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The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (9/13) 5-6pm with filmmaker, Adam Lippe Print E-mail


TODAY AT 5PM on "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda"...meet host Dr. Stephanie Heck's next guest, writer/producer/director, Adam Lippe.  Adam will tell you all about his newly-released, locally-filmed horror comedy, WAIT, WAIT, DON'T KILL ME. Tune in to hear about it...and to hear how this film, intended as an absurdist comedy, actually predicted the future!

FEWSH [Sep. 13, 2020] Print E-mail

(Historiated initial by Harold Nelson)

Listen to what the uncool kids listen to.

(Historiated initial by Harold Nelson)

Listen Up! Wednesday 09/09: I Got It Print E-mail

Paging through old fanzines, NME and Melody Makers means a revisit mid 80s (84-88) Indie and post punk sounds from the UK and Australia.
SKYWAVE 9/9 @ 5pm: 9 Battling Beauts! Print E-mail


For Skywave tonite, we begin with a tale from the detective series Murder Clinic. Originally aired 1942, "The Scrap of Lace" concerns a high society murder of as young woman in love. Who would commit such a sordid act in such a sophisticated, civil setting. We continue with some comic relief from the series Front Page Drama. 1st broadcast 1933, "9 Striking Beauties" is a novel amusement that has an all women's baseball team playing a local all men's team. Who will win? Is the contest fixed by gambling venturers or is on the level? Stick around for this grand slam of a story as presented by what looks like an all women line-up: Shelli Pentimall-Booker pitching, Carol Moog catching and Susan Triggiani batting along with Tom Casetta as our esteemed announcer, actor of a 1,000 parts and sound engineer along with your host, Andy Pettit.  

The Local Music Show - Wednesday At 7PM Print E-mail

Tune in Wed night from 7 - 9 for two hours of tunes from Philly bands. I'll be playing some new tracks from Yankee Bluff, Korine, Red Touch Black, and more! 92.9 FM or stream it at gtownradio.com.
12th Season Opener! Da' Mid-Week "GROWN FOLK" House Party!! Wednesday Night @ 10 PM Print E-mail


The All New 92.9 FM WGGT-LP, Philadelphia 

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FEWSH [Sep. 6, 2020] Print E-mail

(Cat study by Ronald Searle)

Isabella Leonarda's birth? Exercise Spade Fork begins? Bulgarian unification? No. Fewsh.

(Cat study by Ronald Searle)

New Planet Philadelphia 4-5:00 pm today. Labor & the Environmental Movement Print E-mail


Turbine Inspector by Dennis Schroeder/NREL 


Today's episode of Planet Philadelphia, Friday, September 4, at 4 pm, will focus on labor and the environmental movement, featuring Dr. J. Mijin Cha, Assistant Professor at Occidental College in the Urban and Environmental Policy Department and Fellow at the Worker Institute at Cornell, and Peter Handler, group leader of the Philadelphia Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). 


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FEWSH [Aug. 30, 2020] Print E-mail

(Photo by Leroy Woodson)

 Dutifully yours.

(Photo by Leroy Woodson)

SKYWAVE 8/26 @ 5pm: DRACULA! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave for live radio play action. Our feature tonite is from a Toronto station : Stage 29. 1st broadcast 1949, "Dracula" is the classic blood thirsty thriller starring one of horror's creepiest, goriest of undead monsters. What havoc does he wreak that sends an emissary from London is it known to the envoy what the fanged blood sucker is capable of? Well here to inhabit  a cast of 1000s are Leah Holleran, Anna Kirk, Aaron Roberge, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. 

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