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Places&Spaces:Wrapping up this weeks highs &lows TONIGHT 3/8 @ 6PM Print E-mail


OMG...is it Spring yet? This winter has been absolutely horrible, but the Places&Spaces Crew is here to wrap up this week's highs and lows and providing you with what you need to face the ugliness that is Monday morning. Tune in TONIGHT 3/9 @ 6pm on GtownRadio.com


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Neu-Matic Guest DJ #4 (3/8/15) Print E-mail


Over the next few months Neu-Matic will be welcoming guest DJs into the studio to share whole realms of music you aren't hearing anywhere else. We'll even have some former G-town Radio programmers bring their shows back for one day.

This Sunday's guest is DJ Domino. A lifelong Philadelphian, Domino has been plugged into the local music scene and helped create community media across the entire city. He will be serving up sounds straight from the streets on Neu-Matic from 3-5 PM.

Domino has also been documenting graffiti across Philadelphia through his website and zine called Tax Report for over a decade. We'll talk about this as well as play some audio featuring local graffiti writers. The full playlist happens below. Neu-Matic happens every Sunday on G-town Radio from 3-5 PM. Click through for the full playlist.

Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us: Alex Genadinik Print E-mail


Today we will be talking to Alex Genadinik, Mobile Apps Entrepreneur. He will be discussing the mobile app business and social media.

Plus current events and some bangin' hip-hop.


Saturdays 3pm to 4pm 

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW welcomes Preachers of L.A. stars Wayne & Myesha Chaney!!! Print E-mail

Brother D. N Sister A. sits down with Pastor Wayne and First Lady Myesha Chaney, from the hit T.V. show Preachers of L.A.  We also have hot topics and NEW MUSIC!!!!  All that and more, on the this episode of The PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW!!!! PREACHERS OF L.A. - Check out date and times on the Oxygen Network by clicking here: OXYGENNETWORK | And Visit their Church: Antioch Church of Long Beach 

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3/3 @ 6 sharp:The Season That Keeps On Giving! Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to frosty Skywave. When does it end? In anticipation of the approaching mix of frozen particles which seem to be hovering in a permanent holding pattern waiting to emit bundles of ice needles at 70 mph eternally into our numb beyond blue veins, we have a rambunctious recording of a live performance of a radio play that addresses the above subject- winter blues. The plot: A crank yold hermit is alone in his shack during an approaching blizzard in the back woods of Tennessee. There's no one around for miles until stranded snooty New England motorists arrive, his pesky neighbor, and bandits on the run from local goofball police followed by a special detective from Memphis.  Aside from the live sound effects, you'll hear the voices of Allyson Frick, Paul Gordon, Jim Harris, Leon Joshlin, Don Kaywash, Loretta Lucy Miller, Randy Shupp, and your host Andy Pettit.  This March 2013 broadcast of "The Storm" is dedicated to Don Kaywash. We know he's listening. 


It's All Soul: 3/2/15-Betty Davis Print E-mail


Hey Folks,

Tonight, we're going to spend some time with one of the funkiest singers to ever do it, Ms. Betty Davis.  One part rock, one part soul, all parts funk, Betty Davis was a trailblazer that took no prisoners with her approach to music, sex and life.  If all you know about Betty Davis is her short marriage to Miles Davis, well, you are in for a mind-blowing treat.  On the next, all new It's All Soul...Betty Davis!  Hope you can join us. Mondays, 8-10 pm on gtownradio.com

-Vincent & Daryl 

Bridging The Gap - 3/2 Print E-mail
Tune in to Bridging The Gap Monday at 4pm. This week we'll be delving into more contemporary music. Examples of the current state of Folk Music (here's a hint: it's real good) All this plus the very best in Folk Music programming.
Reckless Curiosity: Sunday, March 1st (10pm-12am) * NEW TIME * Print E-mail


It's the same, only better! Reckless Curiosity has a brand new home at the edge of Sunday night and tonight we test those waters. Stay tuned to G-town Radio after International Vibrations (8pm-10pm), for a late night trip through sounds of various kinds: the fuzzy jangle of High Pop, new wave, CuBop, 60's garage, electronic, dub and whatever else the waxing moonlight inspires. Playlist updated here.

FEWSH [March 2, 2015] Print E-mail

(Illustration from The Defective Delinquent and Insane by Henry Andrews Cotton, MD)


(Illustration from The Defective Delinquent and Insane by Henry Andrews Cotton, MD)

Listen Up! Monday 03/02: Replay Print E-mail


There will not be a live episode of Listen Up! this week, however a repeat broadcast is scheduled. "Just Lounge" from last July will stream.  So once again, unhook your ears and open your mind to a cool and swanky afternoon soundtrack filled with relaxing exotica sounds and other assorted delights for your space-age, jet set lifestyle.

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