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The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (12/9) 4-5pm with guest, local artist Julie Rainbow Print E-mail


Tune in to "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda" Saturday from 4-5pm to meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, social research activist artist, Julie Rainbow!  Julie will tell us about her work as a writer, documentarian, photographer, and social entrepreneur.  She will also talk to us about her the stories she tells, what motivates her to do it, and how her own story led her there.  Don't miss it! 

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here: The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-December 9, 2017-with oral historian/writer/artist, Julie Rainbow 

Morning Feed! Print E-mail
Friday Morning Feed!
Live Music Friday!
With Peter Taney Of Juggernaut String Band!
We Talk Old Times, New Plugs And Everything In Between.
M-Feed Is Music And Light In A Dark And Troubled World.
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
Upcoming on Morning Feed! Print E-mail

Thursday Morning feed!
Live Music Thursday!
With Danielle Jackson and Adam Monaco!
They Have A Fundraiser Coming Up Too!
We Listen, We Talk, We Listen Some More.
M-Feed Starts Conversations, Sometimes Finishes Them.
Sometimes Not.
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? LIVE on Stepping Into Tomorrow, 8PM, 12/7/2017 Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with Pam Africa and representatives organizing this weekend's "Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?" events. With the release of world-renowned political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal's latest book, entitled "Have Black Lives Ever Mattered?" organizers and activists have put together a weekend including a Teach-In, rally and march, spoken word performances and a special forum on mass incarceration featuring Marc Lamont Hill and Akeem Browder, noted brother of Kalief Browder, who committed suicide after multiple assaults by prisoners and prison guards at Riker's Island.   

Listen Up! Wednesday 12/06: Platter Splatter Print E-mail


 Garage rock, rock & roll, three chord wonders, teenage symphonies and snarl, punk,/post punk, backwards guitar,Rickenbacker, Farfisa, Vox and 4-track recorders, girl groups, art damaged weirdos, phasing and fuzz, trashy R&B,paisley, black, velvet and leather, feedback, retro soul, beads, berets and safety-pins, Shindig! Hullabaloo, Where The Action Is, Trouser Press, Rock Scene, Bomp! and Creem, drippy mascara, psych rock…obscurities & rarities, past and present, and the simply strange….and assorted action shakin’ sounds!

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST

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December 6 @ 6pm: GUMSHOE GREASE! Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your program for live radio play fun. Tonite we have 2 intriguing tales of mystery. The first comes form the Bold Venture series. 1st broadcast in the 50's, "Slate Shannon Accused of Murder"(which originally starred Bogie and Bacall) has Slate needing to prove his innocence in the murder of a comedienne. Is this a set up or a very dark joke? We follow with a Dash Hammett-inspired series. Originally aired 1946, "The Blood Money Caper" concerns one of the biggest bank robbery jobs in San Fran's history; at least that's what you're supposed to think in this tale filled with blood, characters of questionable repute, and plenty of salty conversation. And here to provide pepper to the plot are seasoned actors Bill Simpson, Martha Michael, Stephen Medvidick, Jim Harris and your host Andy Pettit.      

MORNING FEED! Print E-mail

Wednesday Morning Feed!
Vox Popu-lame Wednesday!
Feldman Reads His FB Responses re: Cindy Bass and The (mostly) Asian Merchants of Germantown.
Who knew So Many People Use The 'Ol, "Go Back Where You Came From'" Routine?
Who Knew That Many People Never Learned Empathy?
Who Knew That Many People Never Learned Grammar?
Feldman Reads The Mail.
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
On January 6th, We Become WGGT-92.9 FM!
FEWSH [Dec. 4, 2017] Print E-mail

(Photo by Guillaume Bijl)

You don't need to hear this, but you may want to?

(Photo by Guillaume Bijl)

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (12/2) 4-5pm, with guest, local comic book author, Dave Ebersole Print E-mail


Tune in to "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda" Saturday 12/2 from 4-5pm to meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, comic book writer/creator, Dave Ebersole.  Dave will talk to us about his popular supernatural noir gay comic book, "Dash."  He will also tell us about his work as a theatre director and playwright.  And, of course, we will hear about how his life has influenced his work.  Tune in to hear the story behind his fantastic and creative art!  

Did you miss the show?  Listen to it here:  The (Not So) Hidden Agenda-December 2, 2017-with comic creator, playwright, director, Dave Ebersole 

Podcast: Inspiring conversation on climate change and morality 12/1/17 Planet Philadlephia Print E-mail
When we recorded this discussion, I was very moved by the level of knowledge, spirit, and the passion and urgent concern all expressed as was the tenor of the whole event.
  • Quaiser Abdullah Ph.D., Imam at Quba Institute and professor of Adult and Organizational Development, Temple University
  • Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, from Sisters of St. Joseph Earth Center, and Sustainability Assistant to the President of Chestnut Hill College
  • Reverend Mitchell C. Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network
  • Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein, co-chair of the Philadelphia Chapter of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light

This conversation is important for all to hear in our divisive time.

Music in this show: Rocco Granata 09 Earth
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