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Tamara Anderson Is Here Today!
Black Lives Matter.
Yes, They Do.
M-Feed States The Obvious.
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Ungovernable 2017! LIVE on Stepping Into Tomorrow! 1/19/17, 8PM Print E-mail


Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow, this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant speaks with representatives from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) Philly chapter to discuss Friday's event - Ungovernable Philly 2017!  Framed as a launch and call for Black Unity and coalition building for self-determination, this rally and community speakout - happening on the same day as the inauguration - hopes to build a United Black Front around several issues, including "Black Land Liberation," "Black Led Community Schools," and "Free Political Prisoners" among others. Listen in as they discuss how this can serve as a strategic jumping off point for community mobilizing and organizing efforts across the city! 

What should businesses disclose about climate change? Planet Philadelphia 4:00 this Fri. 1/20/17 G-T Print E-mail

Are your investments ready for climate change? Find out what  well respected financial experts think businesses should tell us about their climate change related risks.


This and more on Planet Philadelphia radio show on fabulous G-town Radio, 4:00 this Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.
        •    First up host Kay Wood talks with Curtis Ravenel, Global Head, Sustainable Business & Finance at Bloomberg, about the Financial Stability Board’s new recommendations on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. Has your pension fund or 401K taken into account the enormous financial effects of climate change?
        •    Later in this Planet Philadelphia, listen as Wood takes a walk with dedicated local Tree Tender, Charlie Phillips, through East Oak Lane and learns about how important trees are in city neighborhoods.

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Tune back in to fabulous G-town Radio
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environmental radio show
February 3, 2017 

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"A Little Bit of THIS,

A Little Bit of THAT

'Cause We Know

U Like It Like THAT!!!"


The Mid-Week "Grown Folk" Party!!!

(Put The Kiddies To BED!!!)  

K.Gerard Bates, The Mysterious Traveller (aka K-JAM)

w/ Ernie Evans (aka Eeazzy E), Producer

 This Week.....


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Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your show to hear live radio plays. Tonite we have 2 terrific tales dominated by an array of feisty felines. The first is from The Whistler suspense series. 1st broadcast in 1946, "The Strange sisters" explores how jealousy and sibling rivalry can corrode even the strongest family bonds. In this story, 2 sisters plot to reverse their fortune at the expense of the other sister. Will they succeed? Our second selection is from The Easy Aces. Originally aired around 1945, "Jane's Mother Comes To Visit" concerns not just the classic mother-in-law set up, but the imposition it poses on the extended family; ie the maid. And here to fulfill their contracts with Skywave are the union supported actor Susans- Susan Lonker, Susan Chase, and Susan Triggiani along with James Boy Named Sue Harris of Ave G and myself, your host, Andy Sue! 


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Your mid week, mid afternoon music escape filled with a wonderment of sound,

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

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(Image created using photograph by Richiex)

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We'rMonday Morning Feed!
Nothing New To Say,
So I'll Say It Anyway Monday!
Martin Luther King.
No Fresh Insights, But I Was There, So Maybe That's Something.
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e Crazy About Dr Stephanie Heck!
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reckless curiosity: january 15th, 2017 (10pm-12am) Print E-mail
Big Thief (pictured), Space Drugs , Delta Spirit, and Billy Idol made some of the sounds you'll hear on tonight's Reckless Curiosity. Join me in the ocean of noise from 10pm-midnight. 
MLK DARE March 2017! Plus Judge Ruling for Mumia and Hep C Treatment! 1/12/17, 8PM Print E-mail

Tune in this evening at 8:00PM, as host Gabriel Bryant of Stepping Into Tomorrow speaks with Rev. Mark Tyler, Pastor at Mother Bethel A.M.E. church and organizer with P.O.W.E.R., to discuss this Monday's MLK DARE March, the organization's second in two years designed to raise community and national issues evoking the more radical spirit of Martin Luther King. They will discuss how the election of Trump and still necessary socio-political remedies for Black, Brown and poor people are at the forefront of their objectives. Gabriel will also speak with an organizer with the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home regarding last week's decisive ruling by Judge Mariani declaring that the Department of Corrections must provide political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal with medical treatment for his Hepatitis C, a struggle for activists in the Campaign for the past two years. They will discuss what this means for Mumia and additionally the 7,000 people who are incarcerated in PA who have untreated Hep C as well!

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