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The good, the bad & the Ugly Print E-mail





This month is Back to School Month on...


For the People... law in plain language

with Debra D. Rainey, Esq.


 Exploring the Value of the Student/Teacher Relationship!

the Good, the Bad & the Ugly


What are the barriers that effect positive relationships between   

school –aged children and their teachers?


Does the physical location of the school is or the amount

of money in the school’s budget impact 

 the relationship between the teacher and the school aged child?


Should law makers or politicians be involved in the of building

of a positive relationship between school-age children and teachers?


What is it about those unforgettable teachers that we remember  

well into our adulthood?


Special Guest

Betty Jean Thompson, Board Member, TNCP. 

Betty taught for 34 years with the School District of

Philadelphia, and has received several awards for excellence  

In, teaching as well as in Service to the Community.

Betty currently works as a speaker, a principal actor,

and back-ground actor.   Betty facilitates workshops at

community forums, schools, juvenile facilities and prisons,

using different art forms that are designed to promote

literacy and healing. Betty advocates the need to use

Literature, the Arts and Sports, to Close the

Achievement Gaps for African Americans & Latinos.


Betty writes under the pen name Nobles,

 her latest book is “Á Small candlelight”



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Host: Debra D. Rainey, The Compassionate Lawyer

Cohosts: Blaq aka the “Broke Poet and Breeayre Andersons aka “Breeze”

Executive Producer: Renee Norris-Jones

Managing Producer: Chamara Cotton aka ‘Ladygohard' and 'Cheddar’

Associate Producer:  Robbin K. Stanton, aka “Aunt Robbin”

FTP Team: “Senorita” Nora Norris, Asia Proctor, aka P-roc,

and Marcha Hilaire aka Marci H


This episode was produced by The Compassionate Lawyer


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Air date: September 2, 2014




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9/2 @ 6: Playing With Numbers Print E-mail

Good evening! Welcome to Skywave. We return in September for two new radio play broadcasts. First up is a script from the Quiet Please sci fi series. Titles "The Pathetic Fallacy" from 1948, hear what happens when a scientist questions the human capabilities of a computing machine. maybe it will all add up by the end. Next is another comedy from The Easy Aces series. Titled "Jane Gets A Loan For Her Brother", numbers seem to enter the picture again; this time in the form of money. Hopefully, this one will make more dollars and sense. If not, Skywave will issue a refund payable immediately via the the fortune of laughter you're guaranteed to receive listening to our guest voices; one making his pipes heard for the first time on Skywave- Barry Farber. And making herself a regular on our show- Sherry Brown....along with Jim "Octopus Arms" Harris and your host Andy Pettit. So sit back and spend some time with us by lending us your ears. The investment will be well worth your listening.   



Bridging The Gap - 9/1 Print E-mail
Tune in at 4pm on Monday. This week we'll be celebrating Labor Day by playing work, labor, and union songs. All this plus the best in local folk music programming.
FEWSH "KIN SONGS" SPECIAL [Sep. 1, 2014] Print E-mail
(Painting by Albert Anker)
Alright, maybe you're thinking the theme for this particular episode of FEWSH is a little self-indulgent. Really, Reade? A show consisting entirely of music loved by the members of your family? To this your host might conceivably say "well...at least the members of my family have a pretty diverse set of tastes". Family, I love you.
Furthermore, happy Labor Day, everyone (even if it's not celebrated where you are).
(Painting by Albert Anker)
Listen Up! Monday 9/01: Read It In Books Print E-mail

Every Labor Day, Listen Up! salutes one group of workers in song. This year the honor goes to the...writers and authors. It is two hours of songs about writers, books, newspapers and all other things literary.

Streaming Live From 2-4pm EST.

Follow the Listen Up! Blog  and/or at Facebook.  Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program.


No Places&Spaces Tonight 8/31/2014 Print E-mail


Sorry there's no Places&Spaces tonight. The Places&Spaces crew is enjoying Labor Day Weekend. We'll be back next week.

Don't forget to "Like" Places&Spaces on Facebook. 

reckless curiosity: sat, aug 30 (5-7pm) Print E-mail



The daily grind, the rat race, the ol' 9 to 5...this week's Reckless Curiosity is all about work. Despite your opinion about unions these days, the labor movement's long, tumultuous history of struggle against the bosses has not only won us some basic labor rights like the 8-hour work day (still too long?), and the weekend, it has also left us lots of great songs to fight the power...because the struggle has evolved and continues. Tune in sometime between 5-7pm today to hear Rage Against the Machine cover "Maggie's Farm", some chain gang songs recorded by Alan Lomax and plenty of union classics. Playlist updated below.  

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW with Brother D. & Sister A. #DNA Print E-mail

PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW with Brother D. & Sister A.  #DNA  

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Friday Morning Feed! Print E-mail


Friday Morning Feed!
Live Music For Your Laborious Day weekend!
With Guitariste Jim Dragoni!
M-Feed Is Observant, Fin De L'ete-y 9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fr www.gtownradio.com
RACISM: Do we Understand it and How it Operates? Stepping Into Tomorrow, 8:00PM, 8/28/2014 Print E-mail
Bigotry. Discrimination. Prejudice. Racism. Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow this evening at 8pm as hosts Gabriel Bryant and Toshon Jennings discuss these ideas which have all been used to explain current tragedies across the country. On the anniversary of the infamous murder of Emmitt Till, does a deeper perspective and definition of these terms assist with providing clarity for communities to combat these issues? Feel free to call in and add on! We will also hear from community advocate, Paul "Frosty" who will discuss this Saturday's "Operation Black Stand" Mike Brown Rally on Aug. 30 at 8:30pm at 40th/Walnut, where he is asking all creatives, activists and concerned residents to participate. Call in at 215.609.4301!
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