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Next Week's Election! Cheyney Univ. Lawsuit!! TONIGHT on Stepping Into Tomorrow! 8PM, 10/30/2014 Print E-mail

With elections next week Nov. 4, many continue to wonder if millennials will come out to shift the trajectory of politics across the city and the Commonwealth. How is the energy on the ground to the average young person and do they feel too left out of the process to participate? Join host Gabriel Bryant as he speaks with Alex Peay, Director of Rising Sons and a youth advocate, to discuss both the challenges and the possibilities that come with the youth vote.

We will also hear from attorney Michael Coard, who will discuss his group "Heeding Cheyney's Call," a coalition of Cheyney University alumni, students and other advocates who have filed a lawsuit against state and federal officials on the basis of racial discrimination, calling for more funding and resources for the nation's oldest HBCU.

Be sure to tune in!

Thursday Morning Feed! Print E-mail
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Thursday Morning Feed!
I May Have A Guest Tomorrow So I Have To Do The Halloween Show Today-Thursday! Featuring:
Field Marshal Mallow Cup!
A Warning From Every Hebrew School Teacher I Ever Had!
And Other Tales Too Gruesome To Be Previewed!
M-Feed Will Scare The Daylights Out Of The...Daylight!
9-10:30 AM Eastern mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
MY FAVORITE HALLOWEEN, Thurs 10/30 on The TRIbs Print E-mail


Your favorite costume. The best piece of candy. The house up the street that gave everybody candy corn. Share your Halloween Memories with the Tribbles Thursday Oct. 30th 9pm LIVE on BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME on G-town Radio gtownradio.com - The Sound from Germantown!


Wednesday Morning Feed! Print E-mail

Wednesday Morning Feed!
Wet Wednesday Feed!
With Robin Izzary Of TTF And Ruth Seely Of FOVP!
And No, I'm Not Going To Tell What Those Acronyms Mean-You Have To Listen!
M-Feed Is Cryptic, And All Watershed-y (That's Your Hint.)
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com

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It's The Last Tuesday of The Month... Time For Wine And Cheese!! Print E-mail


That's right it goes down every last Tuesday of the month on the Broken Truth Show. Tune in as the bnt team indulges in a more intimate selection of topics. Put the kids to bed and get ready for some grown up radio! The wine selection for October is Pinot Nior- a red wine grape variety of the species of Vitis Vinifere. The cheese selection for October is Brie- a soft cow's milk cheese named after the french region from which it originated. Dope poetry with a grown and sexy vibe! Check us out every Tuesday night at 9:30pm sharp on gtownradio.com!

Blame it on the Abuser! Print E-mail





This week on …


For the People... law in plain language


with Debra D. Rainey, Esq.


BLAME it on the ABUSER.

Accountability & Characteristics of an Abuser!

#NO More!

No More! 

No More Blame the Victim!

No More Mind my own business!

No More (S) He didn’t mean it!


Why do people hurt the ones they love?


Are all people who abuse their intimate partners, bullies,

 suffer from mental health challenges or is the instinct to

batter a learned behavior?


Who is responsible for the conduct of people who batter: is it

the organization the abuser belongs to,

the religious group or religious affiliation, or

everyone from whom the abuser learned the behavior?


Can people who batter or abuse their loved ones be

cured, particularly in a society such as ours where violence abounds?



 Tony Lapp, LCSW, Co-Director, of Menergy, Menergy’s mission is to provide counseling to individuals in the Philadelphia area that have been abusive to their intimate partners, Tony is a Recipient of the 2014 Powerful Partner Award from Women's Way, is an experienced trainer, educator, writer and therapist, specializing in work with people who abuse their intimate partners.  Tony is a licensed clinical social worker with 15 years of experience  intervening with perpetrators of domestic abuse. Tony has presented at national and international conferences, and written for both  English and Spanish-language media. Tony is a long-term member  and former  coordinator of the Domestic Abuse and Battering  Intervention Network of Pennsylvania, he collaborates with numerous projects in the Philadelphia area related to family violence, including the Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Committee of Philadelphia,and the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, Domestic Violence.



Ajourdi Hargrove . aka Di the Comedian is a Philadelphia native comedian, MC/host, LGBTQ community activist, Founder of Da "L" Factor social networking group for women of color, actress, Hip-Hop artist, spoken-word poet and percussionist. Di has a B.A in communications and most recently Di graduated from Gwynedd Mercy University with a Masters in Science Management. Di earned certification in real estate from Long and Foster Realty School. Di is a lesbian who discloses she was previously a batterer. She also played a batterer in a recent screening of the film Crazy, Cool, Sexy at the Ritz Theatre. The film by a local playwright won several awards in the Winter QueerFest. Di openly admits her DV past, (noted in clip below) she witnessed DV as a child, and is on a healing journey. Di feels blessed with opportunities to be open and honest about Domestic Abuse and believes in educating people as part of a Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Abuse.


 G-Town Studio Line (215) 609-4301


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 Listen. CALL. talk LIVE. DiScUsS.


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 Air date: October 28, 2014

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October 28 at 6pm: WORLD WAR WHAT?! Print E-mail

Welcome to Skywave. 75 years ago the country was rattled by the spectacualr broadcast of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds". One of the most imaginative radio plays ever created caused a range of reactions- excitement, fear, and even panic. What was Welles trying to achieve? Entertainment and subsequent popularity? Probably. But how? Could he have been exploiting FDR's speech a few years before about the notion of fear? What do the Martians really represent- a political agenda run amock? What we do know is that terror can be a vehicle for thrills desired and/or uninvited...if we allow. And here to spook your willing nerves are a few gems of gtown ghoulishness- Zipora Schulz, Ed Feldman of Morning Feed, Tom Casetta from Listen Up, Reade McCardell of Fewsh, along with Jim "Double Dip" Harris of Ave G and your host Andy Pettit to re-animate this classic piece of auditory chills. So..turn out the lights and turn up that sound dial for your ears to be invaded by whatever you hear...listen...  


It's All Soul: 10/27/14-It's All The Way LIVE pt. 2: We WERE There Print E-mail


Hey Folks,

Tonight, we'll continue our discussion of the live show, this time focusing on artists we've either seen live or should have seen live.  Of course, we'll talk about "Jilly from Philly", Jill Scott and also, The Roots from Philly (even though "The Roots" don't rhyme with "Philly" like "Jilly").  Amy Winehouse, Prince, the Jacksons, Bob Marley, Erkah Badu, D'Angelo, Incognito; oh, we're going to have a good time!  Hope you can join us, Mondays, 8-10 pm on gtownradio.com!

-Vincent & Daryl 

FEWSH HALLOWEEN SPECIAL [Oct. 27, 2014] Print E-mail
(Image from "Mister Mystery" Comic Book)
FEWSH Tonight: Seasonally appropriate music and musings
(Image from "Mister Mystery" Comic Book)
Bridging The Gap 10/27 Print E-mail
Tune in on Monday at 4pm. We'll be bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary music, between genres, and between generations. This week we're gonna sprinkle in some murder ballads and gypsy type songs in celebration of Halloween. All this plus the best in local folk music programming. 
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