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PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW - Giving HIM the Honor!!!! Print E-mail

Brother D. N Sister A. spins the Best Christian MusiC on the Globe, and keep you interested with a Godly view on current topics, encouraging Words, the Best InterViews with Mainstream and Inde Artist and more ...its the ALL Christian MusiC DJ's on the Praiselujah Radio-Show !  ***  Brother D. N Sister A. and the crew Minister Author Activist Prophet Christopher Signil...Pastor Winola Childs and Pastor Jon-Charles Cordery *** Please join us on 10am-Noon est. —   Darrell MC   Adrienne McPherson. *** ALSO SUPPORT OUR SHOW BY PURCHASING OUR SHOW GEAR BY CLICKING:  PRAISELUJAH RADIO GEAR -


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The (Not So) Hidden Agenda, Sat (12/19) at 4pm, with fitness professional Denine Kirby Print E-mail


Tune in to "The (Not So) Hidden Agenda" Saturday, 1/20/18, from 4-5pm to meet host Stephanie Heck's next guest, local fitness professional Denine Kirby!  Denine will talk to us about her journey into fitness, why she loves it, and how she uses her health philosophy to serve the community.  Don't miss it!

Tune into History at Noon Today (1/17/18) Print E-mail


Greetings from Snowy Germantown!

If you are in NW Philadelphia today around noon tune your radio to 92.9 FM. You'll hear the very first sounds of community radio in Germantown as WGGT-LP goes on the air. We'll play music, talk, take phone calls and probably throw in few rookie mistakes. It's everything great about community radio. Join us starting at noon and be part of the community.

WGGT-LP is on the air all day today (Wednesday) and WRGU-LP and WRLG-LP join the party starting on Thursday. We're calling ourselves the Community Radio Partners of Germantown and we're all here to serve the people of NW Philadelphia. We'll share more information in the coming days but we wanted to alert you to this special moment today. Please join us!

WGGT-LP is the FM identity of G-town Radio. You'll hear the same content on both FM and the internet Wednesday through Sunday. Our FM goes dark from Monday to Wednesday at noon but you can still listen online at gtownradio.com.

F E W S H Replay {Monday Jan. 15 ||| 6-8 PM Eastern} Print E-mail
FEWSH is in replay mode tonight.  
(image by Thomas Casetta)
Listen Up! Wednesday 01/17: Radio Transmission Print E-mail


Yet another freeform haze of music exhumation. Your mid-week, mid-afternoon music escape filled with a wonderment of sound. 

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Hear it live on your radio dial at 92.9 or stream it from 2-4pm EST

Follow the Listen Up! Blog and/or “like” the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program.

January 17 @ 6pm: SPACE OUT! Print E-mail


Welcome to Skywave for more radio play fun. We begin with an episode from the sci fi series "Dimension X. Originally aired 1950, "The Outer Limit" concerns a rocket ship trial that sends a top pilot on a 10 minute test run in which our hero disappears for 10 hours. What happened all that time? The 2nd feature is form the Vic and Sade comedy series. 1st broadcast in the '40s, "Vic, Chef for Dinner" has hick Vic  thinking he's the answer to Julia Childs. If you wanna see how his cuisine turns out, smell and taste-o-rama is available this eve on Skywave. And here to serve it up to you are guests Ellen Perry, Richard Metz of Pirate Skywave fame, and Mike Raimondo along with your host, Andy Pettit. Let's hear what's cookin!

G-town Radio Becomes WGGT-LP in 2018 (with your help) Print E-mail
2018 is the year we become WGGT-LP and broadcast at 92.9 FM!

Here's the latest update:
We're close, very close and poised to finish in dramatic fashion. Some crucial equipment was harder to procure then we hoped but we have been working tirelessly to be ready in time. Our hard (written in stone) deadline is January 15. I am in daily contact with our engineer as we finalize plans, make contingency plans and even draft back-up contingency plans. All this is to say is that we will be broadcasting in time to meet our deadline. 

Our original plan was to flip the switch for real on January 6. We are now pushing that back one week to January 13. We'll share more information on that after the new year.

Donate Today
Get your first tax deduction of 2018 by donating today. Visit the Donate page of our website to make a one-time or continuing donation. We racked up some big bills for new equipment and every dollar helps. 

Thanks again for your support and believing in the power of community radio. Have a happy and healthy new year.
1/10 @ 6pm: STACK O' COLD WAX Print E-mail


Good eve. Welcome to Skywave, your program for live radio play entertainment. We have 2 thrillers. We'll start with an episode from the Escape series. Originally aired 1953, "A Study In Wax" considers the lonely Arctic conditions 2 men are condemned to as they conduct a Geodetic survey in Canada. How will they survive? Our next tale is from the Lights Out series. 1st broadcast 1938, "Spider" concerns 2 opportunists venturing in the jungle to extract valuable varieties of butterflies. Will they cash is or is there a more lucrative temptation awaiting them?  And here making his debut is Marty Foley, a reknowned history professor from ax the st at GSFS along with your host, Andy Pettit. Let's listen.

Legendary saxophonist Odean Cope Steps Into Jim's Lower Lounge - Wednesday 01/10 at 7pm Print E-mail


Sit down with the players who color our world with music and life. This week, legendary saxophonist Odean Cope steps into Jim's Lower Lounge.

Jim's Lower Lounge is produced exclusively for G-Town Radio by Rittenhouse Soundworks and airs every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7pm. 


Listen Up! Wednesday 01/10: The Revolution Will Be Reissued (2017 Edition) Print E-mail

Listen Up! will continue the look back at 2017 releases by focusing on the great reissues and compilations that came out last year. Lots of stuff that spans time and geography will surface.

Listen Up!: Where the cool, the classic, the corny and even the cringe-worthy collide.

Streaming live from 2-4pm EST.

Follow the Listen Up! Blog  and/or "like" the show on Facebook . Both serve as an addendum and a means to interact with the program.

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