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Listen Up! Wednesday 08/12: Schedule Appointment Cancelled Print E-mail

Freeform freak outs involving spaced out cosmic bliss,spiritual jazz, extended jams and (insert deity of your choice) knows what else. It's one of those "late night radio shows in the afternoon"
The Local Music Show - Wednesday At 7PM Print E-mail
Tune in Wed night 7 to 9 PM for a best of 2019 show! In case you missed it the first time,  Ryan will countdown the Top 10 songs of the year by Philly bands and artists. 92.9 FM and streaming at gtownradio.com 
SKYWAVE 8/12 @ 5pm: NIGHTFALL-OUT?! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for remote live radio play fun! We begin with a tale from the sci fi series X Minus One. Originally aired 1955, "Nightfall" considers how the Book of Revelations would materialize according to  not just the interpretation of the believes, but also with support from scientists. Is it the end of all being....of all light...total darkness eternally? Stay tuned. We continue with an entry from the detective series Bold Venture. 1st broadcast 1950's, "Slate Shannon Accused of Murder" concerns a not-so-funny comedian Mr. Dickson, who gets upset when he doesn't have his way especially with the likes of meddling private eye Shannon as his main heckler. So who's gonna go on in eternity sooner- the jester v or the joke tester? Well, here to  ace the vocal exams are  actors Martha Michael, Jake Michael, Elizabeth Caruso, Bill Simpson, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.  

F E W S H! {Sunday Aug. 9 ||| 10-Noon EST} Print E-mail
(Photo by George Chernilevsky / Dingbats by Omega Font Labs)
Fewsh has come for you.
(Photo by George Chernilevsky / Dingbats by Omega Font Labs)
Many Ways to Create a Sustainable World Print E-mail

Listen to Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show 4-5:00 pm today to hear about contemporary approaches to sustainability, one for businesses and communities, the other based on world-wide research with guests:


Karl Schmidtis professor of Practice in Sustainable Engineering at Villanova University.  He will be discussing modern approaches to sustainability in business settings and how he prepares his graduate student engineers to provide sustainable consulting to businesses and townships.  He is the director of the RISE (Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering) program at Villanova.



 Dr. Katharine Wilkinson is the vice president of Communication and Engagement for Project Drawdown.  This project does world-wide research on current techniques that are working to lower greenhouse gases and could be scaled up. Their initial findings came out several years ago and listed 100 techniques.  They have recently published an update, The Drawdown Review, which Katherine will discuss. 


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Listen Up! Wednesday 08/05: People You Might Know (Or Not) Print E-mail

Songs about people you may or may not know. Think of it as your encyclopedia edition of Listen Up!

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SKYWAVE August 5 @ 5pm: DEATH/BABY?! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for remote live radio play entertainment. We begin with a story from the mystery series "The Sealed Book". Originally aired 1945, "Escape By Death" has 2 elderly sisters stuck in a country house totally distanced from their usually social crowd. Determined that their niece and nephew have imprisoned them in order to poison them without anyone suspecting and thereby inheriting their wealth, they hatch a plot to remove their greedy relatives. Will the old ladies return to their place of high society or...Stay tuned as we continue with a melodrama from the Fleischmann Yeast Hour series. 1st broadcast 1935, "The Baby Carriage" has Mrs. Lezinsky in a pickle when her husband turns down her request to pay $5 for a treasured baby carriage because they have bills to pay up to the you-know-whatsis, not to mention what it'll cost to cure Mr. L's increasing blindness. Oi vey! What is a mother of 3 (with child yet) supposed to do? Well, the following regular voices know what they're going to do- entertain you! They are Susan Triggiani, Shelli Pentimall-Booker, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit.

The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sun (8/2), @5pm-Healing Oppression-w/psychologist Dr. Eleonora Bartoli Print E-mail



**HEALING OPPRESSION (during a pandemic)** 

TODAY at 5pm--Tune in to hear Dr. Stephanie Heck's latest interview with psychologist, author, and multicultural and antiracism consultant, Dr. Eleonora Bartoli. Dr. Bartoli discusses the urgency of anti-racist action, describes how trauma healing is the key to undoing oppression, and explains the actions we can each take, individually and collectively, to effect change RIGHT NOW!  Don't miss it!

FEWSH [Aug. 2, 2020] Print E-mail

(Illustration by Henry Holiday)

Freakish flights. Gaffes. Blemishes. Music. Musings.


(Illustration by Henry Holiday)

Listen Up! Wednesday 07/29: Transportative Effects Print E-mail

Fill your head with a sizable mix of up dredged up audio ingredients for your mid week, mid afternoon. Mutant primal sludge, prog and glorious space rock strangeness, bad-trip guitars, international psych plus other assorted recorded treats to turn your mind into cottage cheese.

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