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Who wants to wait til Thanksgiving Evening to share their thank yous? Just click the image below and listen NOW to shout outs to Pamela J Thomas and her fabulous The Museum of UnCut Funk, superstar artist John Jennings and many many more plus a personal fund-raising plea from BatTribble himself! And the Black Tribbles say 'We're Sorry' to Detroit.


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Thursday .."Burp".. Morning Feed!
Start Your Tryptophan-Fest With A Heavy Helpin' O' Blues!
Classic Feed With Stevie And Paul Nolan Of Stevie And the Bluescasters!
They're Rockin', They're Local And They're Delicious!
M-Feed Is Cookin'! And So Are You!
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Wednesday Morning Feed!
Let's See, What Shall It Be Wednesday?
I Know, Nichols And May.....And Ferguson... And Sex Trafficking On My Street!
We Have Audio On The First, A Plan On The Second, And On The Third=Whaaaa?
M-Feed Has Enough Shame To Share With EVERYONE On This Festive Holiday Time!
9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com

November 25 @ 6: TURKEY TROT TREAT Print E-mail

Good eve. welcome to Skywave.Gobble! Have we got a coupla scripts to flutter your feathers! It's the holiday dedicated to mass consumption. So what better show to hear thana Gildersleeves Thanksgiving. Originally aired 11/22/'42, this comedy d'cuisine comes complete with carvings of cackles, saucers of side-splitting snickers, and heaping hoards of hysterics. To what level will Throckmorton Gildersleeve not stoop to conquer the gastronomical demands of his guiltlessly growing guest list. We follow that binge of buffoonery with an equally festive addition to any holiday feast:  a 1949 broadcast from The Betty Crocker Magazine of the Air. But before she titillates you with the recipe for her tasty apple streussel  treat, Ms. C. interviews a mystery guest from the epicenter of epi- Curie- an(hint) expertise. Here tonite to dramatize this fowl affair are Bonnie Strahs, Michael T. Yurcaba, Jim "Free the Turkeys" Harris, and your host Andy Pettit. So step out of the kitchen and climb into the roasting pan of your mind simmering with sounds of the season.  

Listeners: If you have any spare feathers during this and next month's fund drive, please make a donation to the gtownradio fund drive. 



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Tuesday Morning Feed!
Cross Promotion Tuesday!
With Gtownradio Host Ian Zolitor!
This Is How We Get M-Feed Fans To Be Folk Music Fans!
If They Aren't Already.
Bridging The Gap Is His Show-Mon-4-6 PM!
We'll Talk Weavers, PP& M And K-Trio!
Don't Get The Abbreviations? Maybe You Should Listen!
M-Feed Is Hootenanny-y! 9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
Wine and Cheese Tuesday on the Broken Truth Show! This Week We Are Keeping It Spicy!!!! Print E-mail


Every last Tuesday of the month things get smoking hot as the Broken Truth explores a more intimate selection of topics. This month is no different as we give out a few pointers on how to keep things hot in your relationship. Dope poetry and smooth sounds are always around. The wine selection for the month of November is Sauvignon Blanc paired with and variety of Goat cheeses. Tune in Tuesday at 9:30 pm Sharp on gtownradio.com.

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This week on …


For the People... law in plain language


with Debra D. Rainey, Esq.


Me, Myself & I

Mental Issues, the issues and the Law


What is  Mental illness?


Where does mental illness come from, is it learned, inherited,

caused by trauma or unknown?


Should the law allow for a mentally ill person to

be forcibly committed and/or medicated to protect Society?


What concession, if any, does & should the law

make for folks who suffer from mental illness?


What can we do to assist folks with Mental Illnesses?


Special Guests

Dr. Bryan Muller Board-Certified Music Therapist and a

Fellow of The Association for Music and Imagery.

Bryan, maintains a private practice using Guided Imagery

and Music to help adults with mental health issues stemming

from  trauma, illness and everyday living.

Bryan's goal as a Music Therapist is to help people free

themselves from the limitations of their own consciousness.


Tiffany Janine, Professional Voice Actor, Vocalist and  Songwriter,

whose Public performances include Warm Daddy's and Philly's Artist

on the Rise. Tiffany is survivor of multiple suicide-attempts,

has been institutionalized in a mental health facility, and actively

attends regular out-patient therapy sessions with a personal

doctor that she trusts.  Tiffany’s goal is to empower

 the mental health community with inside information

to help them and their loved ones make better

informed decisions.


G-Town Studio Line (215) 609-4301


FTP Message/Text Line (215) 435-4099


Email:  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Listen. CALL. talk LIVE. DiScUsS.




Host: Debra D. Rainey, The Compassionate Lawyer

Cohosts: Blaq aka the “Broke Poet and Asia Proctor aka P-roc

Executive Producer: Renee Norris-Jones

Acting Managing Producer: Breeayre Andersons aka “Breeze”

Associate Producer:  Robbin K. Stanton aka “Aunt Robbin”

FTP Team: Marcha Hilaire aka “Marci H”


 This episode was produced by The Compassionate Lawyer


Weekly Podcasts: FTPLawradio, iTunes & Podomatic


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Air date: November 25, 2014



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It's All Soul: 11/24/14-Rufs Print E-mail


Hey Folks,

Let's party with one of the baddest bands with one of the baddest leads of all time!  We don't have to ask Rufus do we love what we feel or to stay!  They already know the answer and, if you don't, It's All Soul will certainly provide it tonight!  On the next episode of It's All Soul, we'll dive deep into the legendary discography of Rufus!  Mondays, 8-10 p.m. on It's All Soul!  Hope you can join us!

-Vincent & Daryl 

Bridging The Gap - 11/24 Print E-mail
Tune in on Monday at 4pm. We'll be playing all things folk music. Bridging The Gap between generations and genres. All this this plus the very best in local folk music programming.
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Every Monday from 6-8 PM Reade McCardell has brought you FEWSH, one of G-town Radio's original shows. A humble fellow with an immense appetite for music Reade has no fear of pursuing the odd and off-beat. From this very place came his show from February, 2014, the FEWSH Donut Special. Two full hours of music about the beloved baked good that will inevitably make you hungry for more.

G-town Radio is hungry to give you more fun programming like this. Please support us during our 2014 Fund Drive. We've got lots more stories to tell but we need your support to do it. Take a moment right now and donate to G-town Radio (http://www.gtownradio.com/donate).

Get the full donut playlist here.

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