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PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW welcomes Pastor Donnie McClurkin! Print E-mail

Pastor Donnie sits down with Brother D. and Sister A. and talks his first CD in six years... the CD has over eleven guest, and the best musicians in the business.  This CD is currently no# 6 on the Gospel Billboard Charts and climbing. The conversation is going to be hot, and the content is a must heart... Welcome to PraisEluJAH Radio-SHOW with Brother D. and Sister A. 

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National Poetry Month on G-town Radio Print E-mail
April is National Poetry Month and G-town Radio wants to celebrate the many poets of NW Philadelphia all month long. Starting in April G-town Radio will air poets reading their original poems.

We are actively looking for participants who live in NW Philadelphia. We are scheduling blocks of time to record poets in our studio for future broadcast.  Poems should be less than one minute in length and FCC friendly. You can record as many as three poems.

To sign up or get more information you can contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . If you can't attend either session don't worry. We will schedule a few more over the next two weeks. We look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.
The Poets of NW Philadelphia Print E-mail

April is National Poetry Month and G-town Radio is celebrating the poets of NW Philadelphia. Everyday, all month long we will feature local poets performing their own poems. Hear them on G-town Radio four times a day (8 am, noon, 4 pm and 8 pm). You can also listen on demand below.

Sue Landers (FranklinStein)
It Has A Place for Me as Living

He Gon Love Me
Politics 101

Keith Q. Schenk (Writer's Avenue)
Tears Of A Clown
Blackberry Blues Wine

Jessica Becker
The North Star

Yolanda Wisher (yolandawisher.com)
Gangsta Birth
Love is Like A Faucet
My Family Of Women

Fran Gilmore
Lake, Kayak, Sky
Almost Spring at Houston Meadow
Gratitude Options

Folami (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram)
I Am From
The Poet Part II
Hair Story

Terri Night Owl
Moon Dreams
The Front Porch

Victoria Huggins Peurifoy
Daddy's Colors
My Crayons Are Blue
Where You From

Sagacious Pen
A Love Letter
Breaking Out

RuNette Ebo Gray (poetebo.com)
Apology to Dr. King
Grandmom, Mom to the 2nd Power
What You Make Roaches For

Howard Sergio Tucker
Bahlia's Bossa Nova Eyes
Dare To Love
I Wait


"Celebration of Life" Program, on Stepping Into Tomorrow, Thurs. April 17, 2014! Print E-mail


 Tune in to Stepping Into Tomorrow, as hosts Gabriel Bryant and Toshon Jennings feature representatives from the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, a collective of organizers, activists and educators working to have renowned political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal released from prison.  They will discuss the Celebration of Life program, which is a constitutional protest through the arts, and includes programming not only on Mumia's birthday of April 24th (featuring Cornel West, The Last Poets and more), but also activity on the 25th (the Books and Beats Tour, featuring Precise Science Tahir RBG and more) and culminating in a full day of workshops and performances on April 26th, including dead prez, Immortal Technique and more!  You will definitely want to hear how you can get involved in this ongoing programming and freedom struggle that has brought together people nationally and internationally!  Call in at 215.609.4301!



Avenue G debuts May 3rd! Print E-mail
Tonight @ 6 Straight and Butch Welcome Philly Mag's Josh Middleton! Print E-mail


Tonight we welcome Josh Middleton. Not only is Josh the Editor of Philly Mag's LGBT and A&E blogs, G Philly and Ticket, but he also spent 3 years with the Philadelphia City Paper as their Web/Movies Editor. It's going to be a super-fab-Phillyrefic episdoe can't wait to chitty chat with Josh and check The Happs!

Thursday Morning Feed! Print E-mail
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Thursday Morning Feed!
Downward Facing Red Dog Thursday!
Tracy McNeil Is Opening Sandalwood Yoga Studio This Week!
She Also Loves To Talk Football. So We'll Do Both!
Nirvana Isn't Everything-It's The Only Thing!
M-Feed Is The Destroyer Of Preconceptions-9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gto
Thursday Morning Feed!
Disregard Last Transmission Thursday!
Brian Hickey Of Newsworks Is Our Guest!
Tracy McNeil Is Tomorrow.
M-Feed Is Stupid, Yeh , Stupidwnradio.com
The Wednesday Night "Grown Folk Party"!! (04/16/2014 @ 10 PM) Print E-mail


Half man, Half amazing. Print E-mail


Dig the vinyl sounds Wednesday at the Groove.  As It's All Soul told us a few weeks back, Nas' debut masterpiece Illmatic is 20 years old! Got some killer samples for you, the kind that are embedded in some deeeeep jazz tracks. Plus, let's delve into the Stanton Davis Brighter Days alternate takes along with cuts from the original LP and hear more from that necksnappin' album from Dope Gems!

Mt. Airy Groove
Wednesdays, 12pm-2pm
Comin' outta Queensbridge.



April 16, 2014

Playlist (Song/Artist/Album/Label):

"Taxman"  Soulive  Rubber Soulive  (Royal Potato)

"Mind Rain"  Joe Chambers with Larry Young  Double Exposure  (Muse)

"I Love Music"  Ahmad Jamal Trio  The Awakening  (Impulse)

"Smilin' Billy Suite (part 2)"  Heath Brothrs   12 Inch  (Alpha Omega)
---->whose got my OG copy???

"We're in Love"  Reuben Wilson  Set Me Free  (Blue Note)

"N.T."  Kool & The Gang  Live at P.J.'s  (De-Lite)

"Get Down"  Gene Russell  Talk To My Lady  (Black Jazz)

"Smearzo"  Hadley Caliman  Projecting   (Catalyst)

"Gloria"  Steve Kuhn  Raindrops: Live in New York  (Muse)

"What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes?"  Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings  7 Inch  (Daptone)

"Condor Redux: Theme/Yellow Panic/Flight on the Condor"  Dope Gems  Necksnappin'  (Heavenly Sweetness)

"Anua"  Bennie Maupin  Moonscapes  (Mercury)

"High Diver"  Brian Bennett & Alan Hankshaw  7 Inch  (Wax Poetics)

"Street Scene: Parade"  Arif Mardin  Journey  (Atlantic)

"Funky Fried Tofu (alternate instrumental)"  Stanton Davis & The Ghetto Mysticism Band  Isis Voyage  (Cultures of Soul)

"Nothing But a Party"  Alphonse Mouzon  In Search of a Dream  (MPS)

"Space-a-Nova (part 1)"  Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticism  Brighter Days  (Cultures of Soul)

"The World Is Yours"  Nas  Illmatic  (Columbia)

"It Ain't Hard to Tell"   Nas  Illmatic   (Columbia)

Wednesday Morning Feed! Print E-mail
Wednesday Morning Feed!
PA AG v Philly DA Do-Si-Do! Part II! With Guest Star Gov Tom "Toast" Corbett!
Is Ex-NYC Mayor Mikey "Fievel" Bloomberg Following In The Footsteps Of Jimmy Carter?
Sample Huff-Post Headline-"You Won't Believe How Often Huff Post Misspells Key Word In Quoted Interview!"
And Poetry- M-Feed Is Cold Hands, And Feet, And Face, But Warm Heart! 9-10:30 AM Eastern Mon-Fri www.gtownradio.com
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