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Feb. 10 @ 6pm: Prickly Porcupines and Irate Israelites Print E-mail

Good evening. Welcome to Skywave, your only regular handler for radio play fun. I'm your host Andy Pettit here with James I prognosticate the past Harris Tonite we welcome back Maury Harris who has just stopped by with 2 new works. The first is titled "Porcupines at the University" and is based on the post modern master Donald Barthelme's story. But why those barbed beasts and not hyenas or vultures? And what is the symbolism of it all...if there is any? Could this be a prophetic anticipation of Bernie Sanders' call for free college tuition at its most absurd? Next is an original titled "Three Israelites the Musical" and a sequel. Will Kibbitz, Chochkee and Chachma make it out of the desert? How can an itinerant shoe salesman help. And what do Beatles' tunes have to with the plot? Speaking of the eternal trinity, our final selection is from a 1947 script from the suspense series Quiet Please and titled  "Three". If you love paranoid characters who listen to voices no one else can hear, see your local ear doctor or just stay tuned to Skywave for the whole hour and then seek immediate treatment. Meanwhile grab something warm and soft to sit next to as long as it isn't too moldy and listen!



Healthy Moments Radio ~ Lori Lancaster/Staff Training Solutions LLC shares recent HBP diagnoses Print E-mail

Healthy Moments Radio
Healthy Moments Radio

This week on...



 An Experienced Life & Health Trainer

Talks about her recent High Blood Pressure diagnoses

Featuring Lori Lancaster

from Staff Training Solutions LLC


Inspiration & Tips on managing your 



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DISCLAIMER: Renee is NOT a health professional, she describes herself as a regular EVERYDAY you in struggling to manage her high blood pressure and diabetes. Please remember to ALWAYS check with your health care professional BEFORE making any diet or exercise changes. 

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Listen Up! Wednesday 2/10: Two Ten Sixteen Print E-mail


Enjoy a tasty aural menu of music that is harvested locally and shared with the world. The focus will be on deeper cuts from great, under-appreciated albums and artists.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

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"Gotta' Get Over The HUMP!!!" Wednesday Night @ 10 PM Print E-mail

"A Little Bit of THIS,

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'Cause We Know

U Like It Like THAT!!!"


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It's All Soul 2/8/16-RIP Maurice White Print E-mail


Hey Folks,

What do you say when a man like Maurice White passes?  How do you even begin to capture the significance of an artist who was musician/producer/singer/visionary?  Where do you begin with the catalogue of someone who is one of the foundational bricks of soul music?  Honestly...we don't have good answers.  The best we can do is celebrate the life and legacy of Maurice White by sharing his gift and basking, yet again, in the majesty of his music.  Ramsey Lewis, Deniece Williams, The Emotions, of course, Earth, Wind & Fire; tonight, on a brand new It's All Soul, we bid say Rest In Power to the immortal Maurice White. Hope you can join us.  Monday, 8-10pm on gtownradio.com

-Vincent & Daryl 

F E W S H Replay {Monday Feb. 8 ||| 6-8 PM Eastern} Print E-mail
(Image by Reade McCardell)
Might as well tune in and buddy up with a FEWSH rerun while your host is away from the controls, right?
The PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW with Brother D. N Sister A.!!!!! Print E-mail


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The Broken Truth Show 2/5/2016 Print E-mail
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Friday Morning Feed!
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