director faced with a casting nightmare when 2 prima donna extras let fly their hissy fits. And here to keep you in your seats throughout the hour are 2 extra special guests from the Black Tribbles- Len and Kennedy, who will keep your head in a constant whirl guessing who's saying what..along with Jim "I'm just here for the free peanuts" Harris and your host Andy Pettit. So..now...let's listen.
 When the weather is down just roll with it and listen to poetry! What better place to do that then the Broken Truth show??? Tune in for dope poetry and smooth vibrations, spreading love, spoken words, and truth. This and every Tuesday night at 9:30pm sharp on gtownradio.com. 
Wall Street Burning, Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot of 1921 Print E-mail






This week on ...


For the People... law in plain language

with Debra D. Rainey, Esq.


Wall Street Burning,


Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Race Riot of 1921


“Black Wall Street”

The untold Story


What is story of Black Wall Street?


What were some of the defining factors that allowed the

Blacks in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma

to develop such affluence?


Why isn’t the history of Black Wall Street taught in our schools?


Why is it that folks who lived during the time of the Race

Riot on Tulsa’s Black Wall Street would not tell their stories?


Why do many Black people believe that the signal of their

 having reached the height of success is when they move

out of or leave the Black community?





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Listen. CALL. talk LIVE. DiScUsS




Host: Debra D. Rainey, The Compassionate Lawyer

Cohosts: Blaq aka the “Broke Poet” and Asia Proctor aka “P-roc”

Executive Producer/Production Consultant: Renee Norris-Jones,

 aka 'Simply the Producer’

Director of Programming:  Robbin K. Stanton, aka “Aunt Robbin”

Musical Director/Board Genius: BreeAyre Anderson aka “Kewl Breeze”


This episode was produced by Robbin K. Stanton


Airdate: February 17, 2015


Weekly Podcasts: FTPlawradio.com, iTunes & Podomatic


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FEWSH [Feb. 16, 2015] Print E-mail

(Photo by Rosino)

Stop and sample.

(Photo by Rosino)

Listen Up! Monday 02/16: Transmission Of Elements Print E-mail


This Monday (February 16th) , it is another robot free transmission of controlled elements of harmony, rhythm, & enhanced audio visual technology for a 21st century audience. More explorations in the music maze.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

Follow the Listen Up! Blog  and/or "like" the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program

Places&Spaces Sun 2/15: Spreading Love with the Dirty Batch @ 6pm Print E-mail


I'm sure lots of people are recovering from Valentine's Day Love Hangovers. Or maybe you celebrated & TURNT UP for Galentine's Day instead. So now you and your girls are nursing hangovers and trying to stay warm. No matter what type of love you celebrating this weekend, Places&Spaces is here to provide you with a review of this week's happenings and raw, authentic Hip-Hop. Aura and Fame will provide you with a balance of righteous & ratchet. 

Tonight Visto and the Dirty Batch will be our guests. Visto a friend of Places&Spaces was a guest last year. Tonight we'll learn more about the Dirty Batch and premiere new music.

Tune in TONIGHT(2/15) @ 6pm on GtownRadio.com.

Don't forget to "Like" Places&Spaces on Facebook!! 

Neu-Matic Guest DJ #1 (2/15/15) Print E-mail


Over the next few months Neu-Matic will be welcoming guest DJs into the studio to share whole realms of music you aren't hearing anywhere else. We'll even have some former G-town Radio programmers bring their shows back for one day.

Our first guest DJ is Maxwell Ochester, owner of Brewerytown Beats in (you guessed it) Brewerytown. This record store owner will bring along some of his finest platters including some funky gospel tracks that will make you say, "Amen"! It starts at 3 PM and runs until 5 so be sure to tune into G-town Radio, the Sound from Germantown (& Brewerytown). Be sure to follow Brewerytown Beats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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