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The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm): Women’s History Month Print E-mail

The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm) Celebrate Women’s History Month with The Jazz Continuum.

This week, we showcase music by pianist Satoko Fujii, a global artist whose music spans many genres, blending jazz, contemporary classical, rock, and traditional Japanese music into an innovative synthesis instantly recognizable unique to her. Then, we’ll visit the music of the late Geri Allen, a widely influential jazz pianist, composer and educator whose work encompassed a wide swath of jazz history. She is a model for the 21st-century jazz musician who deftly balances tradition and innovation.

Hosted by David Brown.
F E W S H! {Sunday March 7 ||| 10-Noon EST} Print E-mail
(Photo by Christina Orthwein)
The title of Barbet Schroeder's directorial debut.
(Photo by Christina Orthwein)
What should we do to keep the power on? New Planet Philadelphia 4-5:00 pm today Print E-mail



New Planet Philadelphia environmental radio show 4-5:00 pm today, 3/5/21

What should we do about grid stability across the nation to be more resilient in the face of growing challenges from extreme weather and growing demand? And how is Pennsylvania's, or even Philadelphia's, grid equipped to deal with severe weather events? Guests today:

•  Karen Miu, Ph.D.: is professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Eng ineering at Drexel University. She works on distribution networks, infrastructure and power systems. She will be telling us generally how the grid works and implications for grid stability. Recent developments involving interactions with customers and their energy choices as they use the grid is another component of grid stability, one which introduces behavioral elements.

•  Emily Shapira:  is President and CEO of Philadelphia Energy Authority, which works with Philadelphia on energy issues. She will discuss the stability of our grid in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia compared to that in the various states where there have been recent rolling blackouts. She will also talk about the steps towards resilience that need to be taken to make the grid more stable.

Tune in to about this and more!

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Planet Philadelphia is a radio show about our shared environment. 

Listen 4:00-5:00 PM EST the first and third Friday a month on 

WGGT-LP 92.9 FM in Philadelphia and/or live stream at gtownradio.com. 

Also aired on Villanova University’s radio station, WXVU,

Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m. at 89.1FM.  

Podcasts are available shortly after live broadcast on 

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www.planetphiladelphia.com | facebook |  @planetphila 

Listen Up! Wednesday 03/03: Brit Psych Explosions Print E-mail
This Wednesday (March 3rd), Listen Up! is exploring the world of British Psychedelia. Insane freakbeat, paisley filled fairytales, Pepperland excursions and more. Feed your head with two hours of lysergic laced sounds.

Tune into G-town Radio/WGGT-LP 92.9 . Wednesday 2-4pm.
SKYWAVE 3/3 @ 5pm: DRAFTEE?! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for more radio play time. We begin with an episode from the comedy series My Favorite Husband. 1st broadcast 1951, "Drafted" has Liz thinking husband George is off to war when he receives a letter from the government and George thinking he's going to be a father. Who's right? Who's wrong? Will Daddy return from combat? Stay tuned and listen as we follow with an episode from another comedy series Our Mz Brooks. Originally aired 1954, "Switchboard Switcheroo" has Mz. Brooks tangled up in telephone lines to throw off her main man competition Ms Enright from a romantic rendezvous. Smooth operator? Hold the line as we connect you with voices Teri Maxwell, Shelli- Pentimall-Booker, Maury Harris, Tom Casetta and your host, Andy Pettit. Number, please?

The Jazz Continuum (Saturdays, 6-8pm): Confessions Of A Music Collector Print E-mail

Travel the Jazz continuum this Saturday, February 27 from 6-8pm for confessions of a music collector. First stop, much needed box sets form William Parker and Charlie Parker, irresistible new releases from pianists Yumi Ito and Yoko Miwa, recent finds from Keith Jarrett, Vi Redd, Sounds of Liberation, and Gene Almons, flipping 45’s from Lee Konitz and Dave Brubeck and closing out with newly released Mingus, and some-thing from Don Cherry. Tune in…so my obsessions are justified!
A DAFT FEWSH [Feb. 28, 2021] Print E-mail

(Image by Reade McCardell)

A celebration of the unique and sublime career of thaumaturgical electro-trailblazers Daft Punk.

(Image by Reade McCardell)

Listen Up! Wednesday 02/24: Memories From The Future Print E-mail

Listen Up!- A freakform radio show happening every Wednesday from 2-4pm  

Who knows what will be heard.
SKYWAVE 10/28 @5pm : doZen V Print E-mail
Can Caitlin Cieri write and produce 1 brand new audio drama every month for a year? She can with the help of Germantown Radio, a bevy of savvy actors, and a whole bunch of public domain sound effects. Whether it's historical or hysterical, tragedy or travesty, doZen delivers.

Valentine's Day may be over, but there's still time for a double date in two different fox-filled restaurants in "Fox Games," based on the art installation by Sandy Skoglund. Starring Deborah Desmone, Nyi Lunsford, Zeke Alton, Gary Mitchell, Andrea Mazzuchi, Andy Pettit, and Caitlin Cieri.
FEWSH [Feb. 21, 2021] Print E-mail

(Image by unknown)

If I play it, they might come.

(Image by unknown)

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